Prelude To Bali Trip (beauty products that i packed)

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Hi peeps!

So, the holiday season’s officially coming to an end. Are you all sad? Even though it doesn’t make much of a difference for me *everyday is holiday for someone unemployed like me, no?* but I’m also quite sad :(.. I miss Christmas and New Year already, but at the same time I do not want them to come any sooner LOL, that’ll make us all a year older and cutting our time in this beautiful earth another year, yes? Haha. 

So, like I promised when we started this blog, I will give you my travel reports, travel-blogger style! LOL. New territory for me so be patience and do humor me, okay! *this is not a request*. Since I am very detailed oriented I will not only tell you about the trip itself, I will let you into some of the preparation, and since I aspire to be a beauty blogger as well i will let you know the beauty stuffs and secrets I packed and practice in my holiday (as well as the miss zzz, quite a few here). 

Since I want to show you quite a bit of stuffs I decided *a few seconds ago* to make this post the prelude to Bali reports, LOL (originally wanted to write the prep+Bali Day 1 as one post). I want to go into details so I do not want to strict myself to write only a specific numbers of pages to keep the posts from being crazy long so it’s better this way really! 

As a total OCD, one of the my craziness lies in beauty products usage as well, I would only open a new make up stuffs during celebrations (new year, Chinese new year, Valentine’s day, birthdays, weddings, etc etc) or for a trip. Yes yes, I am friggin weird, whateva. That means I open new sets of make ups like… more than twenty times a year I think. The same goes with perfumes or body mists, I read somewhere that you should try a new fragrance on your trips because your nose remembers things better than  your eyes (and with my super nose this rings truer than most people), and #Undecided stated that I took it to another level *LOL*, I guess I do… I have a HUGE collections of fragrances… GUILTY!

And this trip’s even worse because not only I needed new make up for the trip itself but also another set for the New Year since we’re celebrating it in this trip as well! So I prepared two sets! LOL. Here they are:
Two lipsticks, two lip glosses and two lip balms. Only one eye shadow palette because I usually very rarely  wear eye make up  in Bali but this time I felt pressured to bring it since we’d be going to luxurious clubs and hotels zzzz.  Plus one fragrance mist (always have to smell good! It's a law!)

The eye shadow’s Maybelline Color Wear Trio Eye Shadow (old packaging, probably no longer available in stores) in no 13, Tenderness. Pearly white-soft green-lilac. Very soft and subtle, suitable for the looks I went for this trip. Both of the lip balms are Guardian’s in store brand, both very lovely and moisturizing. My Bali trip lip balm is the Moisture Lip balm in Grape and my 2013 New Year lip balm is the Lip Moisturizer in Natural Flavor. Both received equal love from me in this trip hehe.

This is a closer look to the lipstick colors
Bought this in Singapore, the brand is… Pop Shots? The  shade is called Pink Dream, #10. It’s made in USA *shrugs* (i am no Brand snob). A soft but quite bright pink that goes a little violet on my lips, color pay off is very well so there is no need to put on a lot for it to show on your *my* lips. I love this, I wore it a lot in Bali. This is my “Bali trip” lipstick.
This one is Oriflame’s Clover Haze, this is my “2013 New Year lipstick”. The color is pale violet (to match my gel polish that I got especially for this trip!) that goes even paler on lips, and very frosty. My lips are naturally pink so pale frosty colors washes me out, especially if I am not wearing a strong eye make up. I ended up only using this lipstick a few times in Bali. 

The two lip glosses :

On the left is my NY lip gloss (the pointy other end of the lip gloss is actually a lip liner with the exact same shade as the lip gloss, I forgot to take a picture sorry), it goes super frosty and pearly on my lips so I only used it once or twice in Bali *LOL*, it will get more love don’t worry, I will wear it on top of a very bright lipstick I think. No idea of the brand, I just randomly bought it on my previous trip to KL, Malaysia. On the right is my Bali trip lip gloss and I wear it a LOT during the trip. It’s Bath and Body Works Liplicious tasty lip color *I swear it really is tasty!! Super sweet and delicious, it tasted like cupcakes! My sis in law and sister tried them on too and they cannot stop licking their lips LOL, it’s THAT yummy!* in Tart Berry Yogurt. It’s a soft violet lip gloss that goes wonderfully well with the Pop Shot lipstick! I bought it along with the holder (sold separately, the lip gloss holder is actually more expensive than pocketbac holders! Grrr.. it does come with a tiny mirror though…) from Manekineko
It is to die for! And they have so many varieties, I can see myself trying to purchase all of them zzz… *die*

I just noticed that most of the stuffs I packed are color coordinated with my nails as the central color 
In case you are wondering, i had my nails done on the 26th and it stays perfect until today, it's just my nails are growing LOL.

For this trip I opt for a body mist (yes, only one, thank you) because Bali is very hot and humid, so I prefer to use a lighter and cooler fragrances. Of course the staying power’s not very good, it stays around two to three hours in air conditioned rooms but I was constantly hot and sticky in Bali so it stayed on only one to two hours LOL, I don’t mind though. I love spritzing it on, very cooling and refreshing. 
It’s Victoria Secrets’ Beauty Rush Juiced Berry fragrance mist in Wild Raspberry and Bright Strawberry, very sweet but not cloying fresh smell, I love it I love it! Reminds me of strawberry sodas smells *red fanta?*, LOL. Bought it in Changi Airport’s Duty Free last July, it was on a sale so I grabbed a few items. 

Anything else like powders, blusher etc I just brought what I always use. Oh and I brought a BB cream sample from online shops to wear, only brought one sample and it lasted me four days. Very handy! LOL. I began using my Etude House blush brush and while they are very soft and pretty the performance is very so so. I dare say it was no better than my disgustingly cheap Stroberi brushes *ROFL*

I also bought an Ipanema sandals a  few months back but never worn it, I was saving it for this trip, I usually raised an eyebrow on expensive slippers since I do not think they are worth it, but this beauty was on a 50% (or was it more? I cannot remember) sale and it was less than IDR 200.000 I think, and I’ve always wanted one pretty and comfy slippers so naturally I grabbed it, good thing too because they are madly comfortable. 
I also bought a diamante wedges sandals for more formal occasion in Bali but ended up only wearing them once for two hours or so during new year’s eve dinner zzzzz, will show you In a haul post. I also brought my trusty golden flats from Bata (they are a year old or so and I’ve brought them everywhere even dipped them on the sea so the color’s more silver than gold by now LOL) they actually can be worn with more formal dresses so I wore it more than the new diamante wedges *you seriously need to bring only flats to Bali*but I never bothered to take a picture since they are so old already *LOL*.

So that’s my prelude to Bali trip reports! Please look forward to the actual trip reports themselves!

I'm gonna leave you with a photo of me and hunny from last night :p

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