LL's Bday Bash

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Helloooo people!!! Happy New Year!!! How is everybody doing today? I hope you’re all well and enjoying the first weekend of 2013. I am currently writing under #Pink’s supervision (yes, she just barked at me saying, “#Undecided, your turn, you open!!” and yes, I just walked reluctantly towards the laptop LOL.)

So anyways, we just got home from a very fun Saturday night. And since we didn’t want to end today just yet, me and hubby stopped by at #Pink’s house to hang out. Well hubby and #Pink’s hubby are hanging out, they’re playing xbox - #Pink and I are working diligently at this post and boy do we get a fun story to share.

So our friend LL celebrated her birthday tonight. I obviously won’t tell you how old she is, but if you pay close attention to the photos, you’ll know *wink*. It was a Chanel-themed party – everything was black and white so we obviously dressed appropriately.

And this is us, showing off our respective pressies for LL, and we love details so we (okay, #Undecided, I just ordered her to) found black and white box and paper bag for the pressie hihihi.. Thank you, #Undecided! The paper bag’s huge so I could chuck in a plastic bag full of souvenirs from Bali as well as the pressies itself inside the paper bag, hohoho!


This is what’s inside #Undecided’s box :

And inside #Pink’s paper bag (I will make another entry to explain what’s inside hihihi) :
sorry for the blurry picture :p

As I mentioned before, LL’s birthday’s last December but due to personal problems the celebration was postponed until tonight. It’s held in a castle-themed restaurant called *appropriately* De Kasteel :p. The invite stated 5 PM but us being us, refused to believe so we’re such night owls you see, we kept on BBM-ing each other throughout the day “I cannot believe it’s 1 o’clock, I haven’t even started my day yet” “It’s 2.15, and I still want to nap” “5 o’clock, really? Is LL serious?” and so on. In the end I BBM-ed LL asking her what time she would leave her house, and she said 5 because the restaurant would cancel the reservation if nobody showed up by 5.30, so I asked #Undecided to be at my place at 5 so we can leave together, and she arrived probably around 5.30 -_____-.

Well… in my defense, hubby just showed up at 5 sharp regardless all of the phone calls and BBMs I sent his way. He then had to shower now didn’t he?! Sooo… it was all his fault LOL. Moving on!! We were fashionably late and when we got to the restaurant, everybody was already there munching on their food. We entered with style (yes, our entrance style is pushing and shoving one another NOT wanting to be the first to open the door LOL we’re embarrassing that way) and then shamelessly started taking photos *suddenly feeling embarrassed*. #Pink kept saying that it’s because she’s a dedicated blogger but I personally think it’s just her doing what she does best: cam-whoring LOL.

These are the first pics we took:
this pose was obligatory - the bday girl made us hold the plate with 2 cupcakes + our name tag

#Pink's turn
Like I said before, LL is super super artistic, so she pays a lot of attention to small cute details like these.

the name tags and the cupcake

the bday cakes

That’s us and the birthday girl. Hubby kept on saying that LL needed to pose differently because her head-piece was “getting in the way”. Hubby is clearly in a dire need of some fashion lessons because the head-piece wasn’t “getting in the way”, it was supposed to cover part of LL’s face like that!! *sigh*.

De Kasteel is a steak house, a proper one, so we were pretty delighted LOL, we both ordered Rib Eye steaks 

The portion’s quite generous *but we both finished them LOL, this is embarrassing, I overheard LL and her other two friends discussing their diet plans and kept on saying how full they are and they shouldn’t eat anymore because they need to lose weight… omg… LL and one of her friends even share a plate and still not finishing it, while  we both attacked our steaks like hungry hippos FOL*, the steak’s quite tender and juicy (#Undecided ordered a medium but it came out well done though, LOL), and the mashed potato’s to die for! And what’s shocking is… #Undecided’s iced lemon tea 

See the comparison with my iced caramel latte.

These are the interior of the restaurant, it’s quite unique
the ladies
the boys

Poor guys’s table has no decoration LOL, #Undecided said it was like kindergarten all over again, girls sat with the girls and guys sat with guys haha. 

LL’s two friends left pretty soon and while we were holding ourselves a little bit while they were around *because we didn’t know them LOL*, as soon as the left… we were ON.

They provided some crazy hats so naturally we had to pose with them, yes? LOL.

After the dinner we went to Supermall because #Pink wanted to buy Vitamin C at Guardian (they’re on sale!!!), but when we got there, the ones she wanted to buy were sold out (imagine that!!!) so we browsed around (during which we managed to embarrass #Pink’s hubby by singing Bintang Kecil out loud and dancing to the lyrics – yes, while browsing around!) and that was when we spotted the 70% discount banner at Colorbox and naturally we had to check it out. We each ended up buying 1 clothing material (me because mine was quite cheap and I had been eyeing it for months - #Pink because… well… because when I jump, she jumps with me LOL).

Hmph, she dragged me with her, that’s more like it.. By the way, as you know I just arrived from Bali yesterday, and I am convinced that I am very tanned *delusional* but #Undecided kept on bursting my bubbles by saying that I am not, at all. Grrr… what do you think? I am, right? By my standard anyway. I am usually very very fair *like I blend into the wall sometimes in pictures* and now I am.. not very fair? Pffffttt. 

Anyway! We had a great Saturday night! As #Undecided put it  “We definitely nailed the first weekend of 2013!”. How’s yours? We hope you all had as much fun as we did! I am very drowsy right now from flu med, so I should end this post with a “drunken” toodles and some photos of the bday girl, LL!!!

bday girl with her pressies

family portrait style!

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