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11:09:00 PM

Hallo ^^!

I'm slightly high right now *LOL*, i hardly had any sleep last night (after a grueling yoga session, one would hope that they'd be so tired that sleep would come easy. Not for me *sigh*. It gave me an extra boost of energy instead-that kept me going for hours-meaning sleepless night and i jerked awake just 2-3 hours after zzz), my arms are super sore (chaturanga's a total B!) but today was fun really!

Went to check out the new-ish eatery, Latte, with LL and the hubbies, then continued with catching The Spongebob Movie that Baby Boy's been waiting for the longest time (it was funny enough for me too!). Yesterday was super packed with the manicure sesh (i will blog about them all in separate posts) in preparation for tomorrow's Me-Nail 3D Workshop, so my week's definitely super busy-just the way i like it :D!

And after listing all of the things that i am up to lately, time to get to the point of this post *LOL*. A few days ago Sabsab tagged me in this Instagram challenge by Kiehl-and because i am an OCD and once i feel like i'm being challenged to do something that i CAN do, i definitely jump on it *LOL*. So the challenge is to style an OOTD with the colors that represent Kiehl's products : white, blue and brown. I was going out anyway (coz you know i don't just dress up at home to take pictures... I'm too much of a lazy bum to do that) so this was what i came up with :
I gotta be honest, i didn't even really try that hard for this *LOL*. The bright blue dress with navy buttons (i just realized that my crazily long hair's concealing the four buttons in most of the pictures zzz) is the first blue thing i found in my crazy closet of shame, and i built the outfit around it with old items. 

I am quite pleased with the simple, clean result-which i think reflects Kiehl's simple, professional but chic style as well!
Please excuse the messy hair, i didn't realize that i had a strand of hair flying about zzz. Also don't mind the shiny face, the pictures were taken after i was out for 6 hours without blotting or touching up on my make up (Acnes Powder Lotions' magical for oil control!)
Wogh, the dress looked crazily bright in this pic! It's the lighting, really haha
Being a typical Asian *LOL*. Please ignore my period bump *LOL*
Very simple FOTD/MOTD because i was running late as usual (for once L actually picked me up on time, that really freaked me out a bit *LOL*, not used to that!) :
And again, this was taken after 6 hours out without touching up. I even changed into my pajama already when i remembered to snap a close up pic! I am loving Maybelline's Fashion Brow 24 Hour Coloring Mascara so much, only been using it twice and already love it so much better than my previous The Face Shop one!
As usual, when i'm on a lazy mode, i didn't wear any mascara... Here are the list of products used :
1. Skin Food Lemon Foundation
2. Silkygirl Pure Fresh Oil Control 2 Way Foundation (01 Fair)
3. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24 Hr Coloring Mascara (Rusty Brown)
4. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
5. A pale gray eyeshadow from a Clinique Palette (Color Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Twilight Mauve)
6. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner 
7. Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes (Egyptian)
8. Make Over Eye Liner Pencil in Goddess Gold
9. Canmake Loose Cheek Blush On (01)
10. Oriflame Tender Care
11. Prestige Vynilwear Extreme Lipgloss (Plum Rush)
12. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder

Btw, i know you're not really supposed to set your foundie with a two way cake, but i find them working well together as long as the foundie is super light (with low coverage)-with my super oily skin i gotta wear some liquid base. Two way cake will not stay all day long all by itself, it's gonna melt away to nothing in a few hours *LOL*.

Anyway, here's a fresher selfie taken in Me-Nail earlier in the day when the makeup was fresher haha :
Back to the outfit :
Outfit details :
Electric Blue Dress : H20
White 3/4 sleeved top : Magnolia
Baby Biscuit Bag : Classroom
Sky Blue Socks : Sox Gallery
Denim and white sneakers : New Look

Most of my brown bags (i don't have that many brown outfit... Brown is just... too boring for me hahaha) are very grown up (come to think about it, most of them are hand-me-down Bonia from my mom!) and doesn't go well with this youthful and playful outfit, so the Baby Biscuit is definitely a the right choice! I added another element of playfulness with the Hello Kitty Bow wrap bracelet i got from Warna
It's a simple but still fun outfit and i kinda like how they go together ^^. Have you joined the Kiehl Style competition? It will end in the 22nd so you have less than 2 days to submit! 

Good luck to me! LOL.


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  1. Love the combination of your outfit. Simple yet elegant and fashionable too. I also love that bag for my wife. It's a kind of style that she really love. Where did you buy that?

    1. Thank you ^^. I got it in a local store called Classroom, but i think you can easily find a similar one on the net, just type "Baby biscuit bag" ^^