Is It Narcissism Naming a Skirt After Yourself?

11:23:00 PM

Coz i did just that *LOL*.

But then again i've known to publicly admit that i am narcissist, so...*shrug*.

As a kid, did you have any dream of what you'd like to grow up to be? I didn't have too many of them. From some weird reasons (that i cannot remember of), i first wanted to be a dentist. That dream is now beyond ridiculous for the adult me as i am very easily disgusted and there's no way in hell i would ever touch someone's teeth haha. Next thing that i dreamed of becoming was a fashion designer. I loved fashion from a young age even though i was way too fat to wear one of those cute kiddie dresses so i was always stuck with jeans and tee.

My fashion inspiration has always been J-style, i was an avid Japanese comic book reader and collector, and i would copy those cute dresses from the comic book to a paper (at a back of on calendar-that's what L said when i brought it up. She knows me all my life and she remembers bits and bobs of details that surprises even me). Sadly i don't really know how to draw properly (i can only draw clothes, and not even in the right proportion hahaha), i don't know (and not interested to learn) how to sew *i can sew buttons and all, but that's about all, nothing too major* so that dream too, fell apart (yes, i can see clearly how i am not a very ambitious person at all).

But i never stopped loving fashion and pretty dresses, the love only expanded and grew as i get older. I ended up having a job that's at least still the same line as my dream, i became an owner of a my own independent fashion boutique. BUT, what the mainstream fashion manufacturers had to offer never fully satisfied my interests. The clothes available to sell were not always up to my taste (and i must admit, i have a pretty weird taste so... What i really like usually don't sell as well as what i really DON'T *LOL*), and sometimes it frustrates me how manufacturers would add details that only destroy what could be a perfectly good design *WTF* if they leave it as it is. I especially hate it when manufacturers (especially local ones) put some designer logo or name in a piece of clothing that costs 1% than the original item. WTF? Even blind people would know that the designer would never come up with such a horrible piece! So... disgusting *LOL*.

So i've always loved the idea of being able to produce something that exactly the way i like it. Not necessarily something new (as in designing something that's totally original), but maybe recreating something that i always wanted but not easily available in my market.

When #Undecided started her batik online shop, @prestigeshohapolic-which i practically begged her to make a blog post of, but we all know that's never going to happen. We can even kiss that Bio Oil winning post goodbye because she's never going to write that *LOL*-we started joking around about me being her designer for some ready to wear collection. After a while, we realized that it can actually be a reality. Since my taste is very... errr... distinctive, i prefer to make my own line later while she and her partner would make more "mainstream" ones to sell as their regular line.

I am currently i LOVE with wide, flared midi skirts and of course, i knew that's the style i was going for the first piece of clothing from my line that can now be ordered in all types of different Batik cloths (i'm even dreaming of coming with all kinds of fabrics in the future...) in Prestigeshopaholic and it's called, yep Mindy Skirt (in case you're wondering who that is, it's my real name *LOL*. I never made any attempt to hide my real name (heck, you can even see it on this blog's profile, this blog belongs to Mindy Pauline, afterall. And no, my name's not Mindy Pauline #commonmistakepeoplemake, it's Mindy and Pauline) but i do prefer to use the pseudonym  for my online life in general.
I love that pic ^^, looks like some professional photographer shot hahaha. Actually my blogging friend, Nessya, helped me snap some pictures one fine day at 1914 Surabaya (i'm going to review the place, as soon as i get the mood hehe). She took LOTS of pictures and most turned out pretty awesome despite my worries because she's not used to my NX300 :p. Some of them  did turn out very blurry *LOL*, but that's nothing compared to the ones that turned out awesome *if i may say so myself*.

Can't post them all here coz there are sooo many of them, but i've selected a nice few. Nessya is a pretty talented human photographer, she just needs to snap more pics in one go instead of stopping and checking at every snap hahaha. I also learned that i need to control my own expression more when people take my pictures, there are some where i looked like i was having a stomachache, or i was disgusted (this is very often, i dunno why i keep on pulling that face) or holding my laughter (which is at least true most of the time).
I really love wide skirts, really really need that petticoat now!
And i love how my dominantly green skirt matches the very green scenery
Hahahahaha at my expression. Sorry lah, this is the very first time i had to act like a model for someone other than my own hunny (i used to take photos in the studio but there's a prof photog telling you what to do and how to pose in detail, here i just winged it hahaha)
If i have a petticoat then the skirt wouldn't be so deflated when left by itself hahaha
The seamstress added a few inches on my skirt (i guess for comfort) and it ended up being way too loose so i had to cinch it with a wide belt *sigh*
Love this one too
Special appearance by my cousin L hahaha
Who forced me to do this
Then she also insisted on throwing my skirt in the air for the flared effect
At one point she even threw it UP so i exposed my granny panty! WTF L!!! It was effing hilarious, but only because there were nobody else around. If it's even a little more crowded i'd be mortified and probably try to strangle her. I will tell you more in another post coz this one's dedicated to the outfit itself haha.
Accidentally set up the flash on the bathroom
But i think it's still postable
This skirt is a "trial" skirt, i got the fabric for free so i wouldn't be too crushed if the seamstress messed it up (which she didn't), but other than the off waist measurement (i asked her to add rubber so i can still wear it during PMS where my tummy usually bloats and not as flat as it normally is), she did a great job so we're very confident about selling Mindy Skirt hehehe. 

You can order Mindy Skirt in any fabric you want in Prestigeshopaholic, prices vary depending on the fabric you want. I hate online shops that don't put up prices on their products so you'd have to ask, but when it comes to Batik, there are so many different types and qualities that you HAVE to ask for prices. For instant, the motive might be similar but a printed Batik and a hand-drawn one would have dramatically different prices (up to 10x price difference, maybe more). You can also adjust the length if you want a shorter/longer skirt, etc.
Outfit detail :
Black Long Sleeved Top : Online
Black Wide Belt : old, totally forgot already haha
Green Batik Skirt : custom made
Necklace and stacked bracelets : Bali
Bag : Mango
Heels : Everbest 
(this last pic was taken by my cousin L who was mad because i accused her of being a horrible photog and insisted that she can take nice pics. Well, this one's not too bad hahaha)

I normally would include my FOTD and the products used on the look, but i was in my very simple, everyday makeup that consisted of light foundie (i'd normally use a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer but i was trying to finish the foundie..), powder, eyeliner, blush on and tinted  lip balm! So i thought there's no point at all hahaha...

Thank you Nessya for being my photographer for the day, shall we do it againnn? Hahaha.


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