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Hey guysss ^^!

Have you ever heard of iPrice? Neither have i! But after i learned about them i wish i had known them sooner! Since i am such a good pal, i'm going to introduce them to you so we all can get great deals (and i feel less guilty because i don't do crazy online shopping spree all by myself, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!)!

So when you go to this is what you'd (pretty much, i'm sure the products featured in the first page changes periodically!) see :
Yes, i know that it looks like any other online shop that you can find by the dozen in the internet, but trust me-this one's unique! And they also have a lot more advantages to offer you than your regular online shop. Do continue to read if you're curious!

About the store first. iPrice's is not just an online shop, it is actually a platform for hundreds of brands (gadget, fashion, beauty and a lot more! Basically anything that you can possibly need, they have it!) gathered together for the consumer's sake of convenience. So even if you have various needs, there is no need to go to a bunch of different online stores to get them all now, you only need to go to iPrice's online shop and get them all in one go. Talk about efficiency! Do you think i was exaggerating when i say hundreds?
Well, i am not. And in this picture you can't even see all of the A brands featured because there are soooo many of them!
If you're a girly girl like me, the products they featured in the first page would make you go "Meh. Boring". You know, all black/brown, gadgety and manly? But don't let that fool you, because they also have every pretty much every brands that suit your preference under the sun (okay okay, so i am exaggerating now. Just a little bit hahaha) that could make you heart goes bada-bum bada-bang! For me that would definitely be beauty and fashion!
They have every whimsical girls' favorite brand, Anna Sui
Or if you have smaller budgets, they also have drugstore brands like Max Factor
Of course, there are a LOT more brands featured, but i cannot possible post them all here so i picked a few to illustrate.

Oh! If you're concerns about their price range, they also list Biore as one of the brands they provide! All with special discounts as well so they're even cheaper than in the supermarkets sometimes! How crazy is that? 
If i remember correctly, in my usual supermarkets that Biore Facial Foam Makeup Remover is around IDR 19.500 (normal price), iPrice's price? IDR 14.900! That alone should show you how much you can save when you shop with them!
Fashion is more your forte? They also have a very impressive list of fashion brands line up! From your regular, easy on the pocket brands to high fashion designer brands :
Like Alexander McQueen! For those of you who lives in other cities than Jakarta, it's not the easiest thing in the world to get your hands on designer brands like Alexander McQueen! Now i cannnn *cry dramatically*
iPrice's sounding very fabulous already right? Wait, there's more! They also have a new feature called iPrice Coupons :

What in the world is iPrice Coupons? Well, basically iPrice has some affiliate brands/stores (can you believe that they're currently working on other brands like ASOS and Topshop? My heart literally stopped when i read ASOS!!! I wantttttttt!!!) and they are providing you great offers in the form of coupons to use on those websites/brands!

All you have to do is click on the offer that interests you and you'd be directed to the website immediately! Don't forget to write down their coupon code and apply it when making your purchase to get your discount!

*One important thing you need to know is there is coupon code, and there's also special offers (which they also always list and update to let you know the latest offers various brands and websites have). So if you'd need to apply the coupon/voucher/promotion code when getting the coupon offers, you only need to shop like normal on special offers without any additional codes. Do not get confused when you see the two different types of offer listed in their coupon page!

Are you excited yet??? Coz i ammmm :D! Now iPrice, please please please connect with ASOS ASAP so i can finally shop for their stuffs!

Happy shopping you guys!
(Disclaimer : This is an advertorial written in collaboration with iPrice Indonesia)

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