Event Report : Clarity Skin VS Diamond with Miracle Aesthetic Clinicand Frank & co.

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Hi guysss :D!

After two months of hiatus with no events in Surabaya to report of, i am back with a new event report-this time round it's a rare joint event report because i actually went with #Undecided!
All the bloggers that were present with Jennie from Miracle ^^
A few weeks ago as usual our Fairy God mother Jennie, Miracle's Corporate Marketing, invited us to their Clarity : Skin VS Diamond event in collaboration with Frank & Co.
Jennie told me that in regards of Frank & Co's request, they prioritized married bloggers to attend to this event. Well... married bloggers are pretty rare in Surabaya, let alone married beauty bloggers! Those in our little circle who are married other than us is Glory, but she didn't attend the event (must be busy with her little baby boy!), so i was a little panicked *i don't attend events alone, you see...* and forced asked #Undecided to accompany me. Thankfully she agreed, and she definitely didn't regret her decision (if you follow our IGs then you'd already know why, if you don't... WHY DON'T YOU??? Oh, and i will tell you later)! 

A few days before the D day Jennie told me i could bring 2 blogger friends so Nessya and Tiffany tagged along ^^. 

The event itself started at 2 PM but like the invitation stated, we were supposed to be on the venue at 1.30 for registration. But because my hunny took his sweet time getting ready (zzz) and our BBM lagged, i ended up arriving at 1.45 and still had to wait outside for a while until #Undecided showed up, fortunately Nessya was already there and accompanied me waiting for her! It didn't matter though because we're not late at all, in fact we still had to wait for a bit before the event finally started ^^.
I wonder who has that fab fab hair...
The seating area.
The stage (with some jewels as decoration - I'll say it's the best kind of decor *wink*)
The bloggers of the day.
LOVE this pic.
#Pink was then forced chosen of all the bloggers to try Miracle's Skin Analyzer (and was photographed by reporters with her moon-face in full display!! *muffled laughter*) 
(Picture from Miracle's Facebook Page)
Yeah, i totally almost bawled when the beautician asked me to cover my bangs with the cap zzz but gotta do it! And THANK YOU for all the bloggers that came that day (and Jennie *stare*) who unanimously said "#Pink!!!!" when Jennie asked one of us to help try out the Skin Analyzer so that the (traditional) medias can take pictures. 

I was pretty impressed with the machine (even though i was scolded a few times by a rude photog. Well, i'm sorry for moving too fast, i am not a professional model, i am not paid to pose, nor i am obliged to. And aren't you supposed to have fancier camera if you call yourself a photog anyway? #flipshair. LOL. J/K :p), i've tried Skin Analyzers in the past with various brands and clinics, but NOTHING as sophisticated as this one. I was amazed on how the Skin Analyzer's camera can pick up your WHOLE face (it's soo cooool) like in movies and how they already made analysis in percentage and in comparison with normal/healthy range of percentage.

The only bad result that i had was my (gigantic) pores, which are like...I don't remember, like 30% more than they should be? But everything else (especially wrinkles *smug*) were very good (again, especially for my age) and in control *teehee*.

Anyway, i missed the beginning of the event because i was at the Skin Analyzer, but a host in white (that you'll see later) opened the event and introduced Dr. Kismed Denhas who's going to give the presentation.
Hello Dr. Kismed!! He was Miracle's rep for the day's seminar and was explaining the true meaning of a beautiful skin.
Beautiful skin = healthy skin
The definition of healthy skin...
Healthy skin of the left, problematic skin on the right. Same person. I wonder how they came up with this image...
Everyone will eventually be old, but the process can be slowed down (obviously by proper methods, okay?)
How to overcome it : By recognizing the existing problems, consult with a doctor (in the right field of course, don't go to like a pediatrician or something *LOL*), do supporting treatments, modify your lifestyle
To achieve the best result, a few therapies can be implemented (there are some choices, that's why you need to consult the doctor first to determine which treatments you need)
Whitening injection is not some injection that suddenly makes you unnaturally white, it's actually an injection of Vitamin C and antioxidant cocktail that improved your immunity as well as repairing your body's cells. It also BRIGHTENS (the key word) and repair skin
Peeling benefits : brightens skin, reduce pore size (sounds like i need this!), lighten acne, acne scars and pigmentation, reduce wrinkle and eliminate rough skin texture
Light Therapy Laser brighten skin, lighten pigmentation, reduce wrinkles and rough skin texture, and lighten the appearance of vines
Cream program that can help you rejuvenate, brighten you skin, reduce wrinkles, improve your skin's moisture level, has antioxidant and peptide
Facial rejuvenate and brighten skin, reduce wrinkles, improve skin's texture, improve blood circulation and give the relaxation effect
You also need to support all of the treatments you do with an overall lifestyle modification which includes working out regularly, have a good balance between working and resting time, have a balanced diet, avoid smoking and alcohol, consume fresh fruit, veggies and antioxidant, give your skin proper treatment regularly, postiive thinking, handle stress and live happily
Dr. Kismed also showed us a result of one of his laser treatment patient. Before treatment you can see her tough skin structure and pigmentation
They were reduced dramatically after treatment
From the side
Much better skin texture, right?
In the end of the line, we all should strive to have a brilliant skin like diamonds!
Dr. Kismed then gave the audience some times for some Q&As.
(and that's the MC i mentioned earlier)
First Q of the day was from Ms. Devi Chayadi - you'll see more of her later.
Hi Tiffany!!
After Dr. Kidmed wrapped up his presentation, it was time for their partner, Frank & Co. to take over the time ^^.
Say hello to Ms. Devi Chayadi!! She represented Frank & co. and a certified GIA Gemologist. Loved her session, it was very educational. And I must say that she looked gorge with her simple LBD (I love simple looks, okay, sue me! LOL). Wanna know what she talked about? Read along!!
We got to learn a lot about diamond, which we never would if not for this event!
Right from the very beginning, i didn't know that bling love starts from India!
How to asses the value of a diamond? It's with 4Cs.
It's a bit scary, because a wrong move when cutting a diamond can reduce its worth dramatically! And you do know that diamond is so hard that the only thing that can be used to cut them is another diamond? That's why they use diamond dusts in the cutter or else it's not gonna work! And since diamond is so hard, you need to store them all SEPARATELY because diamonds can hurt each other (and gold as well coz gold are obviously much softer). GULP. I store my pile of diamond jewelries in various boxes, just throw them all in. My diamonds must look like a total war victim now :(
First up, it's the CUT. Ms. Devi asked us to choose which one is the diamond with the best cut. Go ahead and take a guess... The answer is on below pic.
Most of us guessed B (the diamond in the middle) and yep, that's the right answer... The one on the left has a shallow cut, so the light cannot be reflected - hence the dullness. The one on the right has a deep cut, that's why you see that there's dullness on the outer side of the diamond.
No, those are not candies!!
Can you guess the rarest diamond color? It's red. Red diamond is the rarest and most expensive color apparently... I guessed green and it's actually the 3rd most rare diamond.
 The most common diamonds are the brown and yellow ones
This chart shows the second category: COLOR. The best one (for colorless diamonds) is D. It's colorless, and there's no tint, no tinge, and well you guessed right, very expensive hehehehe... Frank & co. specializes in F colors which is still in colorless category.
Third catagory: CLARITY. There are 2 things to look for: Inclusions (or what Ms. Devi described as the diamond's birthmark LOL) and Blemishes (marks that are caused by human error - normally during cutting process - or simply by users' storing error).
The Clarity chart. Frank & co. specializes in VVS category.
Last but not least: CARAT Weight. Indonesian use carat (with a C - even though in Bahasa Indonesia, and not with a K since it's different usage from diamond to gold, see Ms. Devi, we did pay attention to you hahaha) to show the weight of a diamond, and not so much with "point", but in countries like Singapore and HKG, "point" is commonly used.
So, the all important Q: is larger always better?! With diamond, the answer is no!
Ms. Devi showing us the most common diamond certificate which was issued by GIA. This cert shows all categories, but the cut.
If you want to buy diamond, go ask for the latest RAPAPORT - which shows the latest price guidelines.
But be careful for Synthetic Diamond and Diamond Simulants. These two are diamond-knock offs. Synthetic Diamonds, however, have the same basic compositions as the genuine ones (so when tested using Diamond Tester they would still get the beeping-yes-diamond-tone), but they're basically "bred" in factories (not in nature as real diamonds). As for the Simulants, the can both be manmade or natural, but they don't have the material of a diamond.
How to spot the Synthetic ones - which takes advanced testing in labs, but expert eyes can spot them with standard magnification (using diamond magnifier).
And it's easier to spot the Simulants for the extreme fire (that bling effects diamond makes). Too much is never a good thing *grin*.
Personally i prefer buying my diamonds from reputable jewelers, locally my favorite happens to be Frank & Co (i'm not saying this because we're writing an event report for them! I've been Frank & Co's member and loyal customer since i was a teenager), in fact hunny and i just purchased our "couple rings" (actually wedding rings la, but we've been married for 8 years and obviously already have wedding rings so let's call it couple ring, ya!) with blings from Frank & Co last week... It's important to always purchase from reliable jewelers because there are so many scams nowadays, it's just scary!
Okay, so i am not so sure what Ms. Devi was showing us here, i think it was a certificate to make sure the diamond we're buying are legit. Please do correct me if i'm wrong! They also shared with us their FrankFire collection video afterwards.
The diamond magnifier. This gent was showing us how to hold it properly.
Bring it close to your eye - don't squint the other eye!!!
The reason why they were teaching us how to use it is because they are giving us the chance to do it ourselves! So interesting, but it was pretty hard to do at first!
Again, whose fab fab hair is this!?!?!?
Nessya trying the magnifier. Believe me, it was harder than it looked. Took a while to getting used to adjusting the focus!
Photo from Miracle's FB Page
And just when we needed it the most, coffee time arrived LOL. 

During coffee break, the audience were also given the chance to try the Skin Analyzer for free, as well as learning more about how to see inside a diamond at Frank & Co's little table.
I think I know why #Pink only snapped this one :D
Why? NO bb, the ones i snapped actually turned out all BLURRY so i steal borrow this pic from Miracle's Facebook Page!
Tiffany sampling the Skin Analyzer.
Her result on the monitor.
And then it was time for doorprize!! Fun times!!
This lady got a package from Miracle.
And another one from Miracle.
And for the big one for the day, a pendant from Frank & co., it was Ms. Devi whom drew the name...
And then they called MY NAME!!!!! LOL. I won I won I won... *do the happy dance* *of course on the inside*
I actually already KNOW that #Undecided was going to win something (well, not necessarily the biggest prize, but something. Because some people are just lucky like that and she ALWAYS get the doorprize. ALWAYS) so i was totally anticipating to hear her name *LOL*.
It's just perfect. My very own dainty teardrop-shaped garnet pendant. And yes, it has some tiny diamonds on it. Mad LOVE!! Thank you Frank & co.!!
Trying to squeeze everybody in!!
Thank you again Jennie and Miracle for the fun event and for having both of us :) Looking forward to the next ones!
Goodie bags from Miracle and Frank & co.

Aside from a magazines and some catalogs, we got Therapeutic Hyper-pigmentation set, a little notebook, an organizer and manicure set
Especially love this manicure set from Frank & co. Unlike most manicure sets we received as gifts before, it is made from the finest material! I would even call it beautiful, which is not a word i usually use for manicure sets! My hunny's pretty hard to please when it comes to these kinds of things *he has a bit of a thing with manicure sets* and even he was impressed!
They even have their logo embossed, so pretty ^___^. Other than this there's also a voucher worth IDR 1.000.000 with minimum spending of IDR 15.000.000 and a free gift voucher with minimum spending of IDR 5.000.000. I redeemed the latter because we bought those couple rings...

Signing off!!
#Pink and #Undecided

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