Pink's All About Fashion Giveaway Winners!

1:19:00 PM

Hey guys!

My All About Fashion Giveaway has ended and we have the winners! I have to explain that i have changed the judging criteria a bit because there weren't too many entries *stare darkly* *why don't more of you join it huh?* so of those who had entered, i chose the top two with the best efforts as the first and second winners, while the third winner is chosen by #Undecided based on the answers!

 Drumroll please...
First winner :

Vina Jihan Vahera (Rei StillDoll)
She chose :

Youthful Kawaii Girl (which is THE most popular choice!) and as the first winner, she gets the first dips! It's easy to explain why she's my first winner, aside from the fact that she was one of the first few who entered the giveaway, not only she put up my giveaway banner but she also made a blog post about it. So congratulations to Vina!

The second winner :

She chose... the same set as Vina *LOL*, so i contacted her and asked her to choose another set, and this is her choice :
Sophisticated Fashionista!
Widya put my banner up on her blog and shared about my giveaway multiple times in her social medias while tagging her friends, so she definitely deserves an acknowledgement as well!

The third and final winner :  

Azzahra Nadiyah

I asked #Undecided to help me choose the best reason as to why they want to win this set :

And she chose Azzahra's answer! Unfortunately (again), Azzahra chose the second set-which is Widya's second choice >.< so Azzahra will be accepting :
Nature Lover set instead ^^.

I have contacted all three winners via e-mail and will be waiting for response in 1x24 hours, if they fail to response i would have to choose new winners ^^!

Thank you very much for those who entered, i hope more of you would enter my next Giveaway! Speaking of which, i actually do have a new Giveaway in collaboration with Bangkok Beauty in my Instagram! I would make a separate blog post for it as to not confuse you, but do check it out while you're here!

Congratz to the winners again, i hope you like your prizes, and if you make a blog post/share on your social medias when your gifts arrive, i would give you extra point for next giveaway (not Bangkok Beauty one, i have more planned)!



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  1. yeayyy, thanks ce >_<
    can't wait to get the set and share them all :p

  2. Replies
    1. Ahem yg gak menang tp dpt hadiah lbh byk :p

  3. congrats for the winners