Temperature Change Gel Polish and NFC Nails by Me-Nail (SPONSORED)

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Hi guysss ^^...

It's quite unusual for me to go missing from my blog on weekends (when i'm actually in town) but my weekend had been really full and i also feel very very tired because of the stupid insomnia (which leads to a second vertigo attack today *sigh* *what am i turning into * *am i really that old already zzzz*). Anyway, i am back now (slightly dizzy, but energized and missing my blog really!) and i'm gonna share my experience on trying out temperature change gel polish and NFC nails with Me-Nail last Thursday!
With the lady boss and all the nailists of the day hahaha
I haven't blogged about Me-Nail the nail salon for a while now, always going on about Me-Nail the training centre and nail supplier haha, so let me refresh your memory a little bit!
Me-Nail salon, Tunjungan Plaza 1, 3rd floor
Like i mentioned already, i went there to get the temperature change gel polish manicure and try out NFC nails (that i will explain more about later) as well. What is a temperature change gel polish? Actually the name already explained it all hahaha. It's like a regular gel polish, but the color changes depending on your body's temperature! How cool's that? Kinda like mood rings, so can i call my nails mood nails now? LOL.

I actually read about the changing nail color already from Rochkirstin's blog, but when the changing nail polish that she tried was a regular nail polish and it changes if it's exposed to sunlight, the one i am trying now changes when the temperature changes and as it's a gel polish-it'd last much longer ^^. I remember asking my cousin L about the changing nail colors when i read Roch's post (coz i really find such things to be fascinating!) and she said they already have them too. 

Then when we went out, i noticed her cute nail colors and she told me it's the temperature change gel polish, she also went and demonstrate (by rubbing her nails on the car's air conditoner *LOL*) how the color changes, i was hooked immediately! So when she asked me to try out and review the temperature change gel manicure, i couldn't say yes fast enough!
Say hi to my nailist of the day, Mbak Henny (who's currently 7 moths preggo!)
I already cut my nails (very short, much to L's dismay. LOL. I really hate long nails :(... I mean, i like to see them on other people, but i cannot stand having long nails myself!) so the first step was to buff and roughen the surface of my nail beds, which i am familiar with since i've had gel manicures a few times in the past already
My stubby nails are all ready to be gel-manicured!
Semi-candid pic taken by L (semi candid basically means you're pretending to be unaware that someone's taking your pics hahahaha)
While i was getting my nails done, the lady boss was busy training her employees
Gel base coat was then applied on my nails....
And off to the oven they went! LOL. UV lamp lah :p
These are the star of the day, V.chlo gel polishes
As i had to act like the "hand model" for last Saturday's workshop, they decided to paint my right and left hands with different colors. Currently they only have four different shades of temperature change gel polish in Me-Nail salon, now that i think about it i should really ask them to paint each nail a different color since they were leaving the ring fingers for NFC anyway!
The uniqueness of temperature change nail polish's already apparent since you start painting them on. The color of the brush/bottle would be different from the color you see painted on you nails! That's because the color on the bottle is the cold color while on you fingers, the blood circulation and body temperature would immediately change the color into the "warm color"
For my left hand, the color on the bottle's bright orange while it turns into a super cute neon pink color (which i love love love!)  on my fingers
For my right hand, the color they picked is this dark green color on the bottle
That turns neon greenish-yellow on my fingers. Do you see the curious looking thing on my ring finger?
Yep, it's the NFC. And please note that this was the WRONG way to apply it! LOLOLOLOL. NFC nails' very very new in Me-Nail and you can say that i am forever L's guinea pig so all that can go wrong would go wrong on me -___-. Well, better on me than on a customer, i'd say! This means they'd never repeat the mistake in any of you hahaha.
Basically NFC nails are nail stickers that can light up and blink (like your mobile phone's signal indicator) when you turn on the NFC on your phone (Apple and Android only). You can see how they blink in this video Me-Nail made.

Since it's a new thing, they were still groping around to find the best way to apply and show it so it's a bit of a trial and error in my case -___-.
L cutting off the NFC nails, which ended up too close to the whatever chip they have inside the sticker and ruining it *LOLOLOL*. Of course she blamed my nails for being very small -___-, but actually she only has her own hare-brain to blame *ROTFL*. In the end of the day, it doesn't even matter if it's my nail's fault for being too small or her fault for cutting too close to the chips, because she placed the NFC upside down zzzz!!!
Anyway, they NFC didn't want to stick to my nails so L called her partner Kiki (who's also a nail artist and a nail blogger) who has more knowledge about the NFC-and turned out that we had to apply extention first because they have to use some gel builders around the NFC -___-.

You already know i hate long nails, so i was ready to bawl when she told me they were going to give me nail extensions (i never had any, my nails are very tough and strong, and they grow super fast so if i want a long, fake looking nails all i gotta do is not cutting my nails for 2 weeks!), but at least she agreed to let me have only the ring fingers extended, coz i really cannot deal with full extensions on all 10 fingers!!!!!
The nailist picking the right size for my dainty nails
A match (but on my cute lil' fingers, it still looks huge and out of place -___-)!
Gluing it on
And it's on! I asked the nailist to cut is as short as she possibly can without being scolded by L
It's still scarily long (and oh-so-uncomfortable -___-, mad respects for y'all who have full nail extensions!!!) but hey, look at my neon pink nails, so pretty!!!
And here's how you should apply NFC nails, the white (or transparent) side up!
Since the sticker color's opaque white, they had to apply darker gel polish to conceal it-but it resulted in the light being very faint -___-
To hide the failed NFC on the right ring finger, another nailist added a 3D nail art on top to conceal it
Do you want to see how the greenish-yellow polish turns jade/dark green i'm cold? We made a video (thank you Kiki for taking all the videos) to demonstrate! I didn't know how to turn off the voice (heck, i didn't even know how to change the setting from camera to video -____- Kiki found it for me) so.. you can hear L humming as she swiped alcohol on my nails to change the color *LOL*. A bit creepy -___-.
See how the neon pink turns bright orange!
Here's Kiki doing a nail art on that unnaturally huge ring finger nail hahaha
So pretty ^^
You can hear me talking in our local dialects (i always surprised myself of how thick my accent is when i'm talking in Indonesian/ Javanese haha. Thankfully i'm always able to switch off the accent when i speak in English somehow...), i was laughing at L about how HER own nails also changes color while she was swiping on the alcohol on my nails.

Since the gel polish they applied on the finger with NFC was dark, the blinking light is a bit faint T.T, i'm not sure if you can see it in the video (i can, but probably because i already know i am looking for, because my hunny couldn't see it!), but here it is :
After a bit of googling, i personally think if you want to try out NFC nails, you should ask for a (regular or 3d) nail art around the NFC but leave the part where the light is in bare/with see through colors so you can see the light blinking stronger than on my nails!

I think NFC nails is definitely intriguing and unique, but too much hassle (coz you need to have an extension and all) for me to want to have it installed regularly *LOL*. But it's still very cool, and if you're into gadgets and want to have a little bit of technology on you nails too, why not? NFC's not very expensive, you can get NFC stickers from Me-Nail for IDR 10.000/each only, of course if you want them to apply it for you then you'd have to pay for the manicure as well haha. 

You can go to Me-Nail salon if you want to have them put on, or if you want to try to put it on yourself you can contact Me-Nail to purchase the NFC nails :
Me-Nail Nail Salon Supplies and Training Centre
Ruko Klampis Jaya 33D Surabaya
Phone : 031-2882 333
BB Pin : 22D7C1DF
Website : www.me-nail.com

I, however, LOVE the temperature change gel manicure! It never ceases to fascinates me and i like to tell every single person that i met about it then went and demonstrate it for them *LOL* *nerd*.
Warm colors
Cool colors
Thank you Me-Nail for the experience (although that nail extension hurts like a B), i'm totally in love with my cute color changing nails! I will blog about their 3D Nail Art Workshop soon!



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