#Pink's Family Chinese New Year 2015 Celebration

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As you might already know (if you read my last post), my little family and i went for a little escape for two days to Batu, it was a lot of fun! Very relaxing and nice, but we're also very tired because of a stupid incident (which i will tell you in another post!) that happened at the end of the mini vacation. Today's another very busy day, attending another beauty event and continued with a rare girl date with O ^^. It's been a fun day too!

Having said that, i also am very pissed at myself because i broke my eyeshadow palette and two of the colors crumbles into pieces (that i crazily rubbed all over myself like a body shimmer because i am very kiasu and cannot stand the thought of just throwing it away!), not even because i was clumsy but because of my super careless way of storing things zzzz. 

FYI, the eyeshadow's dirt cheap, it's from Daiso (LOL), but that's not the point! My OCD makes me feel the NEED to replace a broken/missing item as soon as possible, but because Daiso Indonesia does not carry their makeup line, i would have to wait until June to try to replace it when i go to Singapore and Malaysia! GRRRRR. So annoyed at myself, and i will continue obsessing about it for the next few days (coz i know myself real well. I do think i need therapy!). Anyway, enough ranting, i have no time and energy to blog the last couple of days so it's time to post something from my hoarded draft *LOL*!

OMG it's so backdated, i kept on thinking that i'm going to blog about our CNY tomorrow and would still be able to say "technically it's still new year's day so i'm not too late!", but now even Cap Go Meh already passed so i have no more excuse *LOL*. So anyway, before it's getting even later, here it is!
#Pink's (almost) entire big family ^^
As usual in the morning there were "invaders" *LOLOLOL, sorry, insider's joke* in our house so... I always opt to hide inside my parents' room. This happens every year, it doesn't help that every year on CNY it'd be meltingly HOT for some unknown reasons (even when it falls in the middle of a very rainy season like this year, it was still incredibly HOT!)-obviously the choice of hiding inside a cooler room where i can turn the air conditioner on became even more tempting!
I got joined in by CL and my pretty BB ^^
We were busy snapping OOTDs when CW saw us and got angry because she wasn't invited *LOLOLOL* so here we all are :D
So BB told me she and her mum developed this method to make our arms look smaller in pictures, it's by grabbing each other's arms from behind *LOLOLOL* *WTF* *but it works*
The maid snapped so many pictures but only the last one where we acted crazy turned out not so blurry -____-
Everybody changed into the family CNY tee here ^^, you can see how annoying Baby Boy's acting here already. I don't understand why he likes to pull the bratty act whenever there's a family function coz he normally acts really well in regular basis (i am NOT biased, i swear. You can check with #Undecided and all of my other friends. He's always on his best behavior around my friends but the worst around the family. How weird is that?) i swear i got so annoyed i really wanted to smack his bottom then *LOL*
After the invaders were gone, it's time for hong bao passing! (For my international readers that aren't familiar with Chinese customs, the red packets contains money for your young and unmarried relatives, mostly for kids!)
Married kids should give their parents hong baos too as a sign of respect, and if your family's really traditional then the parents would also give their married kids and kids in laws hong baos as a sign of blessing (which my parents always do)
But as the years passed, our hong bao exchange turned into a contest on who can photobomb each other the most *LOL*.
The grand kids' turn. One must queue up according to age, even if you're just months apart from your cousin the younger one should line behind the older. You can see that my Baby Boy's the last in line because my youngest niece (who's a year younger than him) was not around. I wonder if kids hate being the last in line? MT used to cry his little heart out when he was little! And now that i think about it, Baby Boy didn't cry only when little Gw (my niece) was around to stand behind him!
He was still quite happy when getting the hong bao from the grand parents (which didn't last long zzz). Crazy Au lined up again in (vain) hope for another hong bao. This too has become a ritual -___-
Then it's time for the siblings and siblings in law to wish each other a happy new year! Dunno what KW and CL were doing in this pic, fighting over an orange?
Yoohoo. Not a single normal face in sight
IT IS quite annoying to be at the the back of the line, must wait so long! LOL
See how they all ganged up on us and sat down to get "more respect"? LOL. I swear my siblings are getting crazier as they got older LOLOL.
Finally got to sit down as well hahaha
So many pictures, no need to post them all here lah okay, represented by the eldest nephew Cv
And the youngest that was present. Baby Boy who was crying angrily for no reason at all. I get annoyed all over again seeing this *LOL*
More hong baos for the maids and drivers
Continued with more narcissistic photoshoot at out fave spot now, the stairs!
Hunny got quite annoyed and said "Ladies, the photo shoot is tomorrow!" LOL.
This is called the "Diamond is a girl's best friend" pose *LOL*
With my hunsky ^^
Family CNY feast
As the tradition, we then went to visit our eldest living relative in our town, who's my cousin L's grandma. I already wrote in my outfit post about the others being late because they kept on going to the wrong estate *LOL*.
So we camwhored to pass the time *LOL*
Crazy aunties with our handsome nephew, K
LOL, where did your eyes go, Baby Boy? It's clear that someone's got their good mood back already :p
LOL, matched him pretty well, don't you think?
Camera-loving family here
Hunny playing with L's kids ^^
Sitting on the floor like pirates (do pirates sit on the floor, btw?) but act demure once the camera's pointed at us hahaha
I couldn't stop laughing when i saw this pic of Elaine, L's little daughter waiting for cece Au to make her some play dough animals. I wonder why she always has this scared expression on her face?
Etienne, busy making tea for the guests hahaha. I seriously cannot take the hair, want.. to.. cut... it... off!!!
Getting drunk with BB... on syrup hehe
Happy #wefie
Then we all went our separate ways, most went home while hunny, Baby Boy and i went to wish hunny's mum a happy CNY. Didn't take any pic there as usual because hunny's mum not much of a camera person (i think). Went back home for a little rest before going to CW's for CNY dinner. CW's place's gigantic, you can see more of the place in last year's post if you haven't ^^.
New tradition is CNY dinner at CW's now!
Wefie with bare faced, bespectacled BB haha
Oh, the elevator's finally functional now *LOL*
We ended up laughing our asses off that night, thanks to my mum's penchant of renaming people and things! I always think that my nephew K looks a lot like Taylor Lautner in some angles, and my mum recently said "K's really handsome! The more you look at him the more he looks like that fella in TOILET movie!". LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Yep, she meant Twilight of course.
We just couldn't resist *LOLOLOL*
Forcing K to give the camera a smoldering look (he kept on laughing, which made us laughed even harder. Thank God i didn't piss my pants!) and placing hunny as Bella *ROTFL* WTF*
Since the movie title's Toilet, naturally the lead actor should be named Jacob Poop, no?
Roped KC in as well and cast them as Bella van Sutinah (hunny can never escape Sutinah!) and Edward Piss *LOLOLOL*
Laughing as i type this. Looks more like a mugshot here
LOLOLOLOL some more! Seriously.... My family... LOLOLOL. Seriously got a stomachache from laughing too much!
Once we start being silly, it's really hard to stop...
Btw, K has the weirdest collections of toys!
This air gun can shoot you with strong wind up to a few feet away, i actually think it was really cool!
Finishing up with another family picture (with some of KW's relatives) that was pretty hard to take because everybody kept on insisting to use their phones that towards the end some of us (LOL) cannot resist but doing crazy poses, much to CW's annoyance *LOL*
This one's normal, though!
I believe (and hope ) that this goat year's going to be a funtastic year (just please stop asking me about that second child. I only said i'm waiting for the goat year to get everybody off my back. I don't know if i'm ever going to be ready for another kid, i personally don't think so. It's my body, why can't people respect that? *sigh*)!



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  1. Wah seru celebration nya ya.. Serba merah pula :)

  2. asyik banget acaranya.. gong xi fat cai

  3. waah meriah, merah2 euuy, jadi inget dulu jaman kerja dulu dapet angpau dari bos hehe

  4. So cute lah your family members photobomb each other! XD Love your skirt, babe! :D