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Heyyyy :D!

I really thought that after that crazy haul i did in Korea last December, i'm gonna be good and stop buying cosmetics for a while. No chance. I continued being stark mad *LOL*. But i'm not going to show you the majority of my craziness today because today's haul post is dedicated to this new Indonesian brand that's trending among beauty bloggers and beauty lovers lately : Mineral Botanica!
I only bought four products, trust me it took me an iron will not to buy a lot more >.<!
So i think i've mentioned about this brand and how i was really interested to get some stuffs from them, i even went and contact their customer service to find out where i can buy them in Surabaya (because paying for shipping for local brands pains me...)-which they replied promptly with lists of (very unfamiliar, i must add) cosmetic shops that stocks their products. Unfortunately, i never go to cosmetic stores outside the mall, so except a handful of local brands that are readily available in malls and major supermarkets, i find it almost impossible to get my hands on most local cosmetics brands (including Mineral Botanica).

Then on February i saw that they were having a free shipping promotion (for minimal order of IDR 150.000), and the taunts that all those beauty bloggers threw by continue reviewing Mineral Botanica made me finally gave up :p.
The products comes neatly packed with a small Mineral Botanica plastic bag
But i was a bit shocked (and admittedly panicky, because i panic really easily) because these were all i could find inside the package :
As you can see from the first picture up there, i actually ordered four products to be eligible for their promotion, but inside the package i could only find three products and their booklet! I immediately message them on Facebook and i'm very pleased that they IMMEDIATELY called the number i gave them on my contact to apologize personally and promised me to send the other product that was missing in my package as soon as possible.

I am very satisfied with their great customer service and prompt responses that i decided to make this special blog post for them (THIS IS NOT SPONSORED. I've always and will continue to let you know when a post is sponsored or is an advertisement) because i really love to support brands that makes me feel important, especially when it's local. #supportlocalbrands

If i have one complain about the service is probably when they failed to give me the tracking number for the missing item and only did so after i asked for it repeatedly (they gave me the tracking number without being asked when i first made the order). Anyway, the missing product arrived at my place safely a few days later so all's good!
Let's take a look on what i got from the first package
I really really have had time choosing which products i would purchase because i was sooo tempted with everything! Since i have hundreds of other brand new products lining up to be opened, i thought it would be best to purchase products with longer storing period : powder products. But since i am absolutely obsessed with lippies, i still got some too :p.
First i got the Thermo Baked Eye Shadow
I got it in shade 001
I was honestly a bit surprised to see how tiny the eyeshadow palette and blush on are, but i am not complaining! The eye shadow's only IDR 44.900 (less than USD 4) so i think the size is justifiable, especially when i opened it and gasped at how BEAUTIFUL (it's very shimmery/metallic looking though i haven't swatched it, but i doubt matte eye shadow lovers would be impressed haha) the colors are. So much more beautiful than in pictures, and yes... I'm in love :D!
Blush On in shade Scarlet Rose
It's a perfect Barbie pink color!
It's VERY TINY in real life (i know it's hard to gauge a product's size in pictures!) like, less than half the usual size of most blush on *LOL*. For only IDR 35.900, i really am not complaining okay hahaha. My only concern is how hard it would be to swirl and get an even amount of product on my brush. The shade is absolutely perfect though (on the pan) haha. So sorry, i really cannot swatch before i plan to start using it >.<!
Moisturizing Lipstick in shade 010 Burgundy
I am still crazy about those crayon shaped lipsticks, and this is the first local brand crayon lipstick that i have! It's only IDR 37.900 and that makes me feel like grabbing all shades available *sigh*.
Finally, the product that arrived alone : Vivid Matte Lipstick in shade 008 Wild Berry
The bullet lipstick is actually more expensive than the crayon lipstick for IDR 39.900, is it because they have more amount of products (too lazy to check *LOL*, sorry!). I don't even like matte lipsticks, but i just cannot resist to give this a try as well >.<!

I personally am very satisfied with my shopping with Mineral Botanica! The service is excellent, and i love their sleek and professional looking packaging (although i usually prefer cutesy packaging, i really appreciate a very high quality, expensive looking local brand's packaging, especially when the price doesn't reflect the look haha) and how the products look. As for their performance, i would only be able to say AFTER i try them (which i haven't *LOL*).

When i posted my haul on IG, Mineral Botanica's admin did ask me to review their products, so... I would make an exception to my usual rule (for new products to wait patiently in line hahaha) and review one of them soon. I'm thinking the crayon lipstick, maybe? 

Will you be interested in a review on one of these stuffs?


PS : I wrote this post a few days ago, before what happened to Bentley. So if you're wondering if i'm trying to shop away my sorrow, i am not *LOL*. I don't even have the urge to shop at the moment, but we all know that's going to change soon. LOL.

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  1. Mindy sakit? kok belanjanya cuma dikit? kok cuma 4 hahahahaaa XD

    The Journey

    1. Haha ini kan cm 1 merk, lainnya msh byk...

  2. Oh I wish I can also try that product. Those eye shadow colors may not be appropriate for the office but they are great for casual outfits and parties. :) How pigmented are they? The pink blush also is a nice shade.

    1. I haven't swatched them to be honest with you, only used the crayon lipstick so far haha but i will review them when i do :D