#Pink Ghost Stories Part 4

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Hey guys :D...

It's been a while since my last ghost stories post, and nope i am not giving the series up because people told me my stories aren't scary *LOL* (that's not why i write these stories anyway, i have no intentions to scare people silly :p. I just want to share them because i really enjoy reading real life supernatural occurrences myself), i was just preoccupied by other things that i had to blog about so i kinda abandoned the series for a bit.

But it's back, bitches! 
I think i don't have any other strange or supernatural experiences while i lived in Singapore, at least none that i can remember of at the moment-so i'm going to move up to the next time frame. 

I moved back to Indonesia after finishing high school because my mum (who really disliked my then current boyfriend, a Singaporean whom she thought was... well.. Too ugly for me *muffled laughter*. I don't mean to be cruel, but i don't even know why she bothered. I never really liked that guy *i know i know, i sound like a total bitch right now... But hey, i'm just being honest!*, i was just waiting for the next guy to come around *LOL* #yesiwasthatkindofgirl) bribed me to. 

I just had a traumatic experience with some so-called-friends (which i might tell you all about it in the future), so i felt like i needed to be with my real friends (#Undecided and my other BFFs, onvi) so i agreed (well, mostly for that blown up allowance that she promised me. Which she cut in half once i really returned FML), next thing i know i was enrolled in the Tourism Department (totally by accident. I didn't even know i was applying for that department because CL, who took care of the whole application thing while i was still in Singapore, didn't inform me! I thought i was going into the Hospitality Management *LOL*) in one of the most famous University in Surabaya.

I met hunny there, as well as MM and O, who i featured quite a few times in this blog-which means we're still friends til today. I tend to stick with a few close friends at any stage of my life and always able to maintain the friendship for more than a decade, which i prefer than having large circle of friends that last for a year or two. Who needs a lot of fake friends right? 

Anyway, since we're in Tourism Department, we did travel quite a bit. Our studies included planning a tour, setting it up and the conducting it ourselves-and take turns to the the Tour Leader and Guide. Ahhh, i miss those days, so much fun ^^. The story i am about to tell you happened on our second full length KKN (roughly translated into Practical Studies) in which we went for a two-weeks long road trip from Surabaya (East Java) all the way to Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia), stopping at different cities and visiting different tourist attractions along the way (i wish i had a blog back then. So many memories that would've been better preserved!).

It's like we were prepared for a creepy trip along the way because i creeped myself out on the earlier part of the trip already -___-. In Yogyakarta, we stayed in this guest house (we're allowed to choose our own roommates so of course MM, O, another girl we're close with *her nickname was Black Cat so let's call her BC hahaha* and i bunked up together) which was an old house turned into a guest house. Our room was in the front building, completely separated from the rest of the rooms in the main building *FOL*.

We were super tired (always were after a long day of touring) and fell asleep quite fast, until in the middle of the night i was awakened by a very loud "KRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" noise. I was not imagining things or whatever, because the other girls woke up as well. It was really like a scene out of some scary movie, we were starring at each other in utter horror until...


Oh WTF, it was a freaking huge assed gekko -___-. I never knew that gekkos make such a scary KRRRRRRRR noise before *___*.
Darn gekko -___-
I heard too many urban legend about gekko bites, and i hate reptiles in general so i was really really scared (for a very different reason, obvi) to go to the bathroom (where the gekko was) and had to hold my pee until morning came -___-. It was, needless to say, very torturous.

But this is not the point of the story, of course, i just had to add it because i thought it's hilarious (not exactly when it occurred, but looking back i can appreciate the incident for being story-telling worthy). Anyway. The real incident happened at the same trip, a little further down the road in Bandung (West Java). 

It was very late when we arrived in Bandung (we always arrived pretty late because we always had a full day touring) and we were quite shocked when we checked in the hotel.
Coz it was creepy as fudge
Since it was a school trip and we had very limited budget, we booked mostly very cheap hotels and guest houses-but nothing prepared us for THAT hotel in Bandung. While huge, it's very old, abandoned and creepy. Not to mention, clearly meant for sexual activities judging from the obvious patches on the sheets (EWWWW. During KKN i developed the habit of wearing jackets with hoods up, long pajama bottoms and socks to sleep so my skin wouldn't touch the sheet and i always bring my own blanket when i travel now-just in case).

I am not very sensitive supernaturally, as in i CANNOT see the unseen, but my sixth sense is a teeny tiny bit working because i *sadly* can sense when something's not quite right (this has been confirmed by people who can actually see them @__@), i was so scared of the hotel that i showered without closing the bathroom door. I don't really care, we've seen each other naked many times anyway, there's nothing to hide.

What i DIDN'T know was that MM is even more sensitive than me *FHL*.Since she's the oldest (MM transferred from another department in another uni, she's 3 years older than us), we gave her the single bed while the three of us huddled together in the queen bed (in case you're confused, traditional Asian people tend to give more privileges to people who are older than them, even if the difference's just a few years, to show our respect to them). O and i were not feeling very well so we took some medicine, and soon three of us (including BC) fell fast asleep.

MM was an even lighter sleeper than me, and her sensitivity made it even harder for her to sleep when there's "something" in the room with us (this repeated itself on our Grand Tour, a year or so later in Genting, Malaysia hahaha). While we were snoring away happily, MM can sense (she also cannot see per se, but can sense and tell the shape of the apparitions, while i can only feel like i am being watched but nothing more) someone else in the room with us, awake.

That someone else was a woman... With a long hair. The typical Asian female ghosts you've seen in movies.
Yahh, something like this
Then she can sense the woman coming closer and closer, she closed her eyes very very tightly but can still sense her very vividly. The woman stopped in the gap between our beds and lean in, closer and closer until MM can feel her long hair touched her face.
Cannot find a picture of a female ghost leaning in so i have to settle for this even though MM was not experiencing sleep paralysis because she was never asleep in the first place and she COULD move, just opted not to hahaha
MM said the woman stood there for a very long time (dunno if really very long time or MM felt like it was very long since when something very scary happening it feels like forever although it's probably like a few seconds or minutes!), but i don't think she meant any harm. I mean... She probably was just curious? Coz she didn't do anything other than watching MM. Very closely. Maybe she was wondering why MM was the only one still awake and if she might be able to see her hehe *i watched too much Ghost Whisperer* or something.

Anyway, nothing else happened but MM pretty much stayed awake until the next morning. She probably was very thankful that we start our day super early everyday on our KKNs so at least the rest of us didn't like, sleep in hahaha. We freaked out when she told us the story, naturally! 

Nothing significant happened afterwards, except the fact that we stayed in a very old hotel in Semarang (which is pretty famous for their haunted spots as well, with Lawang Sewu and all) that was a very old Colonial building and looked more like a funeral home than a hotel. WTF. I was beyond shocked when we stepped into the lobby -___-. The tile, the built, the decor, even the smell (very strong scent of tuberose)... Sigh. The crazy hotels we had to stay in during KKN...

Now that i wrote this down, i remember another supernatural occurrence that happened in our first KKN! Will be writing about it next!

Nite nite, don't let the bed bugs bite.

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  1. Maybe you really have your sixth sense or the so-called third eye opened or quite active. OMG the woman with long black hair we usually see in movies looks pretty scary, and I cannot imagine seeing it in real life. That's frightening. OMG!

    1. IKR, i would never want to have the sixth sense fully opened, i never want to see them!

  2. Maakkkk gambarnyaaa.... *tutup mata

  3. It's really amazing how MM could 'feel' the presence, but not see it. To feel hair on her face but not see it? Weird. And I lol'd at the "tokekkk"! Hahaha! In the Philippines we call them Tuko, by that sound they make.

    1. Oh i totally missed your comment, sorry! It might sound weird, but maybe that's because we can't sense them ourselves and therefore cannot comprehend what she's talking about? I know quite a lot of people who can sense ghosts and can describe them vaguely despite not being able too reallu see them...