Lip-Talk 10 : Mineral Botanica Moisturizing Lipstick in 010 Burgundy

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Hello hello :D!

As you might already read at the mini haul post for Mineral Botanica, i decided to review one of the products i purchased (which is against my rules of lining my newly bought products obsessively *LOL*) because i'd like to support great local products and all-and the item that i'm going to review is their Moisturizing Lipstick ^^.
Their Moisturizing Lipstick is the one product that first caught my eyes when i stumbled into Mineral Botanica, the reason is obvious : the packaging *LOL*. If you've been following this blog for a while then you'd probably know that one of my current obsessions (and when i am obsessed with something i tend to want to hoard them in scary amount zzz) is crayon shaped lipsticks. I believe that Mineral Botanica is among the first in Indonesian beauty industry to come up with a twist up crayon lipstick, the only other products that are similar (that i know of. Lately there are a lot of new Indonesian cosmetics with amazing packaging that sadly are not available in Surabaya yet zzzz) to this actually are chubby lip pencil types, which i don't really like because shaving them feels like a total waste of product!
Like i said, totally love their sleek, professional and exclusive design.
The lip crayon (and most of the other products i bought) was wrapped in a plastic seal to ensure the newness of the product. Unfortunately, when i yanked off the plastic wrapper (not too gently, i admit), the transparent cap got yanked as well and it nicked the lipstick a bit *cries dramatically* *i hate ruining my makeup*.
You can see the dent clearly >.<, totally broke my heart *LOL*
Shade 010 Burgundy, and it contains 3.5 g of lipstick (which is pretty normal, i think?)
The crayon packaging is made from a lightweight but not frail, smooth plastic with a transparent cap. To be honest with you, the cap makes me a bit nervous because in my experience that kind of caps are quite easy to crack, especially if you're exceptionally clumsy and careless like me which means you're bound to repeatedly drop it at some point *sigh*. Fingers crossed it's not going to happen!

While i like the way it looks and feels, also how the protruding crayon head's making it easier for you to identify the shade if you have more than one of these lipsticks (since their packaging are all identical and there's no other way to indicate the shade without reading the label on the bottom if the cap's not transparent), i am also a bit annoyed that it's so far up that it's very easy to nick and hurt your lipstick if you're not extremely careful.

The shade i got is 010 Burgundy, which by name itself i'd expect it to be deeper and darker, but looking at the catalog i did expect it to be a bit more lilac.

It's reddish purple in real life, almost fuschia with a metallic sheen
Let's see the swatches :
Bare lips (i didn't put on any lip balm to test out this lipstick)
With 010 Burgundy, i only realized that i missed the right corners after snapping this pic :p
This moisturizing lipstick has a pleasant, fruity scent (grapefruit? Sorry, i'm bad at describing or identifying scents!) that is not too overpowering , i love nicely scented lippies-definitely beat those with old, chemical scent! It is also quite pigmented, the color shows up rather strongly from the first swipe. It feels quite creamy and glides very easily without tugging. 

I love the consistency of this lipstick, it is not drying and my lips doesn't feel like it's stripped of any moisture like how i sometimes feel when i wear other lipsticks without applying any lip balm underneath. It stays on for a pretty long time even after i eat and drink, this is how it looks after around 5 hours with no touch up :
The inner part's fading, but in general the color's still there!

While i like how it's creamy and quite hydrating on my lips, i am not the biggest fan of the frosty finish it has. You probably can't really see it in the pictures, but it has a slightly metallic sheen when worn. I expected some degree of glossiness because of its moisturizing claims (which i don't mind, coz i actually love glossy/shiny lips), but the frostiness was something that i didn't expect. It's not that bothersome though, i would still use it, but i would be lying if i don't prefer the finishing to be more satiny than frosty.

Although it can be worn comfortably without lip balm underneath, i occasionally suffer from very dry lips that not even the most moisturizing lipstick would look good without any extra help! So here's how this lipstick fares with lip balm underneath.
My natural lip color with clear lip balm on
101 under artificial light
Under natural sunlight
It is understandably less pigmented when applied on top of oily lip balm, but it's still pigmented enough for me to not having to apply over and over again for it to show up.
With full makeup on
Personally i find this lipstick to look better (on me) when paired with light eye makeup (like the first picture up there where i was just wearing eyeliners) compared to this look when i was wearing purple eye shadow (the last pic). Of course, it purely depends on your taste and complexion!

For only IDR 37.500, this lipstick is quite fantastic! The packaging is nice, it's quite pigmented (for this shade ya, i read some other reviews on their other shades and they all varied in pigmentation), it's not drying, it last long and it also comes in 11 other shades!
Picture taken from Mineral Botanica's catalog in their Facebook Page
I would highly recommend it for everybody who are looking for a nice, moisturizing lipstick that won't break their banks (and for all makeup junkies out there hahaha i know you don't need any extra reason to try any new makeup right!). I wouldn't recommend this only for those who dislike frosty finish and maybe sensitive to any scent on their lip products. Also beware that the colors on their catalog doesn't really reflect how they look in real life, so if you're planning to purchase i'd suggest you to swatch them, or if you can't find it in your city (or not willing to go to specific cosmetic stores like me) and want to purchase them online (they accept orders via their Facebook inbox) then pay attention to the swatches they provided as well as try to find reviews on them to see how the color looks on different complexions. 

Would i repurchase? I don't think i would ever purchase the exact same lipstick, but i would love to try out all of the other colors *LOL*, with such an affordable price i might as well! Having said that, i have so many makeups waiting to be used so it might still be a very long while until i do.

Trying out this moisturizing lipstick also makes me want to try out their other products (the BB cream, the powder, etc etc etc! Would love to try out their skin care as well!) but again *sigh*, i have to clear up some of my stocks first. I'd say Mineral Botanica is definitely a new Indonesian brand that is worth trying!

I still have three of their other products to try, which i will eventually review too, i just don't know when *LOL*. You know how 'lax i am when it's not a sponsored product (therefore i have no obligation whatsoever to review them hahaha), it might be next year or the next :p.

Did i manage to tempt you to give Mineral Botanica a try?


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