Basic-O-Base 02 : Skin Food Lemon Foundation

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Hi guys...

I can't believe i only reviewed two beauty products last month and haven't even reviewed a single one this month! I just couldn't get the mood to write a review while the products lining up to be reviewed are getting mountainous, especially the bath and body cares empty bottles *LOL*. It's stressing me out and that just makes me feel even lazier to review anything zzzz. I finally get the mood back *a little* so i better grab the rare feeling and start writing this review ASAP!

So today i'm gonna write my first foundation review (my previous Basic-O-Base was on an Etude House's BB Cream). I bought this quite some time ago, before i went full blown into beauty products madness so it was just a random buy in Skin Food's counter (you can tell that this was bought long ago coz ever since i discovered that prices of Korean cosmetics in online shop's much lower than counters i almost never bought anything at the counters anymore!) in GM when i ventured into it with my mum one day. I needed a base make up (as in really NEED. I was running out of whatever base i had back then and remember, there was a time not too long ago when i had no stock of basic make ups... Hard to believe, i know) and just grabbed whatever base make up i saw that looked interesting. So i got this Lemon Foundation!
Picture from Google
I'm not even sure they're still selling this product, you know how Korean brands love to discontinue and change up their lines every few months that it's super hard to keep track (i peeked into their website and seems like they have very little variants of foundie now, concentrating more on the hip-er little sister, BB Cream *LOL*), so probably not-but that never stops me from writing a review on anything, right :p?

Skin Food Lemon Foundation
From the color of my *chipped* manicure, i remember taking the picture August last year *LOL*, and only got to review it today. Nothing new, we all know that (i can never say that enough).

Anyway, the foundation comes with a sturdy cylinder plastic bottle (it doesn't feel flimsy or very cheap even though it's made of plastic mainly) with metal accent on the bottom+metal cap. I know for a fact that the bottle is sturdy because ehm... I might've dropped it. More than a few times :D.

Cute and classic looking angel emboss on the cap
This foundie comes with a pump mechanism, personally i really love pump dispensers because they're easy to control (one pump is usually enough for my whole face but now that it's almost finished, i need to pump twice to get the amount i need to cover my face) and not messy like jar packaging. It's also great for the germ-phobic (let's face it, we all know that i am disgusting and don't really think about germs much :p. I'm a visual person so i'm more bothered with dirty things than germs that you can't see with your naked eyes!).

One stupid thing was this, i just realized that you can actually see how much product's still left on the side :
This bottle has a mechanism where the inner tube will go up as the foundie content decrease. With this mechanism there's no need to worry that you would experience difficulties getting the product when it's almost finish, no need to shake or tip it!
As you can see from the picture, when i found out about this feature it's literally a few weeks ago and the foundie's almost finished *LOL*. All this time i was cursing at Skin Food for making this kind of packaging which i thought was impossible to gauge how much product you have left hahaha, sorry Skin Food!

The consistency of this foundation is very light, watery and runny. I don't have a lot of experiences with foundies, prior to this i mostly wore whatever hand-me-down foundie i got from my mum/sister/sis-in-law and all of them were a lot thicker and creamier so i was pretty shocked when i first used this foundie. Since then i have used (not much) a few other foundies and realized that not every foundie is as thick as the ones i've used in the past, but this foundie remains to be the most watery amongst all of the foundies that i've tried. The super water consistency reminds me of Acnes UV Tint, the Lemon foundie is (a lot) more opaque but that's the closest consistency that i can compare in regards of cosmetic base that i have tried.

Close up to my bare face :p

After Skin Food Lemon Foundation. You can see that my face is lighter than my neck but that's not the foundie's fault, my facial skin is naturally (a lot) lighter than my neck *sigh*, check out the previous pic of my bare face-it's already has a very different tone to my neck

True to its super sheer and watery consistency, Lemon foundie has a very light coverage. You can try to pile it on a bit to make it almost medium coverage but i definitely don't recommend it *LOL*, if you want a higher coverage it's better that you use other foundie instead. Because of the light consistency, blending it with foundation brush would take some time because it's definitely streaky. I really love using foundie brush now (because i don't have to get foundie all over my fingers) so i insist on using brush anyway hahaha. Even though it's very sheer, since i don't have a lot of skin concerns in terms of scars or spots, i find this foundie to work just fine. My main goal in using make up base is to conceal any redness and make my skin tone more even and this foundie works. 

I think they only have one shade for this foundie (crazy, i know) and it's very light. It suits my skin tone well (i am pretty pale) and it warms up after a while (it might look a bit whitish when it's first applied) but i can imagine it won't suit darker skin tone at all.

It has a dewy, soft finish-which is NOT my favorite. I have a very oily skin and don't do well with dewy finish base, but that's my own fault since it's clearly stated that this foundie is targeted for normal & combination skin on the bottle *LOL*. Again, i never really check thoroughly before i buy anything, i just thought "Oh, lemon!" and for some reasons believe that lemon ingredients in a beauty product should help with oil control. LOL. Stupid me.

So obviously this foundie's oil control? Suck ass. Again, it was not design for oil control so i have no one else to blame but myself. One more thing that i have to mention about this foundie is the scent. It has a strong lemon scent, i thought i wouldn't mind it *since i am not too sensitive to cosmetic scents even though i'm definitely sensitive to BOs :P* but.... I kinda do. It's so sour and distracting, thankfully it doesn't last long after being applied (it even make my foundation brush smells very sour zzzz). I just realized that i like artificial fruity candy scents but not so much natural, real fruit scents. LOL.

Whether a foundie/BB cream has a matte finish or not, i always have to set them with powder anyway, and here's how it looks after being set with a light powder :

To be completely honest with you, i cannot remember the powder that i used for these pictures, but i'm pretty sure i used it with either a Pigeon compact powder (LOL, yes i like to use Pigeon powders a lot!) or Essence Mattifying Compact Powder. 

On a normal day a light layer of this foundie+light compact powder would be more than enough for me, but one the rare occasion when i get a zit or two, a concealer (stark spelling mistakes annoys the hell out of me and i cannot understand how some beauty bloggers can't do their work to research a bit better and write "CONCEALOR" instead of concealer. I mean... They have concealers in their stash, all they have to do is read and copy the writing, right? How can you make such a silly mistake and repeatedly so? I'm sorry, i know i can be a total B sometimes, but i guess it's one of my pet peeves! And no, a pet peeve's got nothing to do with animal or pets!!!!) would have to be added to the routine coz this foundie definitely unable to hide zits.

This foundie is also able to conceal my big pores even though it has a light consistency
I have been using this foundie for a pretty long period of time and other than the fact that it has no oil control whatsoever (and very light coverage-which is not a problem for me), my skin does get along pretty well with it. It doesn't break me out (but then again, anything very rarely does) and has no bad side effects to my skin. It lasts all day for me (up to 12 hours) and it's still there at the end of the day when i remove them-i do have to blot every three hours or so and it does transfers to the oil blotter a bit when combined with most powders-even the mattifying ones.

All and all, a so so light foundie with not too pleasant smell (unless you're a fan of sour lemony scent) and dewy finish.

The claim in the bottle :
This foundation contains lemon oil for fresh skin texture. This NEW formula adjusts to skin's needs by minimizing oil and shine in oilier areas like the T-Zone, while hydrating dry areas as needed.

Errrrr.... NO, i strongly disagree since it makes my whole face oily in general *LOL*. But i agree on the fresh skin texture part, it's definitely hydrating!

I would recommend this foundie (even though i doubt that it's still available, but they do have other lemony products available (BB Cream and base, etc. So you can take this review in consideration if you're thinking of trying out their similar products) for people who are looking for very light (especially for those who has dry skin!), dewy finish foundie (that feels almost like a tinted moisturizer. It feels very moisturizing to me!) and doesn't mind strong lemon scents.

Not recommended for people who are looking for a higher coverage, wants matte finish, needs base with good oil control and those who are sensitive to sour scents.

If it's still available would i repurchase this? NOPE. It's not horrible or whatever, it works pretty well on my skin and all but i would definitely prefer a matte finish and base with good oil control. And i don't really use foundie anyway, i prefer BB Creams now. I would definitely purchase Skin Food's BB Cream, and i might be tempted to try their other foundies in the future, but this Lemon Foundation is definitely not on my repurchase list.

I use this foundie all the time (i am desperately trying to finish it hahaha), i also use it a lot on my FOTDs (just type Skin Food Lemon Foundation on the search box on the right to see the looks where i'm using this), the most recent one was on this peachy look i did for an MUC a few weeks ago :

My go to base for a dewy look
How about you, have you ever tried Skin Food's foundations? How do you like them?


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  1. baru tau skinfood punya foundation ini ce XD
    nice review~

    1. Haha iya ga tau masih ada apa engga juga, ganti trs gitu mrk line products nya... Thank u :)

  2. Nice Share. . . My i Share this Article to my blog


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  3. if it makes the face oily then it is def nt a good thing fr me,,, nicely reviewed n Happy weekend xo

    1. Yes, it's not exactly ideal for me either :)... Thank you :)

  4. Funny that it smells sour but that's because this is lemon scent. Anyway, I like light foundations. Based on this review, I would not want this product because I have oily skin particularly on the nose area.

    1. Yep, for some reason i hoped it wouldn't be THAT sour though *LOL*, i guess i was expecting it to smell like artificial lemon candies instead of real lemons >.<. Yep, it's not the perfect foundie for me either