#Pink X Bangkok Beauty Giveaway (CLOSED)

10:53:00 PM

Hey guys!!!

Like i told you in the last couple of posts, i have another Giveaway sponsored by Bangkok Beauty! I'm on a giveaway roll, am i? LOL!
If you haven't heard about Bangkok Beauty before, that means you have not read this post yet! Go click and have a read!


Finished? LOL. Okay so Bangkok Beauty is a actually a beauty salon that focuses on permanent hair removal and now they're not only serving those of you who wants to be hairless forever (and without any pain as well!) because they're starting to expand to other treatments as well!

Do you have a problem with darkened underarms? I don't, but i just found out that there are a lot of girls out there who do! Even girls who have extremely fair skin can also face this problem and it make them so self-conscious that they don't dare to wear sleeveless clothing! If you have this problem, don't worry! Bangkok Beauty has the solution for you with their Brightening Underarm Treatment!
I have a little secret, i am terrified of armpits -___-. I have absolutely no idea why, but i really hate looking at armpits (so those model poses with their armpits shown? That annoys me badly!!!) they make me gag zzz, but for the sake of this giveaway, i have to post these Before and After pictures done by Bangkok Beauty *hold breath*.
How's that? Impressive, right??? Want to try it out for yourself, and better yet... For FREE??? Then join my giveaway!
I'm holding the giveaway on my Instagram so if you want to stand a chance to win this awesome treatment, all you have to do is head to Instagram, follow my IG @Mgirl83 and Bangkok Beauty's @bangkokbeauty_id then repost the picture, tag five friends and use the hashtag #bbandpinkgiveaway ! Easy peasy, right? Winner will be chosen (by Bangkok Beauty) randomly. This giveaway is open until March 14th!

Since the prize is a treatment and Bangkok Beauty is located in Surabaya, this giveaway is open for all of you who are residing in Surabaya area or planning/willing to travel to Surabaya to get the treatment!

Thank you Bangkok Beauty for sponsoring this giveaway, and i hope everybody (who stay in Surabaya) would join in! Good luck!


PS : I'm not posting my selfie pic to sign off as usual because i cannot bear putting my face in the same post as armpit pics -___-

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