Blush-Off 2 : Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush (01 Tender Petal)

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The brand that i'm about to review needs no introduction, Estee Lauder being one of the most famous brands in American beauty industry since 1946 with 27 brands under its wings. It was also one of the very first brands that my mum introduced to me when i first started to be interested in make ups (i'm a very late bloomer, i do not wear more than powder, eyeliner and lip gloss until i finished university!). 

A while ago, before i lost myself in the craziness that is a beauty blogging world (i only really started doing beauty reviews about a few months after our blog started, and our blog is only a few months over a year old by itself) i didn't even have much blush on in stock. I would start looking for one after i finished my old one (wow, will of steel i got there) and when i told my mum i wanted a new blush on, she brought me to an Estee Lauder counter (in Sogo TP, i still remember) and bought me this :
Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush (01 Tender Petal)
Now, this is only the second blush on i've ever reviewed (blush on is still the make up product that i do not stock much due to the fact it takes me years to finish one up despite the fact that it is the MUST wear product whenever i go out and my tendency to be heavy handed with them), but somehow the blush ons that i'm reviewing are always discontinued products so far (read my first blusher review here)! 

Estee Lauder no longer produce this line, but you can actually still find it on E-Bay, for example here-but with outrageous prices since it is now very rare and a collector's item! Most sellers sell them around USD 95 *faints*, while we purchased it at only IDR 350.000 back then (but for me IDR 350.000 blush ons are quiet outrageous already, i am not much of a high ended make ups, you see. Drugstores FTW!)

The blush on comes with a metallic blue box that was once Estee Lauder's signature color (their packaging now are dominated by gold color, i think)
I was looking for a pale baby pink color (to replace an old Etude blush on i finished up), somehow it was quite hard to find matte, baby pink blush on back then (unlike now) and this shade 01 Tender Petal was the closest i could find with what i had in mind
Inside the box there's a cardboard sleeve to make sure the product inside nestled safely and won't be jostled around
The compact's very luxurious (and mature) looking with sturdy and high quality material. The casing itself is.... It looks black to my eyes, but in different lights it could appear very deep navy. The emboss with Estee lauder's logo in the middle's made of matte and glossy golden metal that is still intact after a long long time
Once you open the casing, you'll find a plastic separator to protect the blush on inside
It comes with a tiny brush, which i didn't bother to use at first (we all know free brushes are not the best there is) but turned out to be quite useful later on
The color in real life is a LOT lighter, dustier pink. I don't know why my camera picked up the color to be so bright (but then again the promotional picture up there also looked quite bright! Very similar to this picture i got! So maybe that's just how the color photographs) It has tiny block embossing that start to disappear after a few usage
As it is a luxurious brand, i was expecting it to be quite pigmented, but maybe because the color is so soft and light, it wasn't nearly as pigmented as i expected. In fact, to be honest-i must say i find the color payoff is similar to those Korean blush on (that are famous with their very soft, weak color payoff blush ons) . 

With one swipe, the color turns up to be a powdery (the COLOR, not the consistency!), very light baby pink color. When i tried using my usual kabuki brush (i like to use kabuki brush with my blush on because it's super soft and big, it's a breeze to blend blush on with. I don't even know what kabuki brush's really supposed to be used for. I use it to dust on loose powder too sometimes, but as i have a very oily skin i like using puff/sponge better) it almost didn't pick up any product and color, no matter how many times i swiped it!

That's when i remembered, i had the same experience with Etude House last time, where the brush that works the best with the blush on is actually the one that comes with the product. So i used the tiny brush provided (which is quite soft, unlike the one from EH. So even though it's tiny, it's actually quite easy and comfortable to use) and it works! Color payment's much better now!
Very soft, baby pink on my pale skin
Soft, natural and barely there, perfect for softer, sweeter looks
The blush on itself is actually very soft, almost buttery when swiped. It's also not very powdery (i only notice very fine powders around the casing accumulated after my vigorous swiping whenever i'm using it), it was one of the least powdery blush on i have in my stock (you already know, i didn't have all that much. But i've been buying quite a lot lately >.<...).It doesn't have any funky or disturbing scent (no additional perfume either), just your regular powdery smell that is either not very noticeable or it could be because i'm not very sensitive to make up scents haha.
With full make up, used generously
It's in short, a luxurious, sweet and pretty colored blush on that's very soft and natural looking when used. I do like it, but i honestly don't feel like it's anything special (except for the very fantastical price-especially NOW, and the luxurious packaging that is not even my cup of tea!) and i don't feel like it's a lot better than my drugstore or Korean brand blush ons.

I would recommend it for people who love luxurious products and looking for a very soft and natural sweet pink blush on. With a lot of money to spare (with current exchange rate, this rare blush on is now around IDR 1.000.000 on E-Bay). Or maybe you should just buy the current line Estee Lauder has, i'm sure they have a similar shade :p (and much cheaper-althought definitely not cheap!).

I won't recommend it for... well aside for people with tighter budget (obviously haha), those who are looking for blush ons with strong color payoff, and for those who has dark skin tones because i don't think it'll show up in dark skins?

Will i repurchase this? Well, of course not with that kind of price! I might want to buy their newer blush on, especially to compare the formulation with this discontinued one, but i don't see myself doing it anytime soon. I love my drugstore brands too much!
Do you like Estee Lauder products?


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  1. I have never tried that am more of a MaxFactor girl but I love the shade

    1. I'm honestly more of a Maybelline girl, but my mum's a strictly high end make up user and i never say no to free make ups :D!

  2. I rarely put makeup coz I have a problematic skin, but whenever I have to like going out on a date with hubby I always use maybelline, i like this shade maybe I'll try it too. ;)

    1. I love Maybelline too :). Sure, you can still find this product via E-Bay if you're interested :)

  3. it's a really good make-up.. so simple... and I wonder why they discontinued selling it...

    1. :) yeah, maybe the renew the formulation for the better :)

  4. You wear the blush so well! Sad that it isn't distributed by Estee Lauder anymore. I could've given this to my mom for Mother's Day! :(

    1. Awww, thank you! They have a new blush on line you know, i'm sure they have a similar shade :D *somehow your comment makes me feel old though -___- i don't remind you of your mum, do i? LOL*

  5. This blush looks great on you! Yeah, the pink color is soft and natural. :) I also like the packaging.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, the packaging's quite pretty (in a very grown up way) :D