Foodgasm 06 : Stevan Meat Shop Kitchen & Grill

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Very backdated post alert :p... It's nom nom review timeee :D! I'm a huge steak lover so i am very excited to show you one of the best steakhouses that serves (kinda) affordable steak in town for now! In my opinion, of course ^^ (lots gonna argue, judging from the bad reviews on their four squares *LOL*)!
Stevan Meat Shop Kitchen & Grill
Jl. Bukit Darmo Boulevard No. 8H-J, Surabaya 60226, Indonesia
Stevan Meat Shop has actually been around for quite a while in Surabaya, but it is located in the other side of town with their crazy traffics, making us always postpone giving it a try -___-, then one day i stumbled into their promotion at groupon disdus and it seemed to be too good to pass! The package was for Ausie Angus Rib Eye (250gr)+combo package for IDR 99.000 and US Tenderloin (180gr)+Combo Package for IDR 109.000, both are half priced on their regular price. We decided to get one package each ^^.

To be honest with you, we're very reluctant to buy any voucher from groupon disdus because of some horrible experiences in the past-especially when it comes to service and food. I am definitely not biased because there was even a dentist commenting "The promotion's so cheap, so i work on patients who are using the promo depending on my mood. In any way that i want." WTF? Why would you even bother collaborating with disdus then? 

For those of you who share the same idiotic mind set as this *stupid* dentist, let me tell you something. You do collabs with disdus for exposure, so people would know about you and want to try out your services/food. You should give them your all instead of "whatever your mood tells you to" because if you give excellent service/food even on promotions, customers would definitely come back and recommend you to their family and friends (coz we believe you value us, and would give even better service/food if we pay full price!). If you treat them like dirt and give horrible foods/service, not only they would never come back, but they would also spread BAD words about you. Now, who's the idiot with the major loss, then? 

I'm not just saying it, we actually experienced all the horrible (disgustingly bad) food, or portion chopped in half from normal size (even at established eateries like A******n G***l, which clearly should've known better), to being ignored by the staffs. So vouchers from disdus definitely scored a very bad name among us (weirdly the horrible food/service's only happening in Surabaya because my friend Rosemary told me she buys vouchers at disdus all the time and would always get nice services and food! I guess Surabaya people are just too kiasu zzz), but i dunno what happened to me back then because i purchased the voucher from Stevan Meat Shop anyway haha.

No regret though, because Stevan Meat Shop turned out to be a total exceptions (actually Surabaya disdus vouchers are improving tremendously ever since, no more horrible experiences. I guess this is due to the fact that disdus allows users reviews now so companies have no choice but give the best or get very bad reviews instead!) that it even restored my faith in disdus *LOL*, so there's actually a POINT in all of these ramblings :p.

Let finally get on with the review!
View of the first floor taken from the stairs
As the name suggested, the concept is a... well, meat shop! But of course, they're not just selling the raw meats but they'd also cook them for you with your choice of cooking method, side dish, etc (must pay for everything extra hahaha). I'm sure you can also just buy the meat raw as well if you want to stock up at home and all.
The first floor gives you a bit of a high class supermarket vibe (reminded me of Ranch Market haha), with the glass fridge displaying all kinds of meats you can choose from
There are also drinks and chips on display that you can buy and consume immediately
You get to choose your meat yourself and they'd write down the details for cooking
Sausages, hamburgers and all kinds of other meaty stuffs
Frozen side dish choices
We decided to get a table on the second floor :
Which is a good idea because it's a lot cozier there! It feels more like a real restaurant, a high class one here haha
I apologize for some of the blurry pics, we went there so long ago that i haven't even gotten Marshmallow yet! All the pictures in this post were taken with shaky Pinko hahaha
Narcissistic me had to pose with their unique cutting board menu hahaha
You've chosen your meat downstairs, but don't forget that you'd still have to pay or sauce and side dishes!
Better get the package, i'd say! But our voucher's already including the combo package, a very good value for money indeed!
If you have a smaller budget (coz even the meat itself would mostly cost more than IDR 100.000 to IDR 200.000, depending on the type you chose), then you can order from this list instead
Or if you're more of a pasta person (why would you go to a steakhouse then? Well maybe you're being invited by family or friends haha) these could be a choice
I'm a huge fan of breakfast menus so these are very appetizing for me hahaha
We decided not to order anything else but drink though, i prefer to see how the food from the package are first before placing any additional orders if necessary.
Complimentary soft, fluffy and very yummy bread for every steak order
Hunny and his steak, dunno why he looked so startled
And mine, yum yum!
I dun remember if it's hunny's or mine coz they both look similar *LOL*
Asked for a medium well steak and medium well was what i got! That's why i'm kinda confused of people saying their grilling is not right because we didn't face that kind of problem
I was really really pleased that we got top notched service without any discrimination for using discount vouchers (very important!). We're tended well and promptly. The steak size's very generous, reflecting the sizes they've put up on their disdus page, no cutting corners! The meats were tender, juicy, grilled perfectly and very very yummy! Their sauce (i always order black pepper sauce if available) was also very nice, and the side dishes were also not an exception. I seriously couldn't find any fault on our meal in Stevan Meat Shop.

Obviously i would come back to this place, in fact i've been back twice (which is quite something with the location being less than ideal for us!) ever since! I was with #Undecided on my last visit (after the full day of sponsored treatment at Benning) and #Undecided also enjoyed their steak (she did say there's another restaurant that has an even better steak, but it's also around 4x more expensive or so *LOL*, that puts it in another category altogether and cannot be compared, IMO)! 

Price wise, it is not super cheap, if you order Angus/Wagyu beef then be prepared to pay IDR 250.000-400.000 per person, but as a steak mania, i definitely think that their food's worth the price (i'd rather pay a lot of money for an awesome steak than pay cheaply for a horrible one!).

I would definitely recommend Stevan Meat Shop for any of you who love your steak as much as i do, but do remember that it's all comes down to tastes. What i think is super yummy can be someone else's worst food ever, but do take a note that hunny, #Undecided and i already gave this place our nods of approval (it's very hard to please hunny when it comes to steak because he's not even a big fan of beef!).

Have you ever dine at Stevan Meat Shop? What do you think about their food? And do you have any recommendation for other good steak in Surabaya (PLEASE do not say Bon Cafe or Bon Ami coz i swear i'm gonna scream *LOL*)? Please do share!


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  1. lucu banget ya milih daging dulu.
    gua jadi inget dulu di surabaya ada restoran seafood (kalo gak salah di daerah mayjen sungkono) yang kita milih dulu seafood hidupnya baru ntar dimasak. namanya apa ya restorannya? gede dan terkenal dulu...

    1. sea masters
      ( hmmm jd inget tempuranya yummy), sekarang penggantinya bandar jakarta