South Korea Winter Trip : Day 2 Part 2 (Teddy Bear Safari)

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Haiii haiii ^^...

Back with my South Korea trip post! Our next destination on the second day (read where we went earlier in the day here) is the Teddy Bear Safari (or Jeju Teseum)!
This is one of the least attractive pics in this post (Au cannot find a good angle if her life's depend on it *LOLOLOL*) but it's the only pic we have as a family so... -___-
There are a few other Teddy Bear Museums in Korea, but this one might be a little more interesting because of the safari theme (but it housed more than safari themed stuffed animals, actually my favorite part is once we passed the safari section *LOL* i'm not a very big animal person i guess)-in fact both Baby Boy and i mistakenly thought that we're going to an actual safari when Hana first told us where we were going zzz.
Welcome and be careful not to slip on those slippery ice *like KC LOLOLOL, not here though, he successfully slipped in Korea latter in the trip, followed by MT. Oh, Au also slipped, multiple times i must add, in Nami Island! What an unbalanced family hahaha*
The entire first floor is dedicated to the safari theme.
That means there are not only Teddy Bears around, but all shapes of animals too
Gigantic teddy bears that are bigger than Baby Boy
North Pole :D?
There's even a mammoth stuffed toy!
Ethnic bears hahaha. It's way too cold to even imagine we were somewhere tropical, as you can see from Baby Boy's outfit!
"Souvenir Shop" photo stop that should be taken full with the hut and all -___- hunny's pretty clueless most of the time zzzz
Yes, you get to interact with the stuffed animals, even sit on them! Nice, right?
They really take the safari theme very seriously hahaha
The positioning of the "animals" are so funny too, sometimes there'd be some little animals on top of the lion's head or something
Hunny insisted to take this pic because my nickname in uni was "vixen". Sigh.
Slotttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhh, i love sloths!!!
I like tigers now because they remind me of Jong Kook Oppa ^^
Baby Boy looked very cosy with the rhino, yeah?
Look, Tarzan Teddy!
There's even wolf disguising itself as a sheep?
Marshmallow's kinda annoying and doesn't work well indoor with yellow lighting zzzz so some of the pics turned out blurry T.T
NX 300 works like a dream, of course
There are even bats dolls *LOL*!!!
And gigantic spiders. It's one of those that turned out super blurry *cry*
OMG, this Teddy's HUGEEEEEE
You'd have to climb the stairs to see its cute face!
The decoration around the stairs also very amazing, tiny teddies building... Is it an Aztec or Inca temple???
It's all in the details, baby!
One of me
And one of (blurry) hunny hehe
This one caught my eyes because of the pretty bling it has hahaha
Next section is Under the Sea
The lighting and moving sea creatures dolls really made it look like a real aquarium hahaha
There's even a Teddy Mermaid!
Annoying boy that cannot keep his eyes on the camera for five seconds zzz
Kwek kwek kwek!
Sunflower Teddies, sooo cuteeeee
I love flamingos because they're pink!
At this point, we realized we had very little time left (we were given VERY short time in Teddy Bear Safari because we had to catch the Nanta show next :(... It was less than half the time i'd need to really enjoy the placeeee) and there were so many other sections we haven't explore (and i'm not leaving before we take pictures in every section alright -___-), so we kinda rushed here and there and snap snap snap ASAP from this point on!
Teddy Bear Cafe, aaaaaaaaa so cutttttttteeeeeeeeee
And here's the chef ^^
Hunny getting engaged to a Teddy hehe
I'm so happy that we visited this place while Baby Boy's still tiny enough to be the same height with the teddies hehe, it wouldn't be so cute if he's already much taller!
We got adopted into this Teddy family hihi
Their furniture's a bit hard to climb tho :p
Hunny and his mama bear
Photog mode on!
The view that hunny was capturing, it's the seven dwarves!
Oh here's the Snow Teddy!
You can even see the artists making teddy bears. I find the sign indicating that you shouldn't knock on the glass amusing, it's usually in animal glass cages, yes?
Teddies in progress
Hunny joined the Teddy band
While Baby Boy went cross-countries with his Teddy pal
Royal is the next section's theme
They also have small glass displays with tiny bears depicting various stories and fairy tales!
Gulliver's Travels
Jack and the Beanstalk
Not sure what this one was
Circus Teddies
Heidi??? LOLOLOL, just taking a wild guess
Shrek and Fiona!
Look at this uber cute kid Teddies' bedroom!
Hunny and his bear harem
Dancing with the Princess
And got so pissed when some other bear took her away
Looks like Baby Boy's meeting the Queen or something :p
LOLOLOLOL at my face
Sorry, he looks so cute here i just have to add both pics :p
Hunny's taking Teddyrella to the ball? Ehehehe
Guarded by bear knights, sitting on a gold throne is not a bad life
Skipping happily... Is it little red riding hood? But why the hood's not red?
What an adorable Snow Teddy set!
Prince Charming ready to rouse the princess... Wait, does she has a pink hair???
Furniture of Princesses dreams
We have art-y bears next
Da Bear Code hehe
Seriously the little mermaid bear's so hilarious...
Various mythology goddesses bears
And the gods too
Gotta admit that i was pretty pissed that there are no Indonesian teddy bear
The teddy parodies would be so much funnier if i was familiar with the movies
Kids play ground
We barely made it through the whole museum when the time ran out, and i only had a few secs to snap pictures of the huge souvenir store so i didn't have any time to shop. But when i realized how crazy expensive their stuffs are, i probably wouldn't have bought anything anyway #cheapo.
Once we stepped outside the museum though, the first thing i saw was CL already there queuing for a snack *LOL* this is a very common sight throughout the trip hahaha
Looked so happy too
We must hurry because we had to catch the Nanta show at an exact time (only twice performances a day or something). I've heard of Nanta before (it really is very famous, no?) but i had no idea what it was about before. Turned out to be one of the funnest, funniest and most engaging show i've ever seen. No need to worry about language barrier as well because they had no dialogue, but it wasn't boring without any dialog either since it was so hilarious!
I swear i didn't wait until exactly this moment to capture the pic hehehehe sorry unidentified lady! I had no more time to wait until you move
No pictures were allowed so this is the only pic i have of the show hahaha. You'd want to watch it for yourself anyway
After the satisfyingly long (it actually felt really short because it was so good, but at the same time very long because the theater was SO COLD and i was holding my pee halfway in *we went to the toilet before the show, but i need to go to the toilet pretty often on a normal temperature, about three times worse in cold ones!!!*) show, we had a brief stop at Dragon Head Rock before dinner.

Now, Dragon Head Rock is one of Jeju-do's famous landmarks, the one that's often being made fun of by Indonesian tour leaders *chuckle* because it's... well.. a rock. And honestly not very impressive either *no offence* :p. The wind around Dragon Head Rock's area's famous being very strong, and in the middle of dead winter... It means the bitter cold was almost unbearable. Anyone below 50kgs who are very tall might want to have a good hold of their traveling partner because you might fly away ahahahahahaha. 

We braved the cold anyway for a few minutes (less than 5 coz it's sssooo cccccooolddddd) photo stop, which turned out pretty impossible. It was dark, the wind was CRAZY and we were shaking like a leaf. None of my pictures turned out not blurry (not even like, a bit blurry-but CRAZY blurry!) but miraculously there's one shot in hunny's NX 300 that turned out bright enough!
I find the super violent waves more interesting than this. LOL. Hunny said the rock looked like Tanjung Kodok *LOL*
Can you see the dragon head? Sonny kept on reminding us to use a bit of imagination (he sounded a bit embarrassed too *LOLOL*) when we see the rock or else it'll look just like... Well. A rock WTF.
Dinner's next! Nom!
Love the egg dish and the meat slices
Tour of the day officially ended after dinner and we went straight back to the hotel. Our little group was not ready to call it a day though haha. Hana told KC about this chicken and beer place they had supper at the night before and KC wanted to check it out.
My Bae Yong Can hihihihi
I don't know the place's name, but there are plenty of similar places (it's like... Bon Chon or Kyochon that available in Indonesia... Without the beer, of course). FYI, the ahjumma in this place's pretty scary *LOL*. She wouldn't let us use enough table even though the place was pretty quiet and there's nobody who needed to use the tables anyway. If there's any local eatery that tries to pull this stunt in Indonesia they'd have people shout curses at them and will shut down in no time HAHAHA. They also have a minimal order, so if you come in group and want to order a basket of chicken and a pitcher of beer, that's not gonna happen. She'll have you all thrown out LOLOLOL. It's not very cheap either, CL's still bitter until today that they spent (it was KC's treat) around IDR 1.000.000 (almost USD 100) for four baskets of chickens and two pitchers of beer (plus some soju). And it wasn't even that special *LOL*.
We had a good time though hahaha
The spicy chicken. We ended up da-baoing most of them because we're quite full and had to order quite a lot hahaha.It ended up to be a bit of a blessing since we didn't have time for breakfast the next day (moving hotels are always a hassle when you're in a tour group, we still have to use stuffs from our luggage to get ready and then close them up, and all must be ready very early in the morning!) so we had them for breakfast in the flight :D
The deep fried type
Us with all the tour leaders, local guides, and photographer. Blurry, thx to CL's shaky hands hahaha
KC and CL re-enacting drunk female lead in K-dramas *ROFL*
And that's the end of Day 2! We go to Nami island of the Winter Sonata (i watched parts of this K-drama!) fame on the 3rd day and the snow was gooorrrgeous! Please look forward for Day 3!


PS : Yesterday was a very gloomy day in our household T.T. Au's little schnauzer escaped when our driver opened the gate and got bitten badly by a horrible pitbull T.T i wanna cry whenever i talk about this so i try to avoid doing that *i guess my coping mechanism is burying my head in the sand, ostrich style!* but i hope you all can spare a little prayer and positive thoughts to send to our little Bentley's way. I really really really hope he will pull through and make a full recovery. Time to practice The Secret!

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  1. I will definitely want to visit the Teddy Bear Museum when we tour in Korea. I love stuff toys even now as an adult. The Snow Teddy looks so cute! :) The furniture of princesses dreams looked so intricate and the design is so lovely that I want to have one for myself. :) OMG -5 degrees is too cold! I don't know if I can stand that temperature but maybe excitement will fill in and also help for me to brave it like you did. :|