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Hey guys!!!

Are you a fan of yogurt? I know i am, i love the taste, i love the benefits (easy bowel movement is the epitome of happiness for me haha, sorry TMI ya :p) but there are some of you out there who might not find super sour yogurts to be an ideal refreshement, if you're (like my hunny) like that, then you must have not tried Heavenly Blush yet!
Introducing Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink to Go! Available in three yummy variants : Blackcurrant, peach and strawberry.

Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink to Go is definitely not super sour like how yogurts can be sometimes, it is yummy with just a sliiight sour taste that will not bother even the most sour-phobic people. I tested them on my hunny (who HATES sour stuffs), he guzzled them down FTL (much to my annoyance, it was MY yogurt and i was just giving him a taste, huh!) and claimed that "Hey, it's not that sour!". Indeed ^^!

Now, do you know what yogurt is made from? Basically, yogurt is the result of fermentation of milk with lactic acid bacteria! Since it's made from milk, yogurt has all the benefits that milk has, like vitamin, mineral, calcium, zinc and beta hydroxy acid, with the added benefit from the good bacteria from the fermentation! Yogurt is easier to digest by our bodies compared to milk, so here's the answer to those of you who are lactose intolerant and looking for a good source of calcium intake!
i know there are a lot of myths (especially around Asian because we're not used to having sour things in the morning) surrounding yogurt consumptions in the morning, people are worried that the sourness of yogurt can give them tummy ache or gastric problems. Admittedly i was one of them, i grew up being told that you shouldn't take sour things before you have anything else coz it would hurt your stomach so i was quite hesitant about having yogurt as breakfast-but now i know for sure that yogurt does not cause gastric problems (it's just that, a myth!), on the contrary-yogurts can be a great therapy for gastric patients! It's all thanks to the good bacterias in the yogurt! From now on, i will never hesitate to have yogurt as breakfast!

Have i managed to convince you to start including yogurt in your daily diet? No? Then let me tell you a bit more about benefits that yogurt has, especially for vain ladies like me haha!

I am terrified of acne and i'm sure most of you do too. Do you know that yogurt contains zinc-which is very good to prevent acne and also speed up drying/healing process of wounds, including acne scars! Not only that, the beta hydroxy acid in yogurt also makes our skin brighter, soft and bouncy!

If like me, you're also watching your figure/trying to lose weight, rest assured knowing that Heavenly Blush is made from low fat and low sugar milk-it's the perfect match to support active women's lifestyle to achieve beautiful appearance, healthy skin, and the ideal body that we all want!
So much goodness in such small boxes, wahh!!!
I admit, sometimes when i run out of time, i'd skip breakfast-it's very bad of course (not only you wouldn't have the energy you should be getting from your breakfast, but it's also bad news for your diet because now you're more likely to be very hungry come lunch time and tend to overeat!). I am not a morning person (at all!) and when i have to go somewhere in the morning/early afternoon, i'd much prefer to spend my time dolling myself up (especially if i'm going for a beauty event! One must look pretty when attending beauty events, i believe!) rather than having breakfast!

If you're even more busier than me *which is very likely, counting in the fact that i am a stay at home mum that doesn't even do household chores/full time blogger with no regular working hour!* and sometimes skip meals, now you can change all that bad habit by taking Heavenly Blush instead! 

Heavenly Blush has created a new innovation, coming up with the first yogurt drink that can be enjoyed anythere, anytime and in any condition! Unlike other yogurt drinks, Heavenly Blush doesn't even have to be stored in the fridge to keep it in tip top condition (i, however, prefer my yogurt cold so of course i keep them in the fridge anyway!) with the 200 ml tetra pak packaging produced aseptically making Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink to Go a healthy drink that stays fresh longer even though made without preservatives!
I like to grab my Heavenly Blush before i go and enjoy it in the car!
Yums! Pleasure without the guilt!
Lemme summarize the benefits and excellence of Heavenly Blush for ya!
1. Hi-Calcium (to support you active lifestyle!)
2. Low Fat (with only 100 cal, it's a perfect companion for those of you who are on diet!)
3. Less Sugar
4. Prebiotic (Inulin & GOS) that helps for healthy digestion system, lower you cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar and blood pressure! Folic acid and vit B complex contained in yogurt's very good to prevent coronary heart disease!
5. Healthy and beautiful skin
6. Neutralize antibiotic (when consuming antibiotic, it kills not only pathogen bacterias but also the good bacterias, that's why we're often feeling very lethargic and weak during recovery after a sickness. Yogurt can help increase good bacteria counts in our bodies so it speeds up the recovery time.
7. Maintain female organ's health. If pH balance's disturbed, bad bacteria grows. Yogurt can help stabilize pH so bad bacterias die since yogurt contains good bacterias that can fight off bad bacterias.
How can i not love Heavenly Blush, then?
I've mentioned yogurt as a great breakfast (for us who are watching/trying to lose weight, the calcium contents send signals to fat cells to produce less cortisol so this would help in weight loss programme), but it surely can be consumed in a lot of other occasion than just breakfast! 

Yogurt can be a healthy and refreshing snacks as well as a dessert (do you know that yogurt can prevent cholesterol absorption into the blood so yogurt's very ideal to consume especially after having a high cholesterol meal!), and yogurt's even good to have before you go to bed! It can help you fall sound asleep and relax (ohhh, i should start taking yogurt before bed!!!) and also cleanse our digestion system in the morning so we can stop worrying about huge tummies from constipation, teehee!!!

You can get Heavenly Blush on most supermarkets in Indonesia for around IDR 7,600 (depending on where you purchase them), a low price in comparison to the benefits you'd reap! You can follow @HeavenlyBlushYogurt on Instagram for up to date information from them ^^.

Thank you Heavenly Blush and Kawaii Beauty Japan for giving me the chance to sample these yummylicious yogurts! I am now a convert #yogurtarian ^^!

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  1. Aku sukaa banget minum yoghurt :)

  2. I love the taste of yogurt and all its healthy benefits. I'm okay with sour as long as there's also sweetness to it. I didn't know that yogurt contains zinc that speeds up drying of wounds. Wow, this product can really do a lot. It will be great to have Heavenly Blush yogurt every day! :)

  3. I like the strawberry one. and for me HB is less sweet than any other yoghurt but that's why I like it.