Event Report : Luxavera by Catherine Njoo Fashion Show at Serendipity's Opening

9:14:00 PM

Hey guys ^^.

How 's your weekend? Mine's awesome as usual. Went for a girly date with Sabsab yesterday (for an event and continued with some serious shopping session #LOL) until hunny and Baby Boy showed up-and spent some more time with them at GM so i was practically out the whole day-pretty tiring for an old bird like me *LOL*, so i'm glad to have a down time today (or what i call "zombie-ing around". Probably due to the fact i just learned about that zombie attack in Florida. What a scary world) and did some packing for the upcoming summer holiday.

Anyway! Last week (yes, it took me a while to blog about it, sorry! I've been busy!) we were invited by my blogging friend Nessya to her boss' (a Surabaya fashion designer named Catherine Njoo) fashion show at Palacio Chapel. As a fashion enthusiast, and to show my support to Nessya, i said yes and roped Kathy to come with me (of course she was horribly late as usual *but the event was super duper late so by the time she arrived it's not even started yet *LOL*, so glad i forced asked my hunny to accompany me-although he wasn't too happy about it).
That's Ms. Catherine Njoo in the middle, very pretty!
To be quite honest with you, i was quite nervous about coming to this event because i had no idea what to expect. Nessya was quite confusing because she wasn't even sure what the event was about >.<! Can you imagine that *LOL*? I went to an event blindly, my sole purpose was to cover Catherine Njoo's fashion show and that's all! 

The event was held at this gorgeous chapel called Palacio, very close by my house actually! I've heard about the rather unique concept of this place (a wedding chapel in the midst of the town? That's quite something) but never actually went there.
Jl. Nginden Semolo 42 W Surabaya – Indonesia
Phone : 031 – 595 3000, Fax : 031 – 599 3304

Like i said, Nessya was being quite vague with the invitation *evil stare*, she said the event would start at 7, but then she told me to come at 6.30. And THEN she said it didn't look like the event's going to start on time so she told me to come latter-only to rectify herself by saying that she could hear music started already *SIGH!!!!!* (STOPPIT Nessya, i get enough undecidedness from #Undecided, i definitely don't need any more people confusing me zzzz!!!!). I thought, better be early than late so we went anyway (it was 6.45 or something)-seemed like the place was already crowded because the parking lot's already full... WRONG! 

It was actually nearly deserted when we arrived *triple sigh* please please please get more information (at least about the event's time!!!) next time you're thinking of inviting me to an event okay Nessya #bite!!!
Even the event's organizers were still running around setting the place and getting ready *deep sigh*, i felt so lost and confused. Ended up busy playing Disney Tsum Tsum while my hunny sat next to me, sulking *LOL*.
There's this booth selling perfumes as well...
The place's gorgeous and if there were not so many people (the organizers and media people, i'm guessing) i'd love to snap some outfit pictures-but of course i was too embarrassed to do so hahaha, so i just asked hunny to snap some (not an outfit) pics real fast.
It's HIS camera and yet all of the pictures that HE snapped turned out real blurry HAIYAAAA it was just not my night, i guess...
I will tell and show you more of my outfit in another post, but i already knew i wanted to wear something quite "classy" (at least as classy as i could get hahahaha) for this event because i feel like... I dunno, fashion show leh, people would be dressing up, right? Yes, right, to an extend that i did not expect hahaha. I panicked when i saw ladies in evening gowns strolling around hahaha, but i guess i did fine, didn't stand out too much (especially compared to Kathy, you'll see what i mean later hahaha).
After waiting for more than half an hour, people started to come...
We decided to make a camp near the sweet corner area. Hunny kept on asking me what this event actually was about and i told him i also had no idea. He commented that the decoration's more like a sweet 17th party than anything *LOL*
Almost an hour later *LOL*, Kathy showed up. If the event was on time, the main show would definitely be over by then zzzz.
It's kinda blurry again *cries* hunny's really getting worse or what??? Anyway, i wonder why Kathy decided to show up wearing a SpongeBob Square Pants tee dress when it's clearly a very adult event *LOL*
One of the organizers/host gave us these sweet corner ticket, but nobody checked it and people did go for seconds *LOL*
We had some pudding while discussing the latest drama of Kathy's (love) life hehehe
And finally!!! The event's officially started!
There were some girls wearing outrageous parade-y kind of outfit, i'm still not sure what they are though hahaha just an opening act i guess
Then the host (holding a mike) opened the event-which is actually a grand opening of Serendipity (some sort of a community) and these are the founders #applause
I didn't really listen much (coz i'm horrible that way), but hunny told me it's essentially a dating agency/blind date/speed dating community, all rolled into one *LOL*. They didn't blatantly called it a dating agency though, more like a community where you could meet new people/potential client or business partner or (mainly) your future bf/gf/spouse. No wonder i kept spotting random creepers staring at me that night *sigh*, he probably thought i was looking for my next victim future spouse or something *LOLOLOL*.

No matter, the reason why were there started right after. The fashion show of course! Excuse the not-so-perfect pictures, the place's not that well lit and they only had one spotlight so when there were more than two models walking/posing, the ones on the far sides would be in pitch darkness. The architecture of the place's also not very suitable for fashion show because 1. The model had to walk down set of stairs (in which the pictures all had to be eliminated because they were all looking down/clutching at the handle *LOLOLOL*), 2. the main runway's SO FAR AWAY from the audience and then they'd split to the sides-it's impossible for us to run around chasing the models (especially on heels) so i can only present to you some of Luxavera Clothing's collection taken at the most extreme zoom in my camera could take hehehe.
See what i mean? The models couldn't strut their stuffs because they had to walk down the stairs in high heels, nobody wants to fall flat on their butts okay!
Kathy loved the piece on the left while i prefer the one of the right, definitely my style lah don't you think hahaha
Although i really like the one on the far right too, half-sheer skirts and dresses are my thing now :D
Applause on Catherine Njoo
Kathy commmented how Catherine Njoo's so much prettier than any of her models and i definitely agree hahaha
Lucky for us, since Nessya's her assistant-we got the privilege to see some of her collection's up-close and personal.
Which is even more gorgeous in close proximity
Catherine Njoo and her model
You know, as gorgeous as Catherine Njoo herself #fangirling #thisisrare #ihaveathingaboutsexymaturewomen *LOL*.
Well, the event itself was not finished yet, but we felt like we so do not belong there *LOL*, we're not exactly looking for future business partner or something, and def not looking for future spouses *LOLOLOL* so we decided to ran off go hang out somewhere else.

It was still very nice to be able to see Luxavera Clothing's collection and meet the designer herself (as well as getting a new experience... It's not exactly an experience that we expected, but any kind of experiences enrich one's life, right)

Thank you Nessya for inviting us (just be more accurate next time okay hahahaha) and all the best for Serendipity and Luxavera Clothing!


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  1. Thanks for coming and Thanks for your support cece , hihi maapkeun yahh . next time gak akan membingungkan lagi , hehehe btw suka outfitnya cece :*

  2. I get quite nervous when attending events that I don't have much detail of. In that case, I won't know what to expect so I won't get to prepare for what's to come. Your outfit was very classy and I like the ruffles on your top! Of course it's better for the models to be safe than sorry and save them selves from embarrassment later on. That flight of stairs should not be there. Haha!

    1. Thank you, you'd be surprised to know how cheap my outfit was hahaha ^^