Europe Trip Diary : Day 8 (Glacier 3000, Lucerne)

10:22:00 PM

Hi guys...

Writing this entry on a Saturday afternoon, planned to go to Church (i haven't gone to Church for the longest time! I'm soo going to hell!) but somehow Baby Boy's nanny's got permission to go home for the weekend from my mum zzzz, so i have to take care of Baby Boy *excuses excuses, i know. So many excuses, there shouldn't be any, but...well... that's human nature *LOL*. Oh FYI, our Church's not exactly child-friendly, and Baby Boy's not exactly the kind of kid who could sit still for one and a half hours, listening to the preacher and the translator's sermon in two languages simultaneously, so... yeah, that's my excuse this week *really, i'm so going to hell!!!*.

Decided to hoard as much entries as possible too, since i'm gonna need filler posts in about two weeks, i won't be able to write for about two weeks *again!* and i'm so OCD, i'm hyperventilating just thinking about letting this blog on a hiatus for two full weeks (well, #Undecided didn't write a single entry while i was in Europe, there's not guarantee that she would this time!). 

Can't stop myself from yapping as usual hahaha, now getting to the point! We're at Day 8 of my Europe Trip already! We're going to see SNOW!!!
Woke up early (well, had to wake up super early whenever you're on a tour group right, plus i had to wake up even earlier than the morning call since i'd want to wash and blow dry my hair! I did try washing them the night before a few times, but my hair ended up looking so limp and sad after a full day out...) and got dressed up, of course we dressed suitable for super cold weather! Here's the OOTD :
Don't worry, this is only the first layer, but actually underneath the thick sweater i wore a navy blue striped knitted tanktop from Matahari Department store, you'd see it peeking out in some of the pictures later
The tierred shorts looked almost indecent *LOLOLOL*, but i paired it with super thick knitted tights, so it's not actually that vulgar okay...
So glad to finally get spacious room that i could take proper OOTD pictures again that i snapped a bit more than usual ahahhaahaha
This is second layer hahaha, i wore thick and long proper coat when we reached the snowy parts
Thick Floral Dusty Pink Sweater : a gift from my sis that she got when she was on a trip to China, Thick Vest with Furry Hoodie : Magnolia, Tierred Hot Pants : Number 61, Grey Thick Stocking : Aegeshii, Thick Woolie Socks : Top Shop, Sneaker Boots : Planet Surf
Holiday Inn had one of the prettiest dining room compared to the other hotels that we stayed in during this trip, most spacious and with more options too (but still, don't compare it to Asian hotels, please...). Now regret not taking pictures of the dining room (or the cute selections of tiny sacheted Nutella, etc, not stuffs we find in Asia normally!), but here's a pic of my bfast as usual hahaha.
European hotels has nice coffee maker machines, compared to Asian hotels where usually the waiter/waitress would just pour plain back coffee for you from a jug hahaha
Even the dishes looked cuter than usual, eh? Colorful and cheerful hahaha... Made me feel happy in an instant *easy*. Oh, i also wanted to tell you from the previous entry or so, that i spotted the hotels from here onward to don pretty... TISSUE ROLLS! Hahahaha... Yeah, count me for someone that notices the most mundane things...
Rose patterned tissue roll!
I can't remember form which hotel i snapped this flower patterned toilet roll but most probably from this Holiday Inn because i remember from Paris and before, they only had normal, plain tissue rolls. Every hotels had different flower patterned tissue rolls, but of course i only took picture of this one hahaha, i'm not that goofy lah, well yeah goofy but not THAT goofy. I don't know what the hell i'm talking about either. Okay! Time to move on!
Snapped one picture at the parking lot in Holiday Inn, Thiory. Of course, it's in the middle of nowhere hahaha, but the view sure was breath-taking!
I just consulted my brainstorming note in my BB *where i wrote down little details i want to put on this blog* and just remember, Thoiry was the place that marked no free Wifi. LOL. The hotels in Holland and Paris all had free wifi so i could BBM my friends at the hotel, but from Thiory onward... You have to pay for Wifi! ZZZ! Since we only stay briefly in every hotel, we saw no use of paying for Wifi, so we were (almost) internetless from there on (we did get to use Wifi at some restaurants and Auto Grills).

We then started the journey to Glacier 3000, i can't remember how long the journey was, probably a few hours but it didn't feel that long for me, probably because i was so excited about realizing one of my dreams, seeing snow IRL!!! LOL. I actually managed to realize three of my lifelong dreams in this Europe trip, one is to go to Europe itself (and visit any other continents than Asia), two is to be able to wear thick, layered, winter-ish outfits without suffering a heatstroke or being starred at like i'm insane, and three is to see snow, of course!

Imagine my excitement when we finally arrived!
Welcome to Glacier 3000!
That pink woolie knitted hat had "Amsterdam" written on it hahahaha. I didn't bring any other hat, and i bought this one specifically once i heard that Glacier 3000's weather's minus something something celcius!
Look at the fog!
I... didn't bring proper gloves! I only had a pastel stripped furry one that #Undecided and i bought at some cheapo accessories chain store in Surabaya when we went for a ice house playground WTF. I didn't think i'd need any since we're going to Europe in Spring, L didn't even bring one at all! Oh wait, i think she did but she gave it to Eek because Eek's super afraid of the cold. Wonder why, with all those extra barrier around his body.

Had to ride two (huge) cable cars to get to the top, i've never rode such a big cable car, rode only the small ones (that would house 4-6 people tops) before in Asia... 
Cam-whoring in front of the cable car, that's Mrs L passing by the camera angle hahaha
Dunno why they always use the weirdest props...
Cam-whoring in front of the cable car done, now INSIDE hahahaha
Still waiting for the cable car operator to get in...
Us with Mr Lubos!
Hunny has this obsession of seeing puffs while he's talking... We decided to step outside the cable car because the operator took so long to arrive, so excited we just wanted to cam-whore anywhere hahaha
Took this group picture sooo many times with different cams, that when it's my cam's turn we're all super tired of half squatting and all that the result's super messy like this -_____-
L called me her pink penguin after this zzzz
That's IDR 22.000 ear muff from Daiso that hunny wore around his neck hahahaha, i bought it just because i wanted to cam-whore with it but it turned out to be quite useful, but i didn't get to wear it hahahaha
I can't remember perfectly, but i think these photos below were taken at the first platform, then we had to ride yet another cable car! I remember feeling a bit giddy and got butterflies on my stomach whenever i rode a cable car, but since this one so huge and it was snowing the whole way to the top... We couldn't see anything but white! That made the rides not scary at all!
You can't see it in the picture, but light and fluffy snow was falling gracefully in this area :)
Then we finally reached our destination!
Then we spotted this cute guy :
Which one's cuter? LOLOLOL
I'm holding SNOW! LOLOLOL Sorry sorry, over excited :p
Dunno why hunny made such a scary face -____-
It was super duper triple COLDDDD!!! My face was numb and i couldn't control my mouth already LOLOLOL, that's why on all of the outdoor pictures my expression was so weird hahahaha, i have no control over it okay!!! Also my nose *which is super sensitive as you know* began running and dripping as well FML. 

We ran into a building that housed a picnic hall, every visitor are free to use it if they bring their own food. There's also a small souvenir/equipment store, can you believe even in the Alps i managed to shop for some lip balms? LOLOLOL. They were super cute leh! I will show you those cute lip balms in a special haul post, okay! Hunny also bought his "magic" packet that you just shake and it'd turn HOT, very useful to warm our hands, especially because he didn't bring (or own) any gloves hahaha.

L bought herself a Switzerland flag's designed gloves, the kind that only separate your thumbs. I guess the snow was exciting enough for us to turn silly (or was it the COLDNESS that froze our brains and made us acted strange? LOLOL one can never know now...) that she kept on telling us that she's making peace signs and asked if we could see it -___-.
L, who was busy making peace signs *___*
Kikie told us we could ride the chairlift to see the view, obviously chairlifts are actually used by skier or snow-boarder to get into the peak but that day the ski slopes are actually closed because of the weather, i think there was a slight blizzard or some sort. We were allowed to ride the chairlift because we obviously not gonna ski or snowboard hahaha.

But really, he said "see the view", WHAT VIEW HAH??? HAHAHAHAHA. We couldn't see ANYTHING! Just WHITE everywhere! We seriously only rode the chairlift out of spite, and for the experience. Surely that's an experience i wouldn't forget for the rest of my life. I'm not a big fan of height so on a normal day *where you can actually see the ground* i'd be pretty freaked riding a chairlift with our feet dangling like that, but since i couldn't see anything, what's there to be scared of? 

It was just SO SO SO SO COLDDDDD..... I was shivering so hard and the snow up there wasn't like those falling on the lower part, where they drifted down slowly and prettily, the ones up there slaps on your face so hard it stings your face terribly! THE PAIN!!!! They only allowed two persons per chairlift even though i think it can seat four, funny thing happened... Eek started backing down LOLOLOL, we were supposed to ride with our own spouses but because Eek kept on backing down, L and i decided to go first.

I guess L saw me in distress, she immediately held my hand tightly hahaha. And i couldn't stop SCREAMING because of the cold and the pain on my face LOLOLOL, i guess L found it funny that she joined in hahahahaha, we were holding hand like toddlers and screaming oour lungs out the whole ride WTF, i guess the operator all thought we were two insane girls on a loose HAHAHAHA. Anyway, on another chairlift (that's on the way back) that passed on our side, there was some Aunties from our group, and they yelled, asking why my hunny was alone? Only then we realized that Eek chickened out altogether LOLOLOL OMG. 
At the end of the chairlift station
There was... nothing when we reached the end of the chairlift. Really, nothing. Just white white snow hahahaha...
Turning sillier by the minute
Half frozen
The chairlift operator below was super nice and friendly, total opposite of the gruff, rude one up there! So nice that it encouraged L to ask him to take pictures with us. He joked that we had to pay, so we told him we'd pay with kisses hahahaha... Oh, we said "It's so coldddd" and he was like "It's okay." WTF, i guess being in that kind of weather everyday makes one gets used to it haha.
He said "I'm a very lucky guy!" hahahaha
Yeah, you can see my hat started slipping down my head already FML, i wonder if i have an abnormally narrow head or something because i can't seem to wear anything on my head without them being too big that they slid down my face or shift around like crazy *sigh*.

After cam-whoring with the nice operator, we rode the chairlift again back up, screaming and holding hand the whole way, obviously. Once we reached back up, of course we cam-whored some more...
In case you're wondering, the yellow dot on my hat was a sticker Kikie insisted on putting on us (so he'd recognize us as his group members), i dun remember who stuck it in the middle of my head WTF
Look at my hair all bunched up like crazy up my collar, i looked like Simba WTF
When we couldn't take the cold anymore, we ran back into the picnic hall to warm ourselves (they had the heater on to the max, i think!). Snapped this picture of Eek goofing around.
Hm... The knitted hat doesn't look so cute anymore when worn by someone that look like this HAHAHAHA
We had to go to another place *where everybody else already was* for lunch, because the only restaurant was at that spot. Managed to snap a few more pics before we reached the restaurant.
The restaurant was pretty full already with tourists from Singapore (if i'm not mistaken), the queue was super long! Errr, of course i didn't queue lah, that's hunny's job, i just sat "guarding" the table and snapped some more pics.
The restaurant that looked exactly like the picnic hall, only bigger and with people selling foods haha
Looking absolutely dishevelled after the "war" with the snow
I'm so glad i didn't put on any mascara that day! My eyelashes might be frozen stiff *LOLOL*, or it might goes limp and soggy, just like my hair *sigh*. I also totally thought colder climate might means drier skin and scalp, apparently it doesn't work that way *LOL*. My face's still oily, had to use oil blotter films from time to time, maybe not as much as i would in tropical countries, but enough to make me realize that my skin won't be magically turning into a normal skin type just because we're in a colder place. In fact, the snow and the light blizzard actually made me looked crazier *as in oilier* than i thought was possible, or maybe that's because of the constant changes in the weather-super cold outside and super warm inside that my skin became super confused.
Oily face, crazy hair, melted make up hahahaha
As you can see from the picture above, we had steak and chips (me and hunny, went splitsies again, i can't really finish their portions of food, maybe if i'm really hungry-like when i didn't have breakfast, but we obviously had breakfast routinely while we were there). It was thick, juicy and yummehhh :D.
The steak was huge!
L also had a steak, wow they served two baked potatoes for one steak @___@
Eek's pasta that's very creamy and yummy, and of course, he didn't like hahahaha
I didn't know that they called Ovaltine Ovomaltine in Europe, i thought they'd call it the same everywhere haha. No, i didn't have Ovaltine, that was Cappucino hahaha
It's so cute that they used block chocolate to drop into their coffee!
They taught hunny to make nice hot chocolate, you shouldn't use hot water but milk instead!
I totally find it super cool how they even make their beverages in different ways than in Asia haha. Also fascinated me how they use real melted chocolate blocks and served the super thick, creamy concoction as hot chocolate! But that's in Italy, i shouldn't jump ahead. Sometimes they also use chocolate pastes (like Choki Choki for my Indonesian readers) to make chocolate drinks instead of regular chocolate powders. 

We were the last in the super long line to get the food, so obviously we were also the last to finish eating in our group, Kikie told us to be in the cable car at a certain time, and we were on the dot but then Kikie was missing! I'm a bit pissed of remembering this, to be honest with you, because the aunties tried to pinned him missing on us! He went back into the restaurant (that was located in upper floor so we had to take a lift going up and down) to look for us, and i bet when we went down in one elevator, he went up in the other! But that's hardly our fault WTF, we were ON TIME OKAY! F*** y'all lah, seriously traveling with huge groups of oldies sucks HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, while Kikie was missing, it was time for the cable car to go down (they only operates every other 15 minutes, on the DOT) and when they asked the operator to wait for Kikie, he said no can do... The cable car was going down with or without us, so we did...

We were stranded for 15 minutes (or more?) down there so we just wait around... And of course, yes you know it already, cam-whore!
L and Eek made noises and told us to kiss, so...
Tried to made them do the same but they only did this :
Huh. How lame *LOL*. More pictures...
Then we went back inside to sit...
Hunny posing beside Swiss' famous cow bell hahaha (apparently it's called trychel), dunno why it was placed directly on top of the trash bin... Look at him flat hair hahahaha, snow really made us look crazy :p
Buying hot chocolate...
Having hot chocolate hahahaha
Also bought this chocolate just because it was tempting me inside that vending machine..
I remember a famous ice cream parlor named Ragusa in Jakarta, apparently that's a city's name in Italy (?), wonder if the ice cream parlor got their name from that! Anyway the chocolate was nice, tasted like Ferrero Rocher, a lot of chocolates i tried in Europe tasted like Ferrero hahaha
Kikie finally appeared, all alone in that huge cable car haha.. Then we continued our journey, the way down from Glacier 3000 was pretty scary, the road was tiny with sharp curves and turns, we were asked to keep quiet to make sure Mr Lubos (the driver, of course) was able to concentrate fully. The views along the way was so beautiful, of course, i managed to snap quite a few.
Then the snow ended, and greens appared...
This was taken during a toilet stop hahaha.
Then we continue on... to Lucerne. It was raining so i couldn't take picture of Lucerne's most famous landmark, Kappelbrucke even though we passed by it (inside the bus) :(. And guess what's the schedule in Lucerne? Shopping *LOL*. We were taken to Bucherer again *yawn yawn*, where L bought a leather Longchamp bag because she was afraid she won't find the Gucci shopping bag (that she had wanted since 2005 WTF), but she couldn't make her mind fast enough that they had to go back to Bucherer because she made the decision to buy it after we left Bucherer! LOL.

We were given a few hours to roam around *it was a huge shopping area, with alleys of nice shops*, unfortunately... it was a Saturday so the shops closed at 4!!! HUHUHUHUHUHU! Plus they were having a marathon so they actually closed some of the streets to give way for the participants.... I couldn't be more disappointed! I saw sooo many pretty and affordable high street shops there, but all of them were closed by the time we got there so i only got to ogle their window displays! 

I was heartbroken, let me tell you! The only place that seemed to be a shopping paradise (for me, because i won't shop for tons of high end stuffs in one go! But the contrary's certain for high street ones!) throughout our trip in Europe, were given the most generous time, but everything's c...hh...loooo...seeddddddd *whining* *sobbing*. HUH!

The only shops that were open : food shops, Bucherer *WTF* and Casagrande (a huge gift/souvenir shop) *bawling*. So yeah, i shopped at Casagrande only *hix*... got a wallet for my dad.. wooden puppet Baby Boy... souvenir trychel as a memento, picked the small one (but not the super tiny one that was more like a phone strap charm) and it was EUR 11.90 WTF... super crazy for such a tiny little thing, but we really wanted something that was very "Switzerland", so... yeah... zzz... Bought a vintage looking necklace for myself... i think that's about all.

It was still super early when we were done shopping, so we roamed around checking out the stores...displays *____*. It was drizzling again *haish*... so we were wet and miserable, if only the shops were open, we wouldn't be miserable at all *bitter* *incapable of letting go WTF*.
It was drizzling so i had to put my hoodie up, Eek commented that i looked very much like a tourist (but we are tourists!!! I dun understand WTF, maybe he meant i didn't look like an Indonesian?) and then told me to walk beside him so people would think he's walking with a tourist *____* WTH he was talking about i really dunno, it's hard to understand him most of the time hahahaha
I was attracted to these flat, huge pieces of chocolates on display :
I snapped one more picture to show how the shop looked like, i didn't realize the shop keeper photo-bombed it until i resized it before putting this up LOL.
This lady sure was camera conscious!
Again, i didn't know i was photo-bombed by Eek, L, and even that restaurant guy! OMG! So many photo-bombers in one pic!
Then we spotted the marathon passed by already, so we stood there watching for a bit. The locals were super supportive and cheered them on loudly
Saw a pretty dress across the street so i snapped a pic of it so i can find a look-a-like :p.
I want that white dress on the far right!
Very interesting looking pub
Hahaha, hunny wearing a raincoat because the drizzle got worse, good thing we purchased those raincoats before our trip!
More interesting (and closed WTF) shops in this indoor area :(
Seriously, they were displaying the prices for the items sold in the stores (in CHF, not Euro, that's even cheaper because CHF's rate's lower than Euro!) and they were CHEAP! HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU! So FRUSTRATING!!! It was so frustrating i refused to explore even more *would hurt my heart worse, the more i saw pretty stuffs inside a closed store, okay!!!*, we decided to find somewhere to sit and snack, and.. errr... we spotted McDonnald's... *LOL*... So we went in :p. Hey, this is the first McD in Europe for us, so that's not too bad *defensive*.

McCafe in Europe apparently was not joke, it served nice pastries and hot drinks, like a real cafe would, 1000% different from McCafe in Indonesia that served yucky pastries and a totally sickening (worse than instant ones) drinks... The barista even did coffee art on my cappucino!
Getting this in a McCafe! I'm amazed!
L's apple pie, are you salivating, #Undecided?
My macarons and hunny's little lava cake (they're really small okay, only looked big in the picture hahaha)
I never got that Laduree macarons i wanted in Paris :(, consoled myself with McCafe's hahahahahahaha so sad
Super pretty pink cupcake, it was nice too!
Seriously, their standard in Switzerland McD, awesome!
Still couldn't believe i got this in Mc freakin Cafe! *__*
Eek forced me to take pictures of his hot chocolate, the one made with liquid/creamy chocolate out of a sachet!
Even though he made it so messy zzzz
Eek and hunny went down (we sat at second floor because it was so full, i guess everybody's seeking refuge from the rain, and McD's a very sensible option!) to get some savory nibbles, they wanted to buy chicken nuggets but it was super expensive (CHF 9.90 for a box! That's IDR 100.000 hahahaha) so they settled for chicken fillets that was half the price although so much bigger in size! So strange!
The fillets were really huge!
There was some locals starring at me, puzzled, while i was taking pictures of the food *LOL*, maybe they were thinking, where the hell did those Asians came from, don't they have McD in their country? LOLOLOL, of course we do, they're just serving different stuffs than the ones i took pictures of there! And so much more pleasing on the eyes! (the ones that we got from McCafe obvi).

Oh, you know that in lots of toilets in Europe you'd have to pay to get in, in Auto Grills you entered a coin (usually 50 cents) and only then the automatic gate would revolve (but then you'd get a ticket in return that can be used to shop in the mini market), in McD's even more confusing, you needed to punch in the password before the toilet would open! Thankfully we asked the barista earlier, apparently even locals (or were they? They were Caucasians though) didn't know that because when L and i went to the toilet there were people lining outside the door-that will never open no matter how long they waited if nobody punched the password in!

Even though we sat around and snack leisurely in McD, by the time we got bored, there were still plenty of time before meeting up time zzzz... So we wait around this sweet shop nearby the meeting point and...
I just can't resist this kind of pictures!!!
L joined in...
Don't get any funny ideas okay...
Kappelbrucke made in chocolate!
Bug chocolate!
Baby Boy would so love this, he's so intrigued by weird stuffs *just like his momma*, but hunny forbade me from getting it because it'll sure be mashed out of shape once we reached Indonesia :(
We boarded the bus as soon as it appeared! Of course we were the first there. And we almost left just us with Mr Lubos because we were warned by a policeman that we have to vacate the lot at 7 on the dot or else he'd give us tickets! We were frantically trying to contact Kikie and waved and called out like cray cray whenever we saw one of our group members passing by nearby! It was a very close call but thankfully all of us managed to get in just in time!

Went to the hotel straightaway, we're having dinner in the hotel. Staying at Europe Hotel that night, and as soon as we got there... We immediately got creeped out because it was like.. ancient. Quite creepy looking, lemme tell you! Oh, we had a little parting ceremony with Mr Lubos because he's leaving earlier (only one day early though) because he had to go back to his country for a doctor appointment or something. One of our tour member gave him a traditional Indonesian cloth and all, and some of the aunties began crying, and i was told that Mr Lubos himself actually teared up quite a bit!

I wanted to take pictures of the hotel, but L was creeped out *LOL*, so i thought okay lah in the morning when it's less scary, but the next morning we didn't have time to take pictures WTF so i didn't get to take pictures of the lobby and stuffs. But i took a detailed one of our room :
Huge space at the entrance, where you could get dressed and store your belongings
Best feature in the room, HUGE mirror!
The bathroom... ewwww shower curtainnnn!!!!
It's... clean but so old looking. It reminded me a lot of Hotel Mojopahit in Surabaya or Hotel Tugu in Malang, obviously equally scary as those two hotels! Thankfully the room was not as creepy looking as the lobby and others hahahaha, L said she felt there were shadows passing in her room or something *OMG OMG my hairs all stood up just now when i typed this!!! WTF*

It didn't help that their corridor's light was automatic, so you'd see the corridor in front of you to be in darkness before you neared it, then the lights would light up, but that's still super creepy okay!!!! This is not the worst hotel we stayed in during the trip, but sure was the creepiest hahaha..

We went down stair soon after we set our belongings in our room and went to the grand ballroom for dinner. The grand ballroom was antique looking (again, like Hotel Mojopahit's, but bigger) and quite grand and glorious so we took a lot of pictures there!
Different color because this one's taken with hunny's samsung
There were a lot of mirrors, and of course when i saw a mirror, i...
must snap a selca, and of course then...
L saw me and forced me to snap one of two of us!
Little did we know that..
Hunny caught our reflections in his pic
And our backs *LOL*
Seriously, i'm discovering stuffs i didn't know happened back then while writing and resizing pictures for this blog!
Dinner was... errr... interesting...
Don't know what kind of soup this was, but it was quite bland
Main course was... seasonless spagetti and salty sauced chicken breast with steamed carrots
I... almost couldn't eat it hahaha... I'm not used to have plain spagetti as the main food (like rice in Asia) and the chicken was so salty *shudder*, thankfully we brought lots of sachet chilli sauce from Indonesia, i poured it all over this and it was almost acceptable. Even though food was yucky for me, the waitresses were the nicest and sweetest we had encountered yet, they were hospitality students though so of course the had to be nice hahaha.. The one that served us was Chinese from Taiwan, actually!
Best part of the meal : ice cream and fruits for dessert
L wasn't ready to call it the night after dinner, she heard there was a casino across the street and she wanted to check it out, so we went out but it was raining again! So we backtracked and went back into the hotel hahaha... Eek was adamant about going to the red light district somehow, but i absolutely refused to go and hunny wasn't interested either... So Eek finally went with Kikie by taxi while three of us decided to have a little drinkie at the hotel's bar.
This is what L and i were having!
My hair was super limp and soggy after the snow so i had to pin it up to the side again...
The other groups in the bar consisted of old folks, the ones behind hunny kept on staring at us, i dunno why. First i thought that was because we kept on taking pictures, but they also took lots of pictures! We kinda suspect that they thought we were under aged? LOL...
L dragged me to the toilet *because she's scared of the hotel hahahah*. I snapped this in the bathroom :p
L kept on yelling to me, asking me to keep talking so she'd know i didn't leave her *LOLOLOL*. As you can see in the picture, i gave up and pinned all of my bangs to the side because it was so oily and yucky looking
The only picture of the other hotel's part we managed to snap other than our room, the ballroom and the bar
Hunny's beer
Our tequilas
It was really watery and i could hardly taste any alcohol LOLOLOL, mostly just tasted watery orange :p. You know i'm bad with alcohol nowadays, but this one's so bad that i wasn't even slightly warm after downing this in no time
Eek and Kikie suddenly appeared before we even finished our drinks! That was super brief! They went to a strip bar or something and it was so bad that Eek (who insisted to go) decided to go back after one (mandatory to enter) drink *LOL*. Thank God we didn't join them!

After we finished our drinks we called it a night and went back to our rooms, and i should now call it the night as well! Don't forget to visit this blog back, we're going to Italy next! L's favorite country!


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