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Hi everybody ^^.

I (along with some other Surabaya Beauty Bloggers including #Undecided) received a special gift package from Miracle Aesthetic Clinic last February, i've been meaning to review them for a while now (i always use skin care products for at least 2 weeks before reviewing them, unless there's a time limit that falls before that-then i would make sure i let my readers know that it's actually more of a first impression) but i had so much other things that i had to review first >.<, i feel bad for pushing this review back for so long but it's here now, so no harm done right?

I received two TDF products from Miracle (alongside with some sachets of TDF Eye Radiance, #Undecided and i reviewed it here) and today i'm going to review the Day Rejuvenation Complex SPF 20 first :
I included the glossy, professional picture above because my picture turned out a bit dark without me realizing it at that time >.<.
TDF Day Rejuvenation Complex comes in a white plastic cylinder tube with dark gold accents and lettering. It is sealed with a clear plastic to ensure its newness and there's a sticker attached on the back for information in Bahasa.
As you can see from the information card above, although the name might confuse you whether this is a day cream or a sunblock, it is categorized as sunblock. Having said that, it is not "just a sunblock". It's actually a special formula that combines the benefits of exfoliator, moisturizer and SPF protection into one.

It contains glycolic acid, amino acid, antioxidant and sun screen that work optimally to overcome premature skin aging. The benefits of this product including skin rejuvenation, tackling dull skin problem, give nutrition and increase skin's elasticity as well as protecting skin from radical effects and UVA/UVB ray.

So it's easy to say that TDF Day Rejuvenation Complex is the only product you need in your daily skin routine (after cleansing and toning, of course!)-no more battles with tonnes of products clogging your skin every morning!
It comes with a pump, hygienic and convenient. I also heard that it's best for SPF products to be housed in a air tight bottles with pumps because exposure to the air can jeopardize its protection against UVA/UVB rays
All you have to do is pump it lightly like this
But i gotta warn you this, #Undecided claimed that her pump's broken, and just a few days ago Cynthian stated the same. I had to LOL at this because i thought mine was too! I had to pump it for approximately 30 times (okay, i'm slightly exaggerating) the very first time for the product to be dispensed! So if your bottle's giving you the same problem, don't fret! It's not broken! Just give it some more pumps hehe.

Also, be careful not to get carried away pumping it as fast as you possibly can-like i did, because the Day Rejuvenation Complex' quite light and watery, it would squirt out and be all over you if you're not careful!
I was also a bit surprised when i saw the color of the product, slightly cream in color instead of white like what i expected. Although the information card stated that the product's texture is cream, i'd say it's lighter than cream. I find it to be more light lotion-like. Despite its color, it-of course-is totally transparent and won't change your makeup's color. 

One thing that i immediately noticed was its scent, it has a strong, herb-like, medicinal scent. Although i am definitely not a fan of the scent, after using it for a while, i no longer find it too bothersome. 

Confession time : Until very recently, i don't wear suncreen much >.<. I also used to not apply any product (no moisturizer) at all on my face in the morning except if i'm going out. Thankfully i've started the habit of applying very light (i prefer gel products) in the morning a while ago-and after i received the TDF gift set, i've been using this Day Rejuvenation Complex almost every morning after washing my face.

I have to admit, i really hate sunblocks especially because of the very oily result, i already have a very oily skin in the first place, i certainly do no need to add any more. However, i know that the importance of using one's far greater than my uncomfortableness with the greasy feeling so i find ways to make it less oily-by using mattifying powder lotion underneath. It really helps!

Although i do find TDF Day Rejuvenation Complex to make my skin very oily as well, i still find it much better than having to apply separate moisturizer and sunblock-which would definitely result in worse oiliness! It's also super convenient to just apply one product and be done with it!

One of my biggest fear of sunblocks is because they're so oily, they tend to clog my pores and give me whiteheads. Thankfully TDF's light enough to leave my skin breathe and i see no increase in white head numbers than what i usually have anyway. I also notice that after using it daily, my skin is a lot softer, suppler and bouncier-which is fantastic of course! At my age, i need every help to keep it soft and bouncy alright! With this Day Rejuvenation Complex underneath, my makeup looks smoother and base makeup would stick to my skin easier compared to my naked skin (since i have very oily skin i tend to make my skin as dry as possible at the start of the day so it's hard for powder to attach to my skin >.<)

As all of TDF products, it is quite pricey (okay, it's very pricey) at IDR 865.000, but just consider the benefits and the fact that you do not need any other products other than this for your morning routine, then i think it's worth the price! If you sunblock is around IDR 350.000 and so is your moisturizer, serum, etc-then the collective total that you spent is probably higher than TDF Day Rejuvenation Complex anyway!

I would highly recommend this product for those who are looking for a all in one sunblock, moisturizer and exfolitor (a must have for every lazy gal out there haha) and concerned about aging problems (who isn't? You should start early!). Would not recommend it only for those with very limited budget for the very obvious reason :).

TDF Day Rejuvenation Complex SPF 20 (and other products from TDF) are exclusively available at Miracle,  check out where their closest branch to your place here :).

Thank you Miracle Aesthetic Clinic for sending me such an awesome product (i actually won another set from their event and gave the new sunblock to my mum so she can try it out as well :)!), please look forward to the cleansing gel's review!

With very minimal makeup (and TDF Day Rejuvenation Complex under the powder, of course!)

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