Foodgasm 09 : Food Kartel

10:35:00 PM

Hey all!

Something a little different in my Foodgasm series today! It's not a restaurant or specific food review, instead i'm going to take you to one of the latest and happening food bazaar (the organizer actually describes it as food & rhythm hence the stage) recently gracing Surabaya city, Food Kartel!
I never heard of this bazaar before actually! Nessya was the one mentioning that she was going to go there after Emdee's event-then because our plan to go to Basha Market went kaput (thank God we didn't go though, Cynthian went that day and she said she left after buying falsies because it was too crowded too move!), Sabsab and i decided to check it out.
Food Kartel's held in Surabaya TownSquare (Sutos) and it's been quite a while since the last time i went there (now that i think about it, the last time was on hunny's bday last year!). I've never really been to a full blown, food bazaar/festival before because i really hate super crowded places, but curiosity got the best of me (well, more out of pity for hunny. He likes to try foods and i always rejected his requests to go to such festivals, so i decided maybe i should do it once for him). I pretty much regretted my decision as soon as i caught a glimpse of the madness *LOL*. Actually it wouldn't be too bad if the weather's not that HOT (or if it's indoor and fully conditioned? LOL), the crowd's still manageable but combined with the sweltering heat... I melted like a popsicle under the sun within seconds T.T.

Anyway, i was on autopilot the whole time i was at Food Kartel, it was like an out of body experience WTF-i'm just that good at denial hahaha. I didn't really register anything i saw there, i just snap pictures around like a photographer zombie, but at least that means i got tons of pictures to show you! Maybe you're curious about which sellers (lots of them are IG sellers) took part in this bazaar or maybe you're contemplating to come to such bazaar in the future-if nobody cares then at least this would be a reminder to myself to not go to another one *LOL* (i still want to check out Basha Market though, at least once).
First booth we stumbled into once we stepped in was this healthy smoothie one, decided to grab one to see what's the fuss is all about (conclusion? Healthy drinks : not for me. LOL. I'd stick to water, that's gotta be healthy enough!)
Super close proximity between humans, i was instantly claustrophobic >.<
Like i said, what i saw didn't register with myself at that moment, only now i can really pay attention to the details and the booths itself. Bellycious? Such a cute name!
All the sellers were competing with each other in terms of decorating their booths, that's totally justified of course-they need to be able to attract attention among the many many similar booths afterall-but after sampling some stuffs i gotta say that i wish they'd put as much effort in their foods as their decoration *LOL*
For durian manias :D. As you can see, the prices in this bazaar's not that bad, it's certainly not as cheap as those school yard bazaars, but i think slightly cheaper than Basha Market's more fancy (packaging wise hahaha) ones?
Of course, there were some familiar names too like Too Too Moo
Most of the booths were manned by young people
Another familiar name, LLoris
Because i was so out of it, i didn't buy anything other than the smoothie (but hunny did), it was just too overwhelming to me-and since there were so many choices of the same type of food, that only added to my confusion!
Coffee booth, caught my eyes naturally
... In a Jar, the "it" dessert on IG haha
So colorful ^^
There were a few subs of booth clusters, but after two subs i pretty much gave up *LOL*
Vision-wise, this is probably the booth that pleased my eyes the most
Obviously because of all the pastel colors and whimsically romantic decor. The name couldn't be cuter either, Le Fluffy?? So cute!
That's a very interesting catch-phrase. Not that i know what they were selling >.<
Sabsab purchasing some grilled chicken meal, i think!
Look at the giant choco bar, seriously A for effort!
Looking like a dwarf next to Sabsab -___-. I kept on telling her and Nessya that we're beauty bloggers pretending to be food bloggers for the day, and failed miserably hahaha
Baby Boy and his daddy came and joined us later
When i couldn't take it anymore *LOL*, we decided to go find somewhere to seat and hope they would be nice enough to let us eat the stuffs we got at the Food Kartel (as long as i order stuffs, right?). Baby Boy said he wanted some ice cream so we went to Zhangrandi-of course once he saw the menu he ended up having french fries instead. So typical. LOL
Other than Food Kartel, there's also a weekly (? They're up every weekends, if i remember correctly) pop up stores all around Sutos
Let me show you some of the stuffs hunny and i got from Food Kartel :
Vive Smoothie. IG's totally invaded by these healthy smoothies and i also wanted to try it out. Not for me definitely *LOL*. And i almost barf when i saw Sabsab downing bit smoothie. Ew! LOL
Hunny got a curry rice that sadly tasted like instant curry *LOL*. Not cheap either (IDR 33.000? For sucha  tiny portion)-so... disappointing!
He also got this big fruit pie, it was on buy 2 get 3 so he got two of the fruit pie and one choco pie (which my idiotic nephew dropped to the floor before we even had a taste and then went and pretend that he didn't know anything until someone else ratted him out WTF). The fruit pie's not horrible or anything, but the dough's very thick and the fla's too little, there were too little fruit slices too (it's quite cheap though, around 18.000 each?). Hunny told them that they should add more fruit slices (and increase the price suitably, of course) but they said it's their concept (HUH???) and then proceed on saying "Our booth's really nice to take pictures at!". LOL. Hunny was quite annoyed and he said he's wondering if they're selling their pies or the decor???

He also bought these Fruit Tartlet (IDR 33.000 each? I'm just guessing of course, something along that price range la). It's okay too (sorry for sounding so underwhelmed... because i was! LOL) but we've already had better just a few days earlier (CL ordered a better tasting ones from IG haha) so...
I'd say it was an interesting experience, but i would probably not go to anything similar to this *LOL*. If it's outdoor and food only (which is not particularly appealing for me. I'd still go to Basha coz they have beauty/fashion stuffs too, even then i'd probably only once. I simply am not into these kind of things i guess, too crowded!). If you think i'm being a spoilt bitch, hunny actually agreed that he also wouldn't go back because the heat and the crowd is not worth the taste of the stuffs we sampled!

Here are some extra pictures taken at Sutos that day (Sabsab and Nessya kindly helped me to do a photoshoot for Azucar Bake Shop's and some outfit shots that i have yet to post) that Nessya snapped randomly :
Of me and Sabsab looking at each other lovingly LOLOLOLOL
And when the hell did this happen? LOL. Some readers who never met me IRL  asked why i always look so stern in my pictures while my words are painting a different personality? Well, that's because all of my pictures (90% of them) are posed. This pic shows you the real me in my everyday life, i'm a bubbly, animated and silly person-just how my writing is!
Baby Boy oh-so-seriously looking through a magazine hahaha
That's all about Food Kartel! Gonna leave you an overly exposed pic of Sabsab and i, too dreamy to pass! LOL.

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  1. Ayo berikutnya ke basha ce.. Di hari pertama sajalah.. Ngga sepiroo rame kayak nek weekend... Dan foto candid e itu 100% lucu pol 😊

  2. Attending a food bazaar is really great. There are lots of food tasting and discovering new treats. I love to try those with fancy packaging as I eat first with my eyes. :P Too Too Moo sounds so cute. The mushroom quiche must be a delight. Aw, you're really a bubbly person, so cute!

    1. Yes, i'd probably wouldn't be so stressed out if it was colder hahaha. I am-super silly and a bit nutty *LOL*, thank you :D!

  3. yang di zangrandi itu lagi minum es krim soda ya??? :D

    1. Milkshake Mannn hihihihi, ngidam es krim soda kah?

  4. wow so many different states and so much delicious food. looks really great.
    I hope that you had a lot of fun. =)

    1. Yes, just hoped it was a bit cooler haha