Body Tale 08 : Evete Naturals Body Butter in Relaxing Lavender

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Hey, girls (and boys, maybe :p)!

I've been one lucky girl lately and won some giveaways that i joined (and i don't even join a lot of them *LOL*), one of them is Phanie's giveaway with Evete Naturals. I got a body butter and a lipbalm from this natural handmade local brand, as i always wanted to try out handmade local products and also aspire to support local brands-i decided to use them right away (and not waiting for their turn in my overflowing stash like all of my other non-sponsored products hahaha).

I'm going to review their body butter first :
Evete Naturals Body Butter in Relaxing Lavender
Yes, i know that body butter's got nothing to do with a teapot and a cup, but they just look so cute here with all the whites :p. 

Anyway, let's talk packaging first!
Like most body butter, it comes in a rounded tub with twist off lid. It is dominantly white with accents of purple since the variant is lavender. It's quite small and compact so it can still be tote around if you're traveling (remember, traveling dries out your skin so bringing a good body lotion/butter is a must!) and contains 50gr worth of product inside
Ingredient list and direction. It is said not to be exposed to direct sunlight because it will melt and might change color (it won't return to its original texture, FYI!)
The tub is sealed with a clear plastic sheet to indicate its newness. It's manufactured in Yogyakarta and contains no mineral oil, artificial colorant nor paraben
I'm not gonna lie to you that when i received the package i kinda felt like wailing "WHYYYYY lavenderrrrrrrrrrr" coz i actually dislike lavender scent *LOL*, but i change my mind!!! It is widely known that lavender a  good mosquito repellent and Surabaya's been swarmed with crazy mosquitoes in the last few months-i am forever the easy target (coz i am soft, and white and fluffy FML)-but whenever i'm wearing this body butter, i am mosquite-bite free!!!!! SO happy about that hahaha.
The interesting texture
A generous amount got stuck in the lid so of course i used them first!
I was quite surprised when i first saw the texture, it is definitely unlike any other body butters that i've ever tried in the past (both international and local brands). Some body butters are very solid, and it can be frustrating to try to scoop them out, but Evete Naturals' very different! It's incredibly soft, light, fluffy and smooth! You can see from the pictures that it's got almost like a whipped appearance, with porous surface. I find it very interesting and fascinating!
Lemme give it a try...
Seriously applying on my hand hahaha
Although it is very light and fluffy, it's actually very heavily moisturizing! The light butter melts quickly into oil upon contact with my skin. A little definitely goes a long way! I only used like... a dab in that picture and it was enough to moisturized both of my hands extensively! It give off a very sexy glow when used *LOL*.

I have a normal body skin type and i always hated body butters because they're way too oily for me (since my skin's not parched or dehydrated, it's always harder for my skin to absorb body butters), Evete Naturals' actually also a little too oily and greasy for my liking (but drier skin would definitely be loving this!) so i prefer to use them very lightly and only when i'm staying home.

The lavender scent is also quite strong, like i mentioned earlier-i do not like lavender scent, but after continuous use i begin to get used to it and not too bothered by it anymore. It is however, strong enough to interfere with your perfume-so that's another reason why i prefer to use it when i'm not going out. Turns out that i'm not the only one who's not into lavender scent, because when i use this body butter and sat beside my mum, she wouldn't stop sniffing around and insisted something was burning! Then i realized that it might be my body butter and told my mum *LOL*, when she sniffed my hand she said "OH yesss, that's where the burning cable smell's coming from!!!" LOL.

My hunny's skin is really weird as well, it's super dry and cracking (it's back to its original condition after a good few months of nice skin because he's using a wrong shower cream for just a few days zzzz)  so definitely a good candidate for body butters, no? Apparently not! Light body lotion is not enough for his skin, but rich body butter also do nothing but sits on his skin! His weird skin can only accept some brands of body lotions, i cannot stop wondering why. Sadly this body butter also did not work wonder for his skin, but i kinda expected it since no body butter can anyway *sigh*.

As for me, it's definitely quite moisturizing. My skin's soft, supple and smooth thanks to it. Some dry patches that appears after using the wrong  shower cream (the same one as the one that ruined hunny's skin) are getting better and less dry after just a few use. I also absolutely adore the added benefit of repelling mosquitoes (even though it's not even one of its purpose) so i do not have to use a mosquitoes repellent (which cannot be good for your skin with continuous use, i imagine!) on top of it! It also doesn't aggravate my allergies but help soothe them instead.

This small tub would last me for a pretty long time (at least a month or more) because i need only to use so little (i had to use a lot for hunny, but since his skin's not reacting all that well with it, i decided to stop using it on him. Why waste a wonderful product on his sucky skin, no? LOL. I better use it for myself only).
Evete Naturals Body Butter is an excellent product with a pretty affordable price (i just checked their IG and the body butter's IDR 80.000) and i would recommend it for everybody who are looking for a nice, all natural, no fuss, affordable body butter, especially for those who has a normal to dry skin (super dry skin probably better go to a dermatologist and get checked *LOL*). For this variant, i would also recommend this for those of you who are mosquitoes' easy target like me!!!

Will not recommend this for those of you who has a very weird skin like my hunny's (very dry and sensitive), those who cannot deal with greasy feeling and for this variant-those who cannot stand strong scents.

Would i purchase it with my own money? I guess so, but i'd love to try out the other variants instead.I also hope that they would come up with body lotions (that i would definitely buy!) so people who hate greasiness (like me!) and can only deal with lighter moisturizer would be tempted to give them a try as well!

Are you looking forward to the lipbalm's review?


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  1. There's really something about props in the picture that makes the product more appealing. The teapot and cup looked so cute together. :) I like the scent of lavander as it reminds me of aromatherapy. It's very relaxing and soothing. It's nice that the texture is smooth and soft. Those are two things that should be present in every body butter. If you use it regularly, I think it will last for a year.

    1. Ahhh so glad you think so! That's really encouraging for me to try harder next time hehe. I know that some people actually love lavender scent, i just can't! Probably not a year, it's pretty small actually haha, maybe 3 months if i use irregularly