Double Review : TDF Eye Radiance Serum

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Hellow, world!

Today's going to mark another milestone for us, our very first Double Review article :D. What is a double review, you might ask? Well, that's when the two of us use the same products and we're ready to share with the rest of you our two cents' worth. One product's review from two heads at the same time!

For this very first double review, we have Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (or TDF, which we're going to call it from now on) Eye Radiance Serum:

Maybe some of you remembered that we were kindly invited by Jennie from Miracle Aesthetic Clinic to try out their Eye Revitalizing Peel and were given these eye serums to use at home to maintain the (rather fab!) result of the eye peeling and now we're ready to tell you what we think about this product!

Disclaimer : This product's gifted to us by Miracle Aesthetic Clinic as part of their Blogger Experience Program, everything that we write in this post is 100% our opinions, based on personal experience and unbiased.

Comes in a simple and exclusive looking white cardboard box with brown writings

TDF Eye Radiance Serum comes in a opaque white plastic (very sturdy and of a high quality, yes of course i managed to drop it a few times) bottle

The bottle has a neat pump dispenser which is always ideal for face products since it ensured full hygiene protection (no need to dip your grubby fingers in a jar/whatever) and precise amount of product dispensing. I did face some difficulties when i just started using this serum (i always ended up dispensing a lot more than i needed, like... twice as much!) but after a while i get a grip on just the right amount of pressure to put when pushing the pump :p.

Hello!! #Undecided here... I haven't done many beauty product reviews, but I'm quite excited to do this one (because doing things things with your bff is twice as much fun, that's why!).

Anyway, this is how the serum looks like :
Gel-based and unscented (to me). #Pink did say the scent reminded her of some Chinese herbs - but I smelled nothing LOL. Her nose is way more sensitive than mine tho.

Yes, for me personally it reminds me of a Chinese herb CANDY. Not just herb-herb would make it smell kinda horrible to me since i hate herbs scents! LOL. Herb candy on the other hand is a lot more tolerable for me, i even find the scent calming and sweet!

Here are some BEFORE photos of our under-eyes
I hated my undereyes LOL. They were always so baggy (thanks to sleep deprivation and lots of crying sessions during One Tree Hill dvd days when I was younger) and dark. But I'm super relieved that I'm posting this pic of my undereyes AFTER the peel treatment we got from Miracle - as they look super improved now.
And here's mine. You can see that my under eyes are very dark (but it lightened up significantly thanks to that Eye Revitalizing Peel!) and there are some faint lines under my eyes. My left eyes' a lot better than my right one for some reason, that's why i focus on the worse side hehe

Gonna use #Pink's photos for step-by-step application process
Apply the serum around the eye - yes NOT just under, but also on the lid. Can you see the orange-y serum on #Pink's eye? Right after application, I normally feel a slight refreshing cold, but then it (just like the effect of any other gel-based product on yours truly) is absorbed nicely and that's it... No discomfort whatsoever (unless it got into your eyes - which happened to me once LOL).   
*This picture also serves as the AFTER picture-i've been using the serum for more than 1 month and even though i thought i saw no diff in the dark circle part, seeing the picture i guess it does work a bit! And the skin condition's so much better, less dry and the lines got blurred! This picture's has NOT been edited!*

As for me, i don't feel that refreshing feeling *LOL*, i don't actually feel anything! Weirdly when i put a huge blob on my hand to take the serum's picture up there, i felt a slight warming sensation on that blob's location but when i applied them on my eyes' contour, nothing happened *maybe i have a thick skin* LOL.  

You can see some improvements on my under eye skin condition, but honestly my under eye problem's not that noticeable on my naked skin. Problem arose when i'm wearing concealer and set them up with powder, then i can see how dry my under eye skin is! Here's a result after 1month+ usage with make up :

It's still a bit dry but like, 10x better than before. And the lines are less noticeable too. You can see my close up eyes pictures in this blog (whenever i'm doing a look or reviewing eye products) and you'll see that the difference's quite stark

For me personally, I believe the idea of this serum is to maintain the result of the peel treatment. The skin around my eyes are basically oily, but lucky for me, the serum doesn't make it super oily. 

While i, on the other hand, have a very dry skin around my eyes area-ironic since the rest of my face (and even my scalp) is so darn oily! After applying this religiously (honestly i usually wear this at night only, i always forget to in the morning >.< i probably use this twice a day like 3x out of 10 usage) my eyelids actually became OILY. It was quite dry before (to the point where eye primer sometimes made a patch on my lid since it's so dry) so i was quite surprised when i found my eyeshadow became creased because of the natural oil (never happened before) *LOL*, the skin also feels a lot softer and suppler. Oh yeah, i use this without a fail for 1month+, i even stopped using my eye masks so i can review this product fairly. 

I also find this serum to be a very good eye make up base, as some eye creams/gels actually make it hard for me to apply concealer and powder evenly (because they make them patchy!), i have no such problems with this one. I don't like to wear them under eye shadow though, so i just skip using the serum on my eyelid when i'm wearing makeup. 

Another thing that i should mention, i do feel a bit of tenderness and sensitivity sometimes around my eyes area, i have no idea why this happens but it's quite infrequent and not severe so i can overlook it.

As for baggy-ness, I still get baggy eyes if I sleep for like 4 hours or so at night. I tried applying this serum (hoping for a quick fix) but apparently it didn't help right away. I guess there's no such thing as instant effect LOL. 

I don't have noticeable eye bags so i cannot say anything for this matter :p!

And for dark circle, I also see no apparent result - maybe after I finish the bottle, we shall see...

Yeah, i also didn't think it works on dark circle (nothing really does LOL), but seeing the before and after picture-i think it makes a difference although maybe not as drastic as i had hoped it would be.

All and all, this is a very nice, light, simple eye serum that works best to make dry, lightly lined eye area to be a lot more moisturized and soft. Like #Undecided said, we believe this serum's the perfect partner to maintain the result you get from Eye Revitalizing Peel treatment.

Yes, and the skin around my eyes are normally very sensitive, I cannot use eye cream/gel/serum for days without them making my skin slightly itchy (which then I'll have to stop using it for a day or two), but I have no problem with this one.

TDF Eye Radiance is priced at IDR 680.000/bottle, it is quite pricey (but most good eye product's priced around that range anyway, right?) but for the result (the making dry skin a lot softer and moisturized part), i do think it's worth it. 

TDF Eye Radiance can only be purchased in Miracle Aesthetic Clinic in Indonesia and you would need to have a consultation with their doctor (s) to check if this product's suitable for your skin needs first (it is a prescription only skin product!).

#Pink and #Undecided and our respective TDF Eye Radiance bottles :D!

Hope you enjoy reading our very first double review!!!


#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. sama niy masalah undereye suseh deh hehe...
    btw folback ya dear.. tq :)

  2. A good eye cream/serum is worth every penny! I'm currently using one by Dr Jart and it has done nothing for me. I don't suppose I can buy Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula's Eye Radiance anywhere else besides the clinic you got it from?

    1. Unfortunately TDF is prescription only hun, i do think there must be a clinic in Malaysia that carries them? I mean, look at the box-Ocean Healthcare has an address in KL! Hehe. However i think this serum would only work if you have an eye revitalizing peel first, if used by its own i cannot vouch for it to work as well :D

  3. Hehe maybe you are so used to smelling Chinese herbs around that your sense of smell became numb to it. :) Most people's eye area is really sensitive. This may be a good product for my mom.

    1. We do think that this product works best after an eye peeling treatment though, on its own we don't think it works wonders :)

  4. great product review... it's really great to get some free products for reviews... tho, its not totally free since you will be writing about it but when you like doing something it wont feel like working. I hope you also post pictures after a month of using and the succeeding months

    1. You're totally right, i do love trying out new stuffs and it's fantastic that i get to try them without having to pay for them haha, and i love writing and sharing my experiences so all's good! There's a picture after a month of trying, it's the same picture as the step by step application process hehe