Feathered Wings

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Hey ho!

Today's OOTD is not so backdated! I actually went through the pictures and love the result so much i just have to put all of my older (and super old) OOTD pics at the back burner and share this first!
Other than the outfit itself (like, obviously), i really like how the pictures turned out! It's just taken in our room as usual (and the lighting is not the best either), but i feel that my posing's getting better hahahaha. I mean, at least i have more poses than the three that i always did-and repeat! I dunno, the outfit, the pose and the dark, vampy lips just work, if i may say so myself! Mind you, i only feel comfortable posing in front of my *very* reluctant personal photog, hunny. I don't yet feel comfortable posing for anyone else, not even my girlfriends-too embarrassed!
For some weird reason, whenever we take an outfit picture-the first picture would always turn out very bright while rest would be much darker. As i am totally clueless when it comes to editing... Well, i just have to let it be hahaha
I think this pic was snapped mid-sentence *LOL*, i'm pretty sure i wasn't ready but it turned out okay :p
The post is titled that way for obvious reason, the feathers in the jumper's sleeves!
I absolutely adore this kind of quirky details, i live for them!!! #drama
Hm, i really love these eyes closed poses *LOL*
This is the outfit that i put together for Bebe event, i tried to emulate a more sexy (emphasize on the word TRY) look so i my MOTD is smokier and darker than usual :
List of products used :
1. Revlon New Complexion Foundation in 04 Nude (gifted by Kathy)

2. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
3. Clinique Makeup Palette (used the eyeshadow and blush on)
4. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
5. Daiso Pearl in Eyeshadow in Brown
6. C/o Collection No Clumps Definition Mascara in 01 Black
7. elf Eye Primer
8. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24 HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Brown
9. Oriflame Tender Care
10. Jordana Lipstick in 005 Blackberry (gifted by Sabsab)
11. False eyelashes
12. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder
13. C/o Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner in Glitz
Yes, i was in a cheeky mood (and had a wedding to attend soon afterwards so i needed to practice! I haven't worn one for such a long time, didn't feel like i needed one since i started using Majolica Majorca Lash King!) so i put on falsies. Can't remember what brand coz i just pick one from my box of used falsies >.<
You can see upclose the "feathers" on my sleeve in this pic. It's stiff and well made!
Since the outfit's already monochromatic, i decided i wanted a dash of bright color because the event was for Spring Summer collection!
The lace up boots is one of the gift from my girls for my bday last year, the exact same one with the pink one i wore for our South Korea trip, it's comfortable and cute! And accidentally i bought a very matchy bag in South Korea (i tried looking for a bag in this color to wear to Korea with this shoes, but couldn't find one that i liked locally so i ended up wearing the pink one-because i found a matchy bag with that one instead hahaha. I actually donated the pink bag already because it's not in pristine condition anymore and i don't think i want to wear it again...). I also added a statement necklace because the outfit's so simple
Outfit details :
Jumper : Meclothing Firsthand 
Black Ripped Jegging : Rozz Shopp 
Boots : Gosh
Bag : Bought in Dongdaemun, Seoul
Statement Necklace : Cache Cache

Bonus pic, expression suddenly so weird when it's not longer hunny behind the camera hahaha

Yeah, i actually remember where i bought my clothes for once, usually i'd only remember "online" but not the specific stores, that's because these purchases were quite recent hahaha so better link them up while i remember. This will not happen very often *LOL*.

I seriously love (and prefer) darker makeup lately, but it's not very summery and doesn't go that well with my pastel, uber girly outfits zzz. Oh well, i'll put them on again when the mood strikes!

Cynthian said i still look very girly despite my efforts to toughen up my style for this event *LOL*, what do you think?

(not so) #Pink

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  1. Jumpernya lucu banget Ci Mindy! Bootsnya warnanya juga lucu! Keren banget Ci Mindy maduin outfits lucu sama sexy makeup..


  2. really great outfit and beautiful makeup =D


  3. I love the lipstick and the ripped jeans. I think I'm going to DIY some jeans this summer.

    1. I wish i am not so lazy to DIY stuffs haha