Event Report : Grand Opening of Make Up For Ever at Jayanata

11:42:00 PM

Hey guys ^^.

Sorry for being MIA for a few days (i'm not sure anyone would even notice, it's not that long anyway *LOL*), it's just been a very busy couple of days for me... So tired >.<!

Anyway, last Thursday Sabsab, Kathy, Oline and i went to Make Up For Ever's Grand Opening in Jayanata :
I scanned this pic from the instant photo booth pic and cropped it because the photographer took the pic from below so we looked extra wide zzz. Sabsab-moi-Kathy-Oline and the girl on the far right's Kathy's cousin
Yes, i looked very short that day because  Kathy was wearing heels, Sabsab can't cut her legs short *LOL* and i was in flats. Anyway, we actually look a lot more pics in this photo corner using Marshmallow, but lately i've been problem with the memory card (okay, actually it was my fault for not inserting it properly so it kept on getting out of its socket >.<) and all of our pics in the photo corner are missing *huhuhuhu sob sob sob*. Okay, moving on now.
If you're a Surabaya resident, i'm 100% sure that the name Jayanata is more than just familiar to your. I was actually a very loyal customer of theirs for many many years (i went for facials and bought my skin cares there since i was in junior high school-my sis in law still go there regularly) but i haven't been to Jayanata for the longest time (so i was quite shocked when i went in and see how gorgeous their place's now, so different than how it used to be. It was always nice, but nowhere near as beautiful as it is now) to be honest with you.

Sabsab actually tagged me to their giveaway and asked if we should all head there (since we're all beauty bloggers, naturally we gravitated towards beauty events. And we're quite excited that MUFE's opening again in Surabaya after their old counter in TP closed down and we had no direct access to their products anymore). I'm never one to sugar coat things, so i admit i was quite hesitant because not only i don't normally attend events without being personally invited as a blogger, but also because i heard... Well rumors. Anyway, i decided to go because i didn't have anything else to do and i thought we could just hang out (plus it was Sabsab's birthday and i wanted to congratulate her in person)-whether or not we won the giveaway, i have nothing to lose.

FYI, it was one day before May Day and somehow all of the labor workers in Indonesia already went on demonstrations, causing crazy jams everywhere. Thankfully i managed to go to Jayanata without a hitch.

Now, to tell you the whole story, i need to explain about the giveaway first. Did you go to the link that i put up there (it would take your straight to their Instagram pic) and read the giveaway mechanism? Please tell me if we understood it wrong, but in our opinion what we're supposed to do were : follow them, post the giveaway pic and tag  5 friends, your post would be some sort of a ticket to be eligible for their giveaway. Once arrived in the venue, head to their Instagram booth-show them your post and get yourself registered, if you do not register then you are not eligible for the giveaway. Then wait until the end of the event where they'd draw out the lucky 10 winners from all of ATTENDING participants and redeem the gift right away. They also specifically mentioned that you HAVE to be present to be able to win. 

Now, when we (Oline and i arrived first) came to the venue, we were asked "What can we help you with?", which already shocked us (isn't it obvious that we're here for the event? I'm so confused)-when we replied that we're there from the Instagram invitation, they seemed even more confused. I even overheard the staffs talking to each other about their confusion because the mechanism's not very certain. They seemed even more confused when we asked if we should register differently since we're the giveaway participants, but in the end they told us to just register in the public registration. Well... How would they know if we're the participant or not? And whose names should be drawn for the giveaway? But obviously there was nothing that we can do but complied.
I just realized that one of their staffs' looking at the camera with a scared face like that *___*. I don't think they've had bloggers attending their events before so i guess it was a bit shocking to see some random girl snapping pictures of the area?
I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they're not used with all the Social Media giveaway and internet personalities like us. So as usual, i snapped more pics to show you the place. Then we just stood around like a pair of idiots *LOLOLOL* because we didn't know what to do! Nobody told us anything or where to go. In the end we decided to just check out MUFE's counter because that's what we're there for in the first place.
The MUFE counter. It'd become super crowded soon
Colorful playthings for women ^^
Went and swatched their amazing liquid eyeliners, so pretty! They're very waterproof too coz they didn't budge even when i washed my hand continuously
Oline busy going crazy on her fave section : lippies haha
I couldn't take more pics of the counter because it was so crowded... When we couldn't move anymore, we stood around some more in desperation. I was cursing Sabsab and Kathy for not showing up yet (the event didn't start until well passed 3, we arrived at 2.10 because the invitation stated 2 PM. Now you know why we don't go to events on time?)-then we decided to get a drink (they had a Starbucks booth set up, i forgot to take a pic :p) and stood at the side drinking our respective coffee and tea like some lost kids. 

One of their staffs handed a photo corner ticket so we went :
I seriously hate photo corners. I don't understand why their photographers always insist on snapping pictures from under my chest's angle. Making me look like a wall or something equally wide. No problem with Oline coz she's so petite so lower angle is like her level angle *LOLOLOL* *don't kill me Oline!!!*
When we were at the photo booth, i finally saw that they actually did have a lot of seats set up to watch the main event (for a second there i thought there was not going to be any event, and we were expected to roam around like chickens until dunno when-simply because nobody told us anything! I've never ever felt so darn lost and confused in an event in my entire 2.5 years of blogging life *LOL*) so we hurriedly scurried there.
We stupidly took the second row because usually front row's reserved for VIPs (it wasn't -___-) and we didn't dare to sit there. BIG MISTAKE. Bloggers always need to sit up front to make it easier for us to snap pictures. All of my pictures of the event's shielded by people sitting in front of me and i also brought the wrong camera zzzz (Marshmallow cannot be zoomed in, i dunno why i kept on bringing her on events, most probably because i'm vain and i always think selfie's more important than anything else *sigh*) so... Sorry for the horrible pics quality later on!
The counters directly opposite us. Jayanata really housed a LOT of brands, from Etude House to Cle de Peau!
There were a lot of other brands on our back too, as well as at the higher level
The event didn't start until much later so :
#wefie time!
Oline who claimed to be on diet but couldn't resist Starbucks' pastries hahaha. No need to diet Oline, you're already perfect the way you are ^^
Sabsab finally showed up, but the event's not starting yet >.<
One more ^^
#selfie with the birthday girl. I just realized that we have no pic with Kathy (who arrived super late as usual zzz) except the one up there because the only ones we took together were at the photo booth and they're all missing!
At around 3.15 PM the MC finally opened the event :
There was also a ribbon cutting ceremony at the counter, we didn't leave our seats in fear of losing them *LOL*
But here's a pic of Ms. Lia Amalia (Brand General Manager of MUFE Indonesia) and Mr. Han Kayanata (General Manager of Jayanata) borrowed from MUFE Indonesia's Instagram
They were introducing MUFE's new eyeshadow collection (210 new colors, if i remember correctly) and they were represented by these models painted from head to toe in the representative colors.
I think the first one was yellow
Green. I'm sure it'd be gorgeous on your eyes, but painted on the whole body scares me a little-doesn't the model resemble tiny hulk or something...
And my absolute fave, glittery black
It's definitely stunning! The glitter's sooo beautiful bling-blinging whenever the model moves
And the model representing the glittery black happened to be stationed directly in front of us so it was easier to take her pictures
Yep, i even recorded a video of them dancing. Now that i know how to switch my camera to video mode (LOLOLOL, i'm so horrible, i know), expect to see more videos!
Closer pic of the purple
And the female mini hulk
This girl is one fire...
Next is the live makeup demo by three MUAs from various cities (one from Surabaya, of course) and these are the models. Yes, the model in the left has been gracing this blog nonstop lately, Bella (she's Sabsab's friend so now i can refer to her by name haha) is definitely on demand now eh?
MUAs getting ready
They worked in unison, it was pretty fascinating to watch
It was really hard to capture the makeup because with Marshmallow i would've to actually stand in front of her and snap-i'm sure i might get booted out if i did. It was not a blogger event after all (we're always given the chance to take close up pics in blogger events). Bella is the model for a more artsy makeup using beautiful colorful eyeshadow
One of the fave was this everyday makeup creation and here the MUA answering the audience's question on the shades used on the model. Personally my fave is the one on Bella coz it was so stunning and colorful!
All MUAs are done
Applaud for all three MUAs
Stunning, glowy everyday makeup
Bella stopped at the purple-ish light >.< so i could't capture her makeup as clearly
I honestly didn't catch on the third model's theme, and she was always shielded because of the placement >.<
But i'm guessing that it was an evening look?
A clearer pic of the colorful, arty makeup and the MUAs with the models, also borrowed from MUFE's Instagram
After the makeup demo was wrapped up, it was time for the giveaway! Naturally our hopes were up because there were not a lot of the participants actually attending the event. I was quite confused, didn't they know that it's not really an IG GA? And that they actually had to attend the event?
Well, none of our names were called in the 10 names they drew *LOLOLOL*. We were super puzzled when they called out name after name, none of them went up to claim the gift (in the end there were some who showed up, i don't know where they went when their names were called)-are they drawing all the participants who posted the photo on IG? But why would they do that? Obviously most of them didn't show up!

Anyway, i'm sure every company has different rules and whatever (and that's their prerogative), but normally in previous events i attended (which is definitely more than 20 now) if the winners are not  present to receive the gift, they would KEEP on drawing until they find the present participants. Or if they kept on going and still nobody's there, what i'd expect them to do is to ask if there are any participants in the audience? If those who are present are less than the numbers of winners they have, the participants should win by default-after showing the proof of their participation on IG of course.

We were super shocked when they decided to not draw anymore name and the MC said "We might do a quizz instead" (HUH??? WHAT???),  "Or we'll just contact the winners we already called out later." SAY WHAT???? By this stage, Kathy looked at me and stated "She's so going to blog about this." LOLOLOL, she knows me well.

I hope Jayanata doesn't take this in the wrong way, i am in no way patronizing or telling them what to do, i'm just elaborating on what we thought should go down. I am also never one to be shy to voice out my opinions (especially when i'm furious, which i honestly kinda was) so i immediately commented on their IG asking for clarifications. Oline followed suit, and then Sabsab as well *LOL*. 

I'm so sorry if Jayanata's representative that is running Jayanata's social media thinks we're super irritating (or perhaps being a goodie bag hunter) and too vocal-but seriously, if they drew out 10 names and none of us won (which did happen) and all 10 were present, we'd have no problem with it. We'd shrug and tell each other it's just not our lucky day, but when the mechanism is suddenly modified or changed at the very last minute (after we all so patiently did everything we were asked to)-i believe we have every right to protest.

Anyway, i was quite angry and had a bit of a laugh when i read the comments on their IG, but then when i arrived at home i received a phone call from Jayanata, congratulating me on winning the giveaway and to get my present on Saturday. I'm so so so baffled (did they re-draw the names? But why?), but of course i'm still grateful that i was one of the winner (Oline too). I'll show you what i got later.

I hope Jayanata (if they even read this, i'm not sure they would. I don't think they have any interest in bloggers because when i gave their marketing person my name card *when i went to get my gift*, she seemed shocked, confused and a bit horrified *LOLOLOL*. Trust me, i'm not asking for anything, i'm just introducing myself-which is what i always do now when i'm meeting brands/companies for the very first time as a blogger) is not offended with what i wrote, hopefully they'd take it as a constructive criticism for their future events/giveaway. 

Back to the event-it was finished already so while waiting for hunny to pick me up (he was stranded at a cafe for a bit because he couldn't reach his office after dropping Oline and i off due to the traffic jam, caused by the early May Day), we went around because Oline wanted to check out perfumes.
So i snapped some more pictures from the higher level's view
This is one of their special perfume counters on the higher level
Oline and Sabsab busy sniffing perfumes hehehe
When i went to get my giveaway gift, i was asked to snap a pic in MUFE's counter. #Undecided came with me so she helped me to snap one with my Ipad as well.
Yeah, i was practically bare-faced so i used my fake glasses to hide my face and Baby Boy went with me too
The gift's an empty eyeshadow palette and one eyeshadow
That's all about Jayanata and Make Up For Ever's Grand Opening, i have a lot more event related posts to do, just be patient ya, i'm very busy lately!!!


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  1. Eh itu MC-nya mukanya familiar, kayaknya temen kuliahku dulu hihihi

    I was wondering apa ini ada blogger Surabaya yg diundang pas baca event report-nya di koran, ternyata nggak ada ya :( Padahal kyknya yg di Jakarta seru2 tuh diundang gitu yaa... Kudu ikut GA dulu yaa ini.. But you're so lucky ce! :D

    Btw, kalo masuk Jayanata, udah mengkeret duluan aku ce :3 Cuma yg di mall aja udah minder gimana masuk yg gedung sendiri gini :3

    1. Iya tah? Hehehe. Ga ada yg d undang Nin, ini anak2 ngajak aja isenk. Skalian colek2 tester. Iya, Surabaya kan anak tiri... Hahahaha. Iya lucky nih ^^ belakangan sering lucky hahaha. Knp mengkeret???

  2. ...agak speechless baca post mu ini ce..
    they literally didn't show professionalism in many aspects -___- bs berubah2 gt mekanisme ne.. LOL..
    Tp aku suebel klo event telat nemen gt ce.. wasting time bgt..
    Btw congrats for winning the giveaway! ^^

    1. LOL, IKR... Yah, gmn ya, emg mrk ga specifically ngundang blogger jg kan, kayaknya ga butuh modern media :D.
      Thank you!

  3. Make Up For Ever products are so high quality and I know some professional makeup artists who really invest in using this makeup line for their clients because they can be sure that the end result will be beautiful and well done. I think that the winners should be present to claim the prizes otherwise the win should be forfeited. Anyway, the rules must be clear to everyone.

    1. Yes, i totally agree with you, it's the confusion of the ever-changing rules that annoys the shit out of us!

  4. the business looks so great. ^^


  5. Make Up For Ever is one of my favorite makeup brand. I adore their flawless foundation and high pigment eye shadows.

    1. I haven't used too much of their products, should do so!