Event Report : Laneige Counter Opening and Make Up Demo

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Hey y'all :D!

Back again with a super duper fun event to report! I'm not just saying it, it really was one of the funnest event in a while! Thanks to Laneige for having us for their counter opening at Matahari Department Store last Thursday :D!
With all of my blogging pals that day :D (and Ms. Dian of Laneige) ! Thank You Xiao Vee for the photo!
A while ago with the help of one of (super famous) Jakarta beauty blogger, Sasyachi, we got an invitation from Laneige's PR, Ms. Nia for this event-so thank your very much Sasya and Nia!

I'm sure most of you've heard of Laneige before as it is one of  the best known Korean higher end beauty brand (it is Korea's leading Young Premium Total Beauty Brand) and they already have 16 counters in several cities in Indonesia-this counter opening marks the opening of their 17th counter nationally (the second in Surabaya city).

I arrived at (super crowded, it was a holiday) Tunjungan Plaza with Cynthian sometime before 2 and a lot of the other girls were already there.
Although Laneige's target market's women aged 18-30, i strongly feel that they'd work really well on me still since their own brand ambassador (Song Hye Kyo, the only Korean lady i deemed beautiful hahaha) is slightly older than me anyway *LOL* #logic.
You can see that the counter was very crowded, there were already 11 of us beauty bloggers (well, 10. And 1 Vlogger hahaha), not to mention Laneige's customers-the area of the counter's pretty narrow so it was a bit hard for me to take detailed pictures of their counter. If you're interested to see more of their products, then head to Oline's blog (she was the first blogger to arrive and got a full counter tour!)
As a makeup junkie, this definitely is my favorite section and my heart actually skipped a beat at the sight of it hihihihi *you know when you're in love!*
All those lippies *sigh*, i really had to fight the urge to shove them all to my bag hahaha
Beautiful blush on :D
And their shimmery eye shadows *muffled scream*
OMG OMG so pretty i think imma die >.< (yes, Lina's nails are beautiful, they always are. DIY as well, head to her blog to see more nail greatness!)
Yep, i died and went to glitter heaven
Uber drool-worthy lippies
Base makeups
Laneige makeup bases, available for both dry and oily skin
Beauty enthusiasts all playing excitedly
Then there's also free flowing canapes available. The red velvet cake is to die for!
Mirror selfie with my cute little Oline ^^
The counter opening's formally opened by Nia ^^
Hi Nia!
Followed by a welcome speech by Ms. Dian Muldiningsih (Lanegie Brand Manager)
Ms. Dian, along with Mr. Cipto Suparmin (Regional Manager of Matahari Department Store, East Java) and Ms. Anisa Sutaki (Assistant Store Manager of Matahari Department Store) cut the ribbons to symbolize the counter's opening (Thank you Oline for the pic and the other one below! With my standing position the only pic i got was the back of Mr. Cipto's head!)
It's official, congratulations!
Pic time :D
The event's not over yet, we're moving to the Atrium to watch Laneige's Makeup Demo at Matahari Department Store's The Great Beauty Bazaar-but before that we had time to chit chat and snack some more hahaha
Also take some #wefie hehe
With Cynthian ^^. The angle makes me look pregnant -___- but i can assure you i am not!
Thank you again Xiao Vee for this pic!
Let's go to the very exciting Beauty Bazaar!
Snapped this pic earlier when we just arrived
Laneige's team thoughtfully reserved seats for all of us already ^^. I sat on the far right so it was a bit hard to take centred pictures (serves us right for coming late after taking way too many pics in Laneige's counter while the others already went down!) so please excuse the angle >.<
The stage is ready for Laneige! When i saw the banner for some reason i already knew that one of the quiz's question later would be about the brand ambassador (of course i was right hahaha)
Snapped some pics of the bazaar too :
So many makeups and beauty stuffs, i didn't want to go home *LOL*
Of course, bloggers (and vloggers, we're kinda the same species i guess) gotta be bloggers
And we took endless #wefie while waiting for the makeup demo to begin hehehe
The MC of the event
Accompanied by a rep from Laneige to guide us through the makeup demo and explain more about Laneige's products
MUA of the day was Mr. Adjie
And jeng jeng jenggggg, model of the day's our very own Oline! :D!
I was too busy taking pictures and didn't get all the sequence of products used, but you can see the complete list in Oline's blog
The audience watching the make up demo seriously
One of the product used in the demo is one of Laneige's star product,
LANEIGE Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF50/PA+++
It's so famous of its goodness that even i (who's not the biggest follower of base makeup) have heard of it a lot!
Mr. Adjie applying the BB Cushion
Eyebrow's tres importante!
Mr. Adjie did a simple but flattering eye makeup on Oline
And pat on some blush
Finishing up with Lanegie Water Drop tint. Btw, Oline's so in love with Laneige's lippies she ended up buying two at the end of the day!
Yenyen exclaimed about how cute the lip tint was so i had to take a pic-looked like a nail polish!
The flawless, soft and glowy result
I love how Mr. Adjie didn't make Oline looked like someone else, just a fresher, glowier version of Oline. That's my own philosophy in makeup, they're here to make us look the best we can-to help us achieve the best version of us-not some bad imitation of someone else. I know Korean makeup is on the rage right now, but it's important to follow and apply what works for our face-and discard the ones that doesn't instead of forcing all of the trend to our different face shapes and make us look weird in the end!
Before and After. I don't have any better Before pic, i hope Oline won't strangle me for posting this one!
Then it was quiz time!
Like i said earlier, i just knew that they'd ask the name of Laneige's brand ambassador #LOL, Xiao Vee pretty much leapt out of her seat to answer haha
And she won the prize
The winner of the second question (two of the many benefits of Laneige BB Cushion)
Last question's winner-it was the hardest : what's the main ingredients in Laneige's products? Answer : Himalayan water!
That last question also marked the end of the super fun event ^^! Let's take a look at Laneige's booth at the bazaar :
You can get a makeover at their booth (i don't know the T&C though)
We were given some vouchers in the goodie bag and Cynthian who's running out of moisturizers ended up purchasing some stuffs
Speaking of the goodie bag. Thank you Laneige! I heard so much about their Water Sleeping Pack_EX and of course the uber popular BB Cushion-now i can try them for myself! You can definitely expect a review!
With super sweet and friendly Nia ^^
Ms. Dian, Nia, moi, Lina and Cynthian
Thank you again Laneige (and especially Nia!) for having us in this awesome event and for the generous goodie bag! 

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FB Page : Laneige

Instagram : LaneigeID 

#Happy Pink

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  1. Wah goodie bagnya asik banget dapet bb cushion (*o*) ditunggu review cushionnya ce hihi.


    1. Iyah sippp, sabar ya *pemalas* hehehe

  2. I'm in love with Laneige products although I really find them expensive like international high-end skin care and make-up items. The product packaging presentation is also sleek and quite simple but elegant. The Snow BB Soothing Cushion sounds like a must-try. :) I'd go and check it out later!

    1. I've never tried their products before, i'm glad i can now-heard so many good things about them!