Me-Nail Exclusive 12 : Crystal Nail in H2 (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys!!!

So... errr, i completely blocked it out (you know, like a kid who refuses to do something he/she doesn't want to) but i actually have a few bottles of Crystal Nail that i haven't reviewed yet *sigh* #BADBLOGGER , the last Crystal Nail review i did was on the 1st of March, so it's definitely been quite a while-it's time to get on with it #slapsselfontherear !

It's my second to last bottle gifted by Me-Nail and it's this gorgeous glittery blue one!
Crystal Nail in H2
Again, i totally forgot to snap pic of the finished result holding the nail polish (oh i actually did, using my Ipad so it really doesn't count *LOL*), in my defense i actually painted (and snapped these pictures) during our South Korea trip, i even finished up the last coat in a cafe because i didn't have time!
H2 is a blue based nail polish with both chunky and fine silver glitters
I took the pictures in our Seoul hotel room and was quite surprised at how bright and awesome the results are #proudmoment
1 coat base coat + 1 coat of H2
Honestly, Crystal Nail is not really the most pigmented or opaque nail polish i've ever tried, especially the jelly-based glittery ones-they are all quite sheer in my experience (after 12 bottles i would say i'm definitely quite an expert on Crystal Nail!) but since the bottled color is quite bright, i was quite surprised when i applied it on and it turned to be very very light-almost baby blue!

I also completely forgot to snap pic of the second step (2 coats of H2) zzz, but it looked almost exactly the same as one coat anyway-very soft and sheer with scattering of glitters. Not that i mind, it's very pretty and as a pastel color lover, it's very pleasing on the eyes for me. I find it to be a wee bit uneven though, so i added a third coat.
Yep, that's me. In a cafe in South Korea. Doing my nails *LOL*.
That's how two coats of H2 looks like!
And that's the pic taken with my ipad, see how baby blue and pretty my nails were anyway? It's so different than the bottled color, but pretty regardless! Already so glossy without top coat too!
1 coat of base coat (Revlon Top Speed) + 3 coats of H2 + 1 coat of top coat (still Revlon Top Speed!)
I already accepted  (and embraced) the fact that H2 is never going to look like the bottled colors and it's actually baby blue, but after the third coat it's finally looks brighter (it's actually still sky blue instead of brighter like the bottled color, the picture above's slightly brighter than the color in real life due to lighting and other factors), and more importantly-opaque and packed with glitters, just the way i like it!

As usual, Crystal Nail didn't disappoint with drying speed, it dried out super fast even in the super cold weather (minus something degrees) *or did it dry even faster because of the weather? I don't remember if nail polish dries faster when it's cold or hot @___@ * something that i really love about Crystal Nail. I've ran out of Crystal Nail to try (not that i finished any of the colors, mind you! I think finishing up a nail polish would take me forever! I meant running out of new colors!) and finally been experimenting with different brands of nail polishes again-as i suspected... Crystal Nail really spoil them for me! If the other brands dry longer than a few minutes, i am ready to throw the bottle on the wall! (Well, figuratively. I'm not going to waste any nail polishes hahahaha).

And of course, the staying power's also AH-MAY-ZING-AH!!!! Stayed perfect for 11 (!!!) days before it started to chip! Such a perfect nail polish to apply just before a trip!

Crystal Nail's available in Me-Nail exclusively for IDR 60.000 per bottle after 20% off and you can get 10% off on top of that if you quote "Pink and Undecided" upon your purchase (both online and offline)!
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Wahahahaha my fingers look like sausages!

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  1. I love experimenting with different colors, patterns, and textures of nail polishes. Pigmentation and opaqueness are two important factors when choosing a quality nail polish. Compared to the brighter blue, the baby blue looked more pleasing and calm to the eye. :) Staying power is great, and I bet you can make it last longer with other nail nourishing products.

    1. Yeah, the baby blue's nice but i am not a fan of sheer nail polishes, you know-when you can still see your own nail beds!

  2. I really like the way 2 coats look, kinda soft and pastel. I don't normally like softer colours. Maybe I'm finally growing up! ;)

    1. Looks like everybody prefer the softer color, yea? It is nice though hehehe