Event Report : Celebrating Surabaya's 722nd Anniversary with Estee Lauder Indonesia

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Another event review for ya today, lots of them this month eh :D. We celebrated our beloved city's 722nd Anniversary (boy, isn't she old) with Estee Lauder Indonesia!
Thank you Sabsab for the pic! We all looked at different directions *LOL*
So i actually was informed about this event by Ms. Susi from Estee Lauder while i was attending another brand's even (she was like, pulled me to the side and said "Next week, we also going to have an event! Come ya! With your friends!"), she recognized me from the fashion show and she also stopped Sabsab and Kathy when they passed by (haiii Bu Susi!!! *wave wave*). She told us she'd contact us via Sabsab and sure enough, we were invited to this event last Saturday :
As you can see from the invitation, it is not an exclusive bloggers' event, but Sabsab was given the quota of 10 persons (not necessarily beauty bloggers) so we went and invited mostly our blogger friends anyway. There's also a way for Clozette members to attend and receive a goodie bag (which we're super envious about >.< more about that later!) so it's really an event for all Surabaya ladies. This has its plus and minus, of course...

The event started at 1 PM (and quite on time too!), i already made sure that i went earlier (i went out with #Undecided, A and Av beforehand-went to #Undecided's grandma's store to meet up with our beloved seamstress, we love custom-making our clothes now! The store's close by to CW already) but i forgot that it's a Saturday and the traffic to the West area on Saturdays are always horrible >.<-we were stuck at the street in front of CW for half an hour or so zzzz-in the end i was about 15 minutes late and the event already (just, thankfully) started. 

The event's held in front of their counter in Metro Department Store and when i arrived, i saw my fellow beauty bloggers cluttering around taking pictures of a model and MUA at the set up alongside with two MCs.
MC of the day's this hilarious pair. I don't know if i'm right, but i think the female host was also the woman who directed our fashion show last October? Her name is Ms. Wulan, i hope i got that right!
One of their prided products that were used and introduced during the event was the Advanced Night Repair, heard so many good things about it
So before the makeup demo begin, the MUA prepped the model's skin while Ms. Wulan and the Mas (i don't remember his name, so sorry!) explain them to the audience. Here Ms. Wulan's doing a little demo using Advanced Night Repair (i'm sorry that i don't have a more flattering pic of you doing it though >.<!). She actually asked one of us to come up and be the model for this mini demo but for some (highly unexplainable) reasons, we all froze and stared in horror *LOLOLOL*. I seriously have no idea what's wrong with us since we're used to this kind of things already!
Anyway, Ms. Wulan decided to do it on the model's hands instead hahaha. She applied Advanced Night Repair in one hand and not the other then sprayed them both (with water?) to show us how the hand without Advanced Night Repair couldn't hold on to the moisture and the liquid quickly fall off while the one WITH hold the moisture MUCH better! Amazing!
Another product that was used and talked about was Estee Lauder's Double Wear All Day Glow BB, i didn't even know they have BB Cream ^^ so it was interesting to see. Since it is a BB cream, of course the coverage is light and suitable for everyday use (and that's the look that the MUA created during the demo)-if you need more coverage then you can mix it with a foundation or add a bit of foundation on top of it
I dunno why but my stupid camera kept on focusing at the background and blurred out the demo! ZZZ. I didn't even realized it at the time >.<
The MUA blending out the BB Cream with a sponge. The two MC chattered on giving us information on Estee Lauder's products as well as small beauty tips while the MUA's working. They ask which one of us blend our base makeup using sponge, brush or fingers? I always use my brush! According to them, there's no right or wrong tool for this, anything that you're comfortable using! The MCs were quite engaging and kept on talking to us so it was not boring (or becoming some annoying noises at the back of our minds like some MCs can be *LOL*)
Add concealer where needed
Then set with some powder
Brow is tres importante, like i always say
Some light and simple eye makeup
And blush, smile! The MCs asked if any of us suck out cheeks in when we applied blush on? Of course none of us do *LOL*, it's a very outdated method and we're beauty bloggers so we definitely know better than that! Always smile and apply at the apple of your cheeks instead!
Finishing up with some lippie
The MUA applying concealer around the line of the model's lips for a neater result
Then she used lip liners, followed with lipstick and finally some gloss
The soft, natural and sweet result. I love how the MUA works swiftly but with great result. And when they said it's an everyday makeup, it's really suitable for everyday usage! I find it a bit amusing when the theme is everyday makeup but the end result is thick enough for attending an award show *LOLOLOL* (that means it's even thicker than normal party makeup!)
One more pic because this model's so sweet looking and always smiled nicely at us instead of glowering hahahaha
The talented MUA, love your work, Miss! I kept on telling my blogger friends how she works so fast with a nice result!
The products used in the makeup demo. I covet that gradient blush on!!!
Then there's also a second model :
I strongly think the model looks like.... errrr... a famous local celebrity (DOHHH i'm dying to link you to the celebrity LOLOLOL). The others strongly think so too, even my hunny (who loitered around for a while and came to visit us at some point) choked with laughter while agreeing with me but my blogger friends (and #Undecided) won't let me write the name of the celebrity here ZZZ. Can any of you guess? Please answer at the comment box below *LOL*
The MUA showed us how to draw some concealer on the face for some definition, highlight and illusion (you can see the pattern at the pic above)-oh yeah they already applied the skin care and base makeup beforehand
Powder on
For some reasons we felt like the model was not happy to be there *LOL*. I mean, look at her clenching her jaw! The atmosphere was very different than the first model and the gap between the audience and the demo got bigger because we felt uncomfortable and started to lose interest >.<
Finishing up
The end result. Still light and suitable for everyday look, of course. Love the MUA for the consistency! (pic by Sabsab)
The event really felt like a star-studded event because of the celebrity doppelgangers! Not only the second model, but the male MC really reminded me of another local celebrity! I couldn't put my mind around who he reminded me of and it's killing me-until Ms. Wulan called him "You, Nassar KDI!" and i burst out laughing, WELL OF COURSE!!!
Hello Mr. Nassar KDI's doppelganger!!!
It was a fun time, and we had a lot of laugh during the event, but i have to be completely honest (when do i ever not?), i did feel a little invincible *LOL*. After the event, nobody even said anything to us except to Sabsab (who's our coordinator for this event) even when we were standing in front of them filling in the registration *LOL*. I KNOW it's not a blogger event, and i don't even expect to be treated differently just because i'm a blogger, but even as a regular attendant-shouldn't they be more friendly to us? I've never been treated this way before and it kinda rattled me (not mas "Nassar" though, he's very nice and even waved to us when we met again later).

Maybe we're spoiled because brands are usually very welcoming to us (even during non-blogger exclusive events), i don't know. I'm writing this on behalf of my blogger pals, weirdly most of them were more pissed than me hahaha i dunno why i'm so chill... probably because i arrived late and didn't have to deal with being ignored and had to entertain myself like the others while waiting for the event to start *LOL*. So for brands, just a gentle reminder... Please be friendlier. We're definitely not goodie bag hunters (we all agreed to come to this event thinking that we're not going to get anything, so we're not there just for the goodie bag alright...) and the fact that we took the time to attend and make your event merry should be respected. We're not asking for much, just some respect we definitely deserve ^^.

Anyway, we decided to make the most of our time together (FYI, the main reason for us to attend event is to be able to meet each other and hang out!) and had fun ourselves.
Me being silly (pic by Sabsab)
Shasha saw the lounge and insisted to snap pic of "the posh spot" LOL
Nessya, Lina, Sabsab, moi, Shasha, Yessy, Lala, Dita and Oline

I was really surprised when i saw Yessy, who i hadn't met for a while not, arrived with chubbier face (because her face's normally very very small and longish) and big belly!!! Yeah, i didn't know she was pregnant hahaha. So happy for ya Yessy!
Of course, gotta make full use of out personal, living selfie stick :p
Had fun at photo booth too
LOL at the cowboy looking preggy lady! Oh yeah, dress code was Touch of Batik and my rangrang skirt is custom made, you can order Mindy Skirt in rangrang at @prestigeshopaholic !
Estee Lauder also kindly gave us a goodie bag :
With the Double Wear All Day Glow inside. I'm not going to lie, we're very jealous of what the attendance from Clozette received *LOL*
Thank you Estee Lauder for having us and for the generous goodie bag, my current fave foundation that i am using is Estee Lauder's that i received from their counter opening event, maybe this BB Cream would be my next fave?

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  1. Is the Estee Lauder's Double Wear All Day Glow B build-able, like you can make it thicker as you apply? How about the finish, more of matte or glossy? I like that the models turned out to look like wearing no makeup and only natural.

    1. I haven't actually tried it! I'll review it once i do!