Da Galz Gank Reunion

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Hello guys ^^...!

A very laid back and kinda personal joint post today hehe. As i'm sure most of you already know, the two writers of this blog, #Undecided and i (#Pink) are BFFs-we've been one since junior high school, approximately for 18 years now. Other than each other, we've mentioned three other girls for uncountable many times as our BFFs, G, A and W (if you know me in real life of in social medias then you'd easily know their real names too, but for a semblance of privacy we prefer to use monikers as much as we possibly can). We all met at that aforementioned junior high school and became close when we were in the same (funnest class EVER) class. 

What you might not know yet, is that we used to be a sextet instead of a quintet *LOL*.
The original formation LOLOLOL : CK, #Pink, G, #Undecided, W and A
The reason why you don't see her more often in this blog (but she's been featured here) is because she moved to Australia during high school. We did keep in touch (some years more than the other) and she sweetly kept us in her life's milestones, so we were all in her wedding (well, the second reception in Surabaya). Sadly she couldn't attend our weddings but air tickets from Australia to Indonesia aren't cheap okay hahaha.

I would be totally honest and there were times where i felt a bit disconnected with her, especially when we were in a very different life stages (i was married and settled *i got married at 23* and she was still partying non-stop) that made it a bit difficult to find common grounds and topics *LOL*. Everything changes (to the better) once she met her now husband, BR, she definitely mellowed and we found ourselves gravitating towards her again *LOL*.

Now that four of us are moms (still waiting for #Undecided and G to join da club!), we found even more things to talk about : our kids *LOL*. And how crazy is that three out of four kids are boys? I can see ourselves in 5 years going for a "family vacay" (maybe to Bali?) with hordes of kids, Baby Boy as the leader of course. Let's make it happen, yeah??

CK actually come back to Indonesia almost every year i think, but usually on December and that's when i go for my travels so more often than not, we don't get to see each other. Thankfully this year they decided to visit on January, as i got back from Jakarta after the South Korea trip, and we decided to have a little gank reunion!

A was super kind and took over the hosting part so we got together at her place which is super close to my apartment (hello, it's #Undecided!) so no complaint there hahaha... I seriously cannot remember the details since this get-together happened literally a lifetime ago (been so busy, no time to blog, what's new), but I vaguely remember riding with #Pink because hubby was busy with something else (or was it because I thought it was an all girls thing? I don't remember LOL). And when we arrived the babies were all inside A's room and I was genuinely surprised by how big Baby K is!! 

Me too! I actually saw Luca and Baby K lying down and thought to myself "Why is there two babies? Who gave birth and didn't let us know? LOL.
Luca and Connor
And here's Baby K, she's the size of Luca already!!! LOL.
#Pink's hunny instantly demanded for baby girl once he held Baby K hahahaha
Baby K's totally besotted to uncle C too, she only stopped crying when she was in Uncle C's arms *LOL*
The boys playing...
while the adults watching.
Aunties bought Baby Boy gifts and he was admiring them here.
The boys and their dads - where's Baby Boy's dad you ask? He was busy playing dad to Baby K hahaha...
Then out of the blue Baby Boy re-christened Baby Luca as Mini Godzilla because he was throwing toys at him!
No nap time for Baby K - she soon joined in on the fun.
OMG look at how much she looked like her daddy here, BB!
#Pink was like, "we need to snap a pic of this foreigner eating a lunch box sittin on the floor". She's crazy, I know :D
LOL, but isn't it hilarious??
Ah this I remember: A forgot to feed her baby!! Hahahaha... But he's being fed here, so no harm was done ;)
Hunny playing happily with the babies hahaha, i guess he misses having a real baby *sigh*. Anyway, he looks so cute here ^^
We've been friends for so many years... Looking forward to plenty more to come!
With the kids. I wish I could bring my three fur babies along! Next time we should do it someplace I could bring them, it's only fair right!! :D
W would probably start climbing things though!
No idea why Baby Boy posed like that LOL. I can't believe how big he is now... Not long ago he was this tiny baby, now he looks like G's hubby's little brother!
LOL, actually he was being tickled by G's hubby hahaha
LOLOLOL at Baby Luca wiggling his way out of his daddy's embrace!
It was a real nice, understated and relaxed time catching up! We're documenting this for our own memories' keeping sake, sorry if you think it's boring *LOL*.

Gotta go nag #Undecided to blog again soon coz we have stash of blog posts to do!

#Pink and #Undecided

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  1. Meeting up with your best-est friends to catch up for a small reunion always sounds fun. There are way too many things to talk about and it almost feels like it's yesterday since you last met because the closeness of friends is not waned. Talking about families and children is great so you have more people you can relate with. :)

    1. That's totally true, that's how you determine your BFF right, no matter if you haven't met them for the longest time, you'd pick it up right away!