Event Report : Bebe Spring 2015 Collection Preview and Fashion Show

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Hey guyssss :D!

I'm back with another FASHION event report, am i busy or what? LOL. Went to Bebe Spring 2014 Collection Preview pre-party then continued with the fashion show with Cynthian and Kathy last week (too busy to write sooner :p)!
Looking short once again thanks to these two's high heels (FYI : I'm taller than them both IRL *LOL*)
So actually my friend LL's the one who informed me about the event (but she ended up not being able to come herself :(, thanks to all the ruckus during May Day!).
Sounds like a fun event, so i contacted Tiara (first time i contacted a brand's PR first *LOL*, wonder if 2.5 years of blogging has thickened my once super thin skin?), she kindly replied and tell me to bring as many friends as i want (and even recognized me from my blog when we finally met at the event ^^, always a plus for a brand's PR to do that!) so i asked Kathy and Cynthian to come with me.

Hunny and i kinda got lost looking for Cynthian's house (it's very close to our place, but we've never been in that particular real estate and the GPS misled us as usual *LOL*) so we arrived at TP around 2.25 PM, thankfully the event was running late as expected-when Cynthian and i arrived there was no sign of the event going on-plus the staffs seems to still be arranging the place so we didn't dare to go in >.<. 

We decided to walk around for a bit *it was a bit stressful to do because TP during weekend is some sort of hell*, and finally went back to Bebe after half an hour or so-standing opposite the store staring in like two pair of fully made up stalkers *LOL*. Kathy was MIA (as USUAL) and cannot be contacted, thankfully (sounds like i was very thankful that day, yea?) she found us at Bebe and coz she's the least timid (i'd say shameless but then i might be in for a trouble hahaha) of us, we went in with her in the lead :D.
Bebe's team's a lot more alert than Furla's so we didn't have to face any blank face or confusion, they immediately greeted us and asked us to fill in the registration. We're also asked to write our names in a piece of paper for a little lucky draw (one of us got lucky! Read on to know who!) and then we're free to roam around and check out their store.
There's even 50% off discount for their older collections
It was not very crowded, some arrived very late most probably due to the road blockages and traffic jams from the May Day *sigh*
I like some of their clothing, but what really drew my eyes were their bags! Especially the little hot pink one!
Vlogger in action *LOL*
Then i made her pose *of course, whoever comes to an event with me would have to LOL*
And Cynthian too
The photo booth's finally ready so we head there!
If you're wondering what on earth happened because i was wearing a pants *gasp!!!* well that's because Bebe's image is not girly, i'd say they're more sexy, bold and clean. I don't do sexy so i decided to just dress simple. Plus fashion show's always freezing, i made the right decision to wear a sweater :D! Btw Cyntthian told me i still looked very girly zzz, there's nothing that i can do about that!
Selfie with Cynthian (who's just a year older than my eldest nephew *LOL*, told ya i hang out with my nephew and niece's peers now!). And yep, that's "feathers" on my arm, Kathy wouldn't stop making a chicken noise at me, that's daring considering she's wearing a hat to the mall *LOL*
#wefie. Hunny asked me why i looked like a vampire that day *double sigh*
After a while, the event's finally started (thank God, coz the waiter and waitresses kept on shoving canapes and champagne at us *LOL*, we were getting so full towards the end of the pre-party hahaha. But on a more serious note, it's a great thing that Bebe's team's on top of that. Merli told me some of the latest high end fashion brands' events ran out of canapes FTL which is totally uncool!) with the MC opening it up and followed by a little welcome speech by Bebe's Brand Manager, Ms. Imelda Jap. 

Soon, it was time for the lucky draw :
Kathy got picked!!! LOL. She was telling me how she's always unlucky in things like this and i told her that #Undecided would scold her if she heard that and tell her to think positively. The Secret works very fast! LOL
All three lucky draw winners
Guess what, her luck didn't stop there! She actually got picked as Best Dressed (thanks to her hat! Haha) along side with another lady (who got picked because of the ruffles *LOL*)
Best dressed winners
Cynthian was whining about not winning anything, so i told them to pose like this LOLOLOL, isn't her expression HILARIOUS???
Anyway, turned out that both presents are exactly the same-and they're not really Kathy's taste so she said she's going to have a giveaway! If you're interested in a Bebe blouse (it's white and dainty), then check out her Youtube channel, subscribe and wait for the giveaway! (yes, i should make Kathy pay me, i don't do free advertisement *LOLOLOL*. PS  : Brands please take note, do stop sending me emails asking me to write posts for you for free!).

We then just sit around, snack some more *LOL* of the free flowing finger foods (literally for me because the little cake that i had was so soft, it melted right through my fingers and i ended up licking them like some savage -___-) and chat among ourselves until it was time to head to the 6th floor for the fashion show. It was actually part of Surabaya Fashion Parade 2015 (which runs for a full week, if i remember correctly-and Bebe's part of the third day's parade) and there were a lot of stands where you can buy the designers collections at.
Viva Cosmetics (the official sponsor of this even, i guess, found a goodie bag with their body lotion's samples in out seats later because we're lucky enough to get in before most of the others *LOL*. And that's because we stood in front of the door for more than half an hour *sigh* at times like this i long for bloggers privileges *you know, like Makarizo* and decided that i probably would stick to beauty events from now on *LOL* #spoiledbitch)
Zalora's booth
Basha Market's Pop Up Store
Some designers' booths are strangely a bit protective and won't let Kathy shoot their stand-which is a dumb move for them *LOL*, why turn down a free advertisement??? FYI, we get paid to advertise in our spaces *LOL*. Seriously local brands and companies, get familiar with modern day's medias. It's pissing me off how stupid some of them can be (hey, i sound a bit angry in this post. Sorry, PMS-big time)
When we got bored of waiting for the door to be opened hahaha
Finally we're in! Unfortunately we didn't get  very nice seats >.<, it was at the second row but too far left *sigh*. I brought the wrong camera again, Marshmallow doesn't have its zoom in lens yet so i have to crop the pictures of the fashion show real small and most of them are taken from the side
Very crowded. I wonder why it's always so scary whenever there's this kind of shows in Surabaya, is it because we do not get enough events? Makarizo's was even scarier because people actually RAN in screaming all the way *LOL*, but we were seated in VIP seats for medias so we were fine back then haha
Look who we dragged in! LOL! My hunny's and Kathy's little brother boyfriend
Selfie first!
The parade was opened by Matahari Department Store with their collection "Bohemian Rhapsody Meet the Indigo"
I don't have a lot of comments for this collection, it would be interesting for you who are into simple, clean cuts with a flair of boho chic
Bebe's collection's up next! Their Viva la Vida collection's filled with sexy, flirty, floaty pieces with the most stunning bright colors! I am in love with the floaty high low floral skirt seen in the far right of this pic
Lace can be sexy too!
Naturally, i also love the dress version of the skirt i mentioned earlier. The turquoise dress' pretty stunning too!
Of course, there are black, white and other muted colors for the the color-phobe too haha
The soft mint dress (center) is very special too! We've noticed it since we saw it in their store earlier. Anyway, i recorded a little bit of the fashion show, sorry you can't see clearer due to my seat's position >.<!

Next was Embran Nawawi's "One of Another". I don't really understand male fashion (or care much about it) though, but it was still interesting to see. Hunny said that the purple suit ensemble looked like Joker's suit, clearly he's in the same page as me :p
I guess i'm conservative coz i find these earth colors to be so much pleasing on the eyes for men
I almost choked when i saw Abi strutting down the runway *LOL*, i hope he doesn't read this (if he does, errr.. Hi Abi!)
Then it was a string of parade by Ingenieux Surabaya's Young Designers :
Opened with Vone by Ivonne Magdalena (thank God i got the seat with the goodie bag because inside it there's a booklet for SFP, without which i would never be able to write anything about the parade!). I love love love the dramatic jacket, one of my fave piece of the night!
This floral dress' pretty awesome too!
Love the maxi dress on the far right!
Ivonne Magdalena
Followed by Sephora Batik (by Yuana Tanaya). I love these Surabaya designers' flare of creativity down to presentations-Sephora Batik's models were all wearing these getas! I saw a familiar face-Nanda (second pic from right) again haha
Love the way they combined batik with laces and tilles (which is probably my fave fabric, ever)
Yuana Tanaya
Things got even more interesting with the next collection, Scarab (yes, i even remember the collection's name!) by Yunita Kosasih
Yunita Kosasih made all her models walked in a very interesting way, like they were being slow-motioned then fast-forwarded. I'm glad nobody fell flat on their faces while doing the little runs on killer heels!
Y'all know how much i love flare skirts and dresses, so this one totally stole my attention
I also recorded a little video to show you the walk :
Yunita Kosasih
Next is Fonny Tunggal. Later i learned that Fonny is married to my university friend-and she's also friends with my cousin L. Small world! I think it's easy to guess i was enthralled by the floaty, pinky ones!
Fonny Tunggal's models were wearing interesting head pieces
Fonny Tunggal
Next : the (sweetest, IMHO) collection of Hanaika Heidi
I love the song selection (so cheery and appropriate with the vibe of the collection), the models were skipping happily with huge smiles on their faces, bare-footed and all
Hanaika Heidi
Inez Ayutiaz' collections' probably the one that most suited to my style and the most wearable for people like me hahaha. Love with simple but oh-so-special white dresses!
Inez also has some mother and daughter collections, i would definitely wear them if i ever have a daughter hahaha
The white and black dress' so mysterious looking, combined with the veil the model looked almost haunting -___-
Love love love these mother-daughter outfit too! The little model's so adorable too!
My fave collection of the night ^^
Inez Ayutiaz accepting gifts from her loved ones and admirers
Followed by Bobababe by Harumi Davita
Loving the tasseled clear umbrella hahaha, also love the super sexy and resort-like skirts with (the not so hidden) short skirt (or is it short pants?)
Harumi Davita
Last but not least, Ketik by Elizabeth Njo May Fen. Her collection's right up Kathy's alley with all the monochromatic, slightly boyish silhouette
I love the see through skirt! Totally into these kind of see stuffs now!
Elizabeth Njo May Fen
There was another collection up next by a guest designer (the booklet stated Danjyo Hiyoji but if i remember correctly they announced it was Gregorius Vici's). Since we were waiting for a very long time (standing up like some K-Pop stalkers waiting for the door to their beloved K-Pop star's concert to start. ZZZ. I don't think this is something i am willing to do ever again hahaha except if i am invited to cover the fashion show which means i can enter first as part of the media. Sorry for sounding like a such a shmuck, but really-waiting like that was not my cup of tea. I wouldn't even do that to meet whomever it is i am obsessed with right now) for the door to open and then some more for the fashion show to start, we were already very tired and sleepy by this stage. 

I guess real fashionistas would definitely find this whole thing enthralling (and wait until the end of the show for sure), and we loved the experience too but i guess we're truly beauty bloggers at heart because our staying power's so weak *LOL* (i'm guessing if it's a makeup thing we'd have no problem waiting even longer hahaha), and we decided to leave because the last collection would take a while to start and we're getting starving!

Hope you enjoyed my super long report, despite the way i might've sound, it really was a very valued and dear experience for me. My first ever full blown fashion parade. Here's to more new experiences to enrich my life!


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  3. great dresses, and pretty women, a great preview =)


  4. I won't mind digging into the older collection as long as I get the great half price discount. This shop is really filled with trendy items. I would love to check out the bag designs more. It's kind of Kathy to give away the prizes haha. Anyway, it's better than keeping stuff she does not personally like.

    1. Me too! I'm a bargain hunter! But their older collection's really not suitable to my taste so i didn't hahahah. Yep, it's better to spread the love!

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