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Yellooo!!!! #Undecided here... Yes, this blog STILL has 2 writers, this one just happens to be very lazy, and will come up with just about every excuse in the books to dodge writing. My latest one: nausea. Yes, I'm preggers LOL. And obviously I'm going to milk it for my benefit (i.e.: making hubby do stuff that he wouldn't normally do and guilt-tripping #Pink for nagging me just about everything), but this entry is not about me, so I'll just get on with it.

One of our bffs A turned 32 *gasp!!* in March. Geesh, it's almost end of May and we're only writing this entry now hahahaha... Can't even use blob (btw, I'm calling my fetus "blob" because it literally looks like one on that very first ultrasound session I got) as an excuse for this hahaha...

As a bunch of hmm... mature people, we hang out more and more during (as much to #Pink's dismay since she's our resident owl) daytime now, and this birthday party was no exception. She held it in Liberia. A very small and understated joint (esp. from the front), but was proven to be quite cozy. I give this place 8 out of 10 for attention to details. 
LOL, hi! #Pink here! I didn't expect #Undecided to just drop the pregger bomb on you liddat, we've been keeping it on the low down for a while-i guess she's a bit less dramatic than me (you know me, i'd like... Make a special post about it or something). 

bb, you can't seriously expect me to write a post about my pregnancy, yeah? Haven't you been reading? Nausea!! LOL.

But i'm glad the cat is out of the bag so i don't have to pick my words in fear of spilling the beans unintentionally! Lemme tell you something, pregnancy makes her scarier (and meaner. And lazier. The list goes on) but it's okay, pregnancy hormones is no joke you guys!

Anyway! Yes, it's A's bday post, why are we going on about something else hahaha (HEY, now that i think about it, why are A's bdays become the announcement times for us? Check this post from 2013 when we announced A's pregnancy! LOL). Like #Undecided mentioned, it was a lunchie (i could hardly open my eyes OMG, but sorry guys i think my bdays would stay dinners. At least i don't complain when yours are luncheons right??? I simply can't >.<) at Libreria, and i feel weird writing this because i plan to review the place (but dunno when, coz too much to write and i have long list of restaurants and cafes to review before Libreria's turn!), i went there a week before this but it's going to be posted later so it's like going backwards! Can you believe that we also celebrated G's bday here later??? Speaking of G, she couldn't come that day because her boss made her work. On Sunday. FHL.

For once i was among the first to arrive with the bday girl and her family-#Undecided arrived soon after. A already booked a table but they gave reserved us this horrible table on the second floor-it's definitely not big enough and the table's so low it's going to be uncomfortable for dining (you know, the low table with sofa kind which would be ideal for hanging out and sipping coffee/tea) so we had to wait around a bit more until we got a big enough table on the first floor.
#wefie first
Baby Boy amusing himself with a Mr. Potato Head toy provided in Libreria
A and Baby Luca who grows cuter everyday!
Av and Yuli came A LOT LATER. And to say that they were a tad overdress is the understatement of the day. You'll see why - scroll away. 
I asked Yuli to hold Marshmallow to snap the group pic, of course whenever my camera (or Ipad) is in someone's hand... It'd immediately be hijacked
Yuli was the designated selfie-stick of the day. And that guy can't pose normally to save his life (from Av that is!!!)
But in this particular pic i think he's showing his teeth because we kept on yelling at him to loh BB!!! LOL. Marshmallow's smile recognition feat is a bit weird, and it's hard to detect pearly whites at a distance i guess so Yuli did this hahahahaha FHL
See!! Everyone else looked normal but him. SMH.
Now this one, definitely
Liberia - just like more and more new restos now - takes your orders on a counter. They don't have waiter/waitress waiting *LOL - I amuse myself sometimes* on your table. And since the place is quite small, the line could be a bitch (people standing up - cramping the space - gazing up at unfamiliar menus) at times. But finally, this is what we ordered:
Egg-ben for moi. IMHO the hollandaise sauce was too sweet for my liking and the yolk wasn't runny - not my fave. I also had their salad (which #Pink didn't snap a photo of), but I can't remember if they call it cesar salad or whatever salad, but again, the dressing was too sweet and overwhelming, I couldn't even finish the small bowl of it.
Someone's burger. I don't remember who! Just borrowing it for picture taking!
Errr errrr... (yes, now i see why i can never be a food blogger)
My steak. I expected it to be worse *LOL* because non-steakhouses' steaks in Surabaya usually are... super bad. This one's not super yummy or whatever, but it's okay. The steak itself is a bit hard, but edible. The sauce's nice, the fries yummy and i love the veggies!
The pizza though... STAY AWAY from it! LOL. It's quite... Well.. It's not good (okay, it's BADDD). Very thick, doughy and it's definitely more appropriate to be called pizza bread than a real pizza. It'd be okay if it's bready but nice, but it's not *shudder*
This chocolate pie was yummy - best dish of the day for me. 
Yup, it was yummy. Hunny demanded a chocolate pie because the one he got from Food Kartel was dropped by my idiotic nephew (i repeat. And no, i am not mean-he's not 7 or whatever, he's pushing 20) the day before and he's been sulking nonstop LOLOLOL
One thing about us is, the older we got... The crazier our convos become! I dunno why, but we just keep on getting weirder i guess... You can bet non-stop laughter from our table whenever we're together *sigh*. Imagine how it'd be like on our 42nd bday...
The girls' OOTD (dress code was casual). I admit i'm probably not THAT casual (i mean... I don't do tee and jeans like #Undecided or tee and shorts like A!) but it's still plenty casual compared to Av with her pencil skirt, structured cropped top and heels!!! You tell me, which part of her outfit is casual, huh?
Bday Mum (bitch got her slim figure back and looking as fab as ever) and her lil family.
Luca, where are your shoes?! LOL.
There you go, peeps... Another one of our laid back, low key, birthday celebrations. It's definitely not where we celebrate, or what we eat, but the people we're celebrating with that matter the most. Happy 32nd birthday again, A!! Stay fab!


#Pink and #Undecided
There's nothing casual about Yuli's shirt and jeans as well, yeah?!
Probably Av's doing. That's his future, forever eating oatmeals and wearing formal clothes LOLOLOL

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  1. LOL. Pulin dropped the bomb just like that! Welcome to crazy hormonal jet coaster (pregnancy and after!). I still remember our chat about how out pets have occupied enough of our time and love. Well, I guess we just have another little monster to hug and love. I wish you all the health, Pulin! And I love your new bang! (or is it not new?) And happy birthday, Anas!

    1. hahaha... I didn't know how else to phrase it, Leets :D and thank you, it's been fun so far (being bitchier than ever to hubby that is)... My biggest worry is to maintain my time with my fur-babies, but then again I thought to myself, make it one big family event every single time, blob loves the dogs anyway (the only time I'm not nauseated is whenever dogs are present LOL). Bang's not new, it looks like that when it's too long, glad you liked it ;)

    2. Fur-babies LOL. Mine must be tempurung-babies? LOL. It's great that your li'l blob loves the dogs! He/he should do or else ;)

  2. a nice birthday and everything subsequently good ^^