Malaysia Trip 2015 (Part 3) : Bukit Bendera and FOOODDD!

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Hey guys :D...

Enjoying the weekend? I sure do... Other than the fact that i'm totally sleep deprived, i dunno why insomnia strikes again zzzz (it's been a while, my friend), i find it super hard to fall asleep and STAY asleep, no thanks to Surabaya's bipolar weather. After non stop heavy rain and flood, directly after the sonar eclipse PUFFFTTTT.. It's now super hot to a point where my skin pricks and itches *sigh*. I know i know, one can never be satisfied with any weather, it's true-but when it's causing a physical pain.... I really can't stand it!


I got a comment in a previous Malaysia trip post saying that the person can't wait for my next post on the trip-that's like... a super power mood booster so here i am, on fayah and continuing our Malaysia adventure! (Yes, that's a hint if you like a certain post, please let me know-i'd be more diligent when i know someone actually looks forward to it!)

Can you believe it's still day 2 (yes, we had a lot of destinations that day) and onto the final destination : Bukit Bendera (or Penang Hill)!
We came pretty late but thankfully there were still trains going up. I cannot remember the ticket price, but according to the information i gathered from several websites the fare is RM 30 for adult (return tickets) and RM 15 for kids 4-12 years old.
Please ignore my reflection, i didn't even realize that i would be visible in the pic hehehe
Found a nice brick wall and couldn't help myself...

Gotta selfie! You can see i wore my Burmese jade pendant that i bought from the souvenir shop in the hotel, it's somewhat like a good luck charm for me now. I also wore it to Japan. Didn't do much for my brain though, i still lost my phone (and the sucky insurance company kick so much fuss, they thought i am trying to pull an insurance scam probably, over an old Blackberry phone? Puh-lezzee! They're now on process of translating the police report to make sure that it's authentic WTF, i wanted to offer them to call all of the other tour members because they were all witnesses!!!)
Dunno if it's the angle but i think i was skinnier in June. Oh no. Must diet. ZZZ
Can't imagine how the coolies carrying far British officials climbing the hills -____-

The train is comingggg
Anytime, anywhere.. Must selfie!
Mummy and daddy at their 100th honeymoon *LOL*

The train ride uphill didn't take too long and we soon arrived at the destination!
Time to snap loads of pic. Hm, not only mummy, Little O also gain a lot of weight since June >.<
Yepp, it was very windy up there! Nice weather!
The weather was perfect, the view was breath-taking, unfortunately there were also a huge group of Malaysian officials having a political party campaign trip there -___-. They pretty much sabotaged the whole place and the train ride back later, there were so much drama waiting for us and we were blissfully oblivious at this point *LOL*.
See red spots and huts? Yeah, all them. Playing music super loudly as well. Not much difference than officials in Indonesia at all *LOL*
We still got to enjoy the view tho
Little O being super serious while looking through the binocular
The binoculars are so cute, colorful and all. I was very excited when i saw the pink one, of course!
Huge hibiscus larger than my hand
Windy selfie
LOL, love this pic!
Apparently Bukit Bendera is most alive during holidays/weekends, it was getting quiet when we were there because it was getting late (except for the political party, of course). We belatedly found an owl museum and all-sadly already closed at that time. Poor Little O. With nothing else to do... We snacked >.<!

Mango ice. I think ever since Taiwan, hunny constantly crave for that particular mang guo bing hahaha
It's probably... Ice kachang?
Yummy rojak
After finishing our snacks, it was getting darker and everything's closing down at Bukit Bendera so we decided to head back. Unlike the way up, the train station was super packed with tourists wanting to go down like us. There's a massive flaw in the train station's design, there's no fixed line. Although most of us tried to queue up neatly, there were a LOT of inconsiderate people speaking in Chinese (Cantonese, i think) who kept on cutting the line, so bad that we had to huddle together to block them from cutting the line. It's got to a point where some Caucasian tourists behind us began cursing *LOLOLOL*.

Not only that, they also kept on closing the entrance to the train because they prioritize the political campaign party's people -___-, imagine being stuck in a tight crowd, getting pushed by rude people and only a small number of people were allowed to get through each time. People were getting real mad!!!

And the mess didn't end there, when we finally got to the train, forget the empty and orderly train like you see earlier, we were stacked together like sardines! THEN there's a very rude and loud Chinese (hey, not being racist, i'm Chinese too you know! My mum said they're most probably local Malaysian Chinese or even Indonesian Chinese from Medan/Batam) group who kept on cutting the line from long time ago suddenly got into the same carriage as us. If they were to follow the actual line, they'd be in the third train after us, but somehow they cut their way in super human speed.

As they were very rude and all, nobody was willing to give them seat (obviously WTF) but some of them still forced their way in the seat so we resemble sardines even more WTF. They had some kids around Little O's age with them, and then one of them began rambling in their language. They probably knew we were Indonesian and most Indonesian Chinese (especially the young ones) don't speak Cantonese (not even Chinese. Like, 80% of Indonesian Chinese youngsters don't understand Chinese) so she was being very confident, scolding us calling us mannerless for not giving seats to the kids.

If you know me, you'd know i have a very short temper and i ain't afraid of confrontation. As soon as my mum informed me this, i got SUPER MAD. I started talking LOUDLY and scold them back calling them *(^!%^&#$( b*****d, mannerless f***wits with no brain. How dare they call us mannerless when they were the ones shoving, cutting their way in when the others were trying so hard to be orderly??? I called them names in English, Indonesian, Malay and then Chinese (yes, i can speak a liiitle Chinese, especially when i'm angry). That shut them up FTL and they didn't even dare to look at us anymore (i was glaring at them angrily, if looks can kill... they'd all be butchered up in no time).

Seriously people, can you be a little more... I dunno, normal? Be normal! And considerate, and polite! I also had a small kid with me, and my parents may not look that old but they're in their mid 60s already. If i see someone in dire need of the seat (not like i can stand anyway, it was so crowded i couldn't even move), i would gladly let the elderly/pregnant lady/person carrying a baby sit. But i WILL NOT give up my seat for mannerless f***tards!!! And yes, we're highly multilingual so next time you want to talk badly about us in front of us, maybe it'd help if you speak Russian/Arabian/Antartican!

Gets me all worked up thinking about this, ARGHHHHH!!!!



Okay, i'm good now. Our last destination before going back to the hotel (s. They were staying at the new hotel while hunny and i went back to the haunted original hotel) was supper. We asked the driver to take us to a dining place with lots of choices (not before he took us to eat a very expensive durian. Which was so bitter we couldn't enjoy it. Even more so when we learned about the price *LOL*. C'mon, we have lots of durians too in Indonesia-and we prefer the sweet kind *theirs are famous for having a bitter taste that true blue durian lovers sought after*! I don't even like durians much btw) so he took us to a open air, night market style food center not too far from our hotels.
Yes, another porridge, the kind that i am familiar with now hahaha
Oyster omelette. I think it's just my tongue, but i prefer the Singaporean version hahaha.
Some type of shell fish
And that's the end of day 2 for us! In the next post, i will be blogging about our visit to Tunner of Time! It's a fun one, please look forward to it! 


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  1. Baca post nya aku jadi emosi sendiri juga wkwkwk emang turis cina paling nyebelin tu, suka e nyrundul" seenak jidat berasa jalan nggon e mbok e dewe, ga tau aturan >:( Kemproh tenan meneh, bahkan toilet di Jepang yang biasane kinclong jadi kayak comberan kena turis Cina wtf. Pas di Changi juga aku pernah liat turis cina ngidu di lantai, padahal lantainya berkarpet yaowooh. Jibang bangetlah. *Jadi berapi-api sendiri haha*
    Makanan malay mirip" ya sama Singapore :D