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Hello ma dears!

Been meaning to blog about this since yesterday but i'm not feeling really well yet :(... And hunny also kept on distracting me zzzz. I clearly was sitting in front of my lappie, trying to blog and he had to turn on Running Man, of course i had to postpone blogging for Jong Kook Oppa, yes?

Anyway, usually i'd post my weekly haul post on weekends, but since i've finally finished my JB/SG trip's series, i decided to continue with the one thing i promised since quite a long time ago, the haul. I've warned you over and over again, i did shopped like a maniac on that trip *sigh*, especially at drugstores-so keep in mind that i DIDN'T spend THAT much (whatever that crazy figures you got on your brain right now, that's not the correct number!), most of the stuffs i got were on a promotion okay, you know i am a deal hunter and all. And they're DRUGSTORE stuffs lah, so very affordable okay!

Turned out i totally forgot to snap a picture of the whole haul together, which is a good thing because then you might really think that i'm a lost cause if you see all of the items together :p. (This is seriously like the biggest haul i've posted yet, and yes... I do tend to shop like this whenever i go traveling overseas FML) But here's a sneak peek into one of the biggest in numbers, stuffs i got from Watson's :p
But i did remember to snap a picture of all of the items together in a plastic bag hahaha...
Shopped at Watsons, Sasa, Guardian, Daiso and some Malaysian drugstores i cannot remember the name anymore
Fist store! Daiso :
I got quite a lot of stuffs from Daiso because like i kept on saying, Daiso in Malaysia and Singapore had a lot more varieties (especially in my favorite section : beauty!) than Indonesia. Plus their prices were also quite a lot cheaper (IDR 15.000 back when i went there-now the exchange rate's getting kinda crazy, i'm not really following the changes though-while in Indonesia their flat rate's IDR 22.500)

Stuffs i got from Daiso, colorful and pretty-and they looked so much more expensive than they actually are haha
Lots of bloggers raves about Daiso's facial cleansing stuffs, so i got those two-didn't they look pretty?

Of course, also dying to try out their famous charcoal line

Newest obsession : brush cleansers

I bought most of the items in Daiso in Justco, JB, but this one i got from Ion, Singapore. Just out of curiosity, if it's good then i can use it as my running-errands fragrance, if it sucks i'll use it as a toilet freshener. It's only IDR 15.000 anyway, nothing to lose

The only other item i got from Daiso SG, face washing brush that i heard was pretty good (from other beauty bloggers). I was actually hunting down the falsies clipper but couldn't find them in any Daisos that we went to :(
I also can never resist cheap and cute looking make ups, of course i do not have too high of an expectation on their performances, but for running-errand or practicing they couldn't be so bad either haha.
Daiso Glitter eyeshadows

And Gradation Nail Polish Sets

Also became so interested on falsies (despite the fact that i still don't use them much, only on special occasions) so i got this one (coz it's cheap right...) to try out Daiso's falsies' quality

Super KAWAII, no??? Like something a Sailor Moon would have (i'm Sailor Venus' fan, though)! It's a solid perfume! They had like five or so different scents with different "gem-stones" on the pots. I ALMOST got them in every scent just because of the packaging, but i snapped back into reality after i realize how many items i had chucked into my basket (we paid like, RM 90 in the end WTF, each item was only RM 5!) so i sneakily sniffed every single one (they didn't provide testers zzz) and thankfully only this one's nice smelling.
Other than the beauty stuffs, we also bought quite a lot of other items (hunny's stuffs for his gadget and home stuffs, also some snacks) that is not show worthy haha, but i also got these two stockings :
Stars fishnet tights that i already wore and loved
And this one that is yet to be worn
They had quite some interesting designs but since i've never bought any stockings there before i was kinda worried about the quality. I have gigantic thighs you know, i've ripped lower quality ones trying to get into them *FML* so i decided to get those two (tried to narrow it down to one but unsuccessful pffffttt) as a trial. Turns out the quality's pretty amazing! It's super stretchy i believe it can fit someone who has even bigger thighs than me *LOL*. Also looked very nice. I actually plan to review the thighs! My first fashion product's review! Haha.

Next shop : Sasa!

I actually got some lippies there too but i chucked all the lippies i got together, you'll see them below. They were having a promotion for their sheet masks, RM 10 for 4 (IDR 33.000 for 4)! Super cheap!

I obviously got this shower gel for the bottle...

It's not cheap either, RM 49.90 is like IDR 170.000? It's pretty huge, but still very pricey. But Sanrio leh, what do you expect? I hope the actual shower foam would perform well!

Yeah, Hello Kitty called and i can never turn her down...

RM 13.90, not super expensive but not cheap either

Honey sheet masks (always love anything with honey in it)...

And Oatmeal (also always love anything with oatmeals in it!) masks, RM 10 for all four

Sasatinnie face masks, also RM 10 for all four

Red Wine and Soya Milk masks

Honey Peach and Aloe Vera&Green Apple masks

Another type of Sasatinnie masks, still the same price

Anti-oxidant Regenerating and Detoxifying Oil Control masks

Intensive Sparkling White and Aqua Boost Moisturizing masks

Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water that i've reviewed HERE. I loved the tiny bottle i won from Elrica's GA so much i decided to get myself a bigger bottle. They had packages of two bottles for RM 44 or something (i forgot...). There's only one in the picture because we already took one off and used them to cool ourselves on the trip. Also used (and pretty much finished the first bottle) it on our Taiwan trip. Very recommended!
And Guardian... I love Guardian so much even though we got them in Indonesia, i still ventured into them overseas. They also happens to stock different brands on every country!

But i exclusively bought only Hello Kitty stuffs in The Shoppes in Marina Bay Sands' Guardian (also bought Centrums in Taka Guardian but vitamins are so not interesting i totally forgot to take a picture...)
AAAA Hello Kitty!

Hello kitty My Favorite Boutique Eau de Toilette

This one's only called Hello Kitty Eau de Toilette i guess hehe

I don't remember the price but it's surprisingly not expensive!
Hello Kitty Lip Gloss set

And Hello Kitty lip balms set!
Omo... i just can't say no to Hello Kitty lah! 

And finally we got to the first picture up there : Watsons!

Watsons always have these SGD 2 (which is around IDR 15.000 for the exchange rate that time so very cheap) promotional items, and even more : buy 10 get 11 that i deliberately got (kiasu max), i guess i was reminded not to be kiasu because something happened. I will tell you later. So lots of those stuffs up there i got for SGD 2 each (not all of them okay!)

These Silky Girl packages beckoned to me, a total sucked for a deal...i cannot miss any of the varieties available T.T... It stated SGD 9.90 (around IDR 80.000) which is quite very cheap already, but i think i paid like SGD 7.90 each because they were on a promotion (but i'm not very sure as usual :p)

This package got two fragrances and one lollipop lip gloss!

Lolly lipgloss, lotion, fragrance

Same as above, different variant

Lip balm, lip stick, two make up removers!
Heard great things about Nip+Fab and those small body butters were SGD 2 each, total steal!

Hello Kitty mask, got it because it looked so pretty (SGD 2 too)

Johnson's Body Care Melt Away Stress that i reviewed HERE

Got this one in JB actually. I really wanted to buy the white one because i've never tried it before but only the purple and pink ones got extra free little bottle! My inner kiasu cannot take not getting the better deal so i gave up and got the purple one that i loved anyway

Various cleansers

I love the real, Japanese Biore stuffs! Super pricey compared to Indonesian manufactured ones but the performance also like 100% better. I cannot use local manufactures Biore shower gels because my eczema would flare up madly, but i swear by the Japanese Biore facial stuffs. Every single one is divine!

Garnier Sakura White cleansing foam, which is a new item but i wouldn't be surprised if they make their way to Indonesia before i even try this out zzz

St. Ives Body Lotion from the SGD 2 racks

Nivea Aqua Sensation Cleansing Gel, also a new thing and super expensive for drugstore cleanser (SGD 17?) but i really wanted to try it out because it's so unique. Don't think this one gonna make their way locally anytime soon. It leaked a bit on my luggage that pissed me off!

Yup, obsessed with Japanese Biore, got the new jelly make up remover even though it's even more expensive (SGD 22?). Biore's oil cleanser's one of my favorite cleanser ever, so i'm always curious to try out their other types of cleansers.

Bifesta Cleansing Lotions, also from the SGD 2 racks

Silky Care Feminine Hygiene Wash, also from the RM 2 racks and this one caused the heartache i mentioned earlier. Actually not this one lah, i got another one in Eucalyptus and it leaked until it's EMPTY on my luggage! HUHUHUHUHUHU. Sure, i can count it as the freebie so i didn't lose anything, but as total kiasu like me cannot take that kind of thing! I howled and complained for days (and forced #Undecided to buy me a new bottle, which she obliged because she's a good BFF LOL). Even worse i had to clean up the mess until my hands became wrinkly and super dry. The floor also became very soapy and slippery. You know you had to use only a few drops of this feminine wash everytime, imagine cleaning a full bottle's worth of liquid! I could've used it for months! HUHUHUHUHU
Another item from the promo rack, Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion, i think it's available in Indonesia-i just didn't know back then :p. Plan to use this to soothe and make Baby Boy sleep easier when we go to Bali next month :p. Let's see if it's really gonna make him relax and sleepy!

Super Fruits body lotion, apparently also available in Indonesian's Watsons (i saw it when i was in Jakarta) but i didn't know because we don't have Watsons in Surabaya *sulk*

Essential Hair products, all RM 2 each

Essence nail polishes which are super cheap too (SG 2.50 each? Something like that). Plan to try out a lot of other Essence products in the future, they are oh so cheap and fun! (I'm currently using their pressed powder, which is pretty good too! Review soon!)

Disney's Shimmer & Shine Lotion SGD 2. I know i'm not a little girl and i don't have one, but i do love meself some glittery thingy. I like to use them to parties haha

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, it was pretty expensive but i was really curious. Never heard of deodorant crystal before, wonder how they'd work!

I love Playboy's fragrances and own almost all of them (except one), so when i saw this new variant... Gotta get it!
Here's the lippies i got from various drugstores i already mentioned above :

If i'm not mistaken (too lazy to check) this cute ducky lip balm was from Malaysian brand, Blush

Clearly got it for its packaging, not expensive at all either. My niece BB also got one for herself in another variant

AAAAA Silkygirl Pop Soda Lip Jellies!!!! They are a lot cheaper in Malaysia (obvi, because SilkyGirl's from Malaysia!) than locally so went a little crazy (ironically, they are now on a promotion in Guardian as i typed this, roughly selling at the same price as i got them in Malaysia). I got one in Strawberry at a drugstrore in Justco and the rest from Sasa later on. I totally forgot what flavor i already got and went by the color of the flavor indicator (see i got two of the Strawberry ones but their color indicators were very differently colored!)-turned out i already had the Strawberry one! But never mind, i wore one non stop in our Taiwan trip and used more than a quarter already-which means i will go through each tube FTL anyway
Oh these lip glosses weren't from drugstores lah, got them from Forever 21-also on promotion SGD 5 for three!

In2it Gel Tint, also super super cheap like... RM 6 or something (less than IDR 20.000)

I used to think that lip tints were not for me, this little thing made me a convert. I swatched it on the store and fell in love with it immediately! Now regretting why i didn't get them in every color! So so CHEAP!
I also bought some stuffs at Sephora :

Yes, only these two
I love those Sephora fragrances, why did they come in such tiny bottles though? I wish they sell the bigger size as well. So expensive for such a tiny bottle (can't remember how much, less than SGD 10), i want like... almost all of them but forced myself to get only one. This one's my fave, Fleur de Coton
Yup, told ya, obsessed with brush cleansers

Oh, this Hello Kitty rubber bracelet was the token item i got as a memento of our visit to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town
Those are all of my beauty related haul! I know there were a lot of items, but at least i didn't buy a lot of make ups! Only lip glosses and lip balms as usual LOL WTF. I also forgot to take picture of one item, a Veet removal cream (different one from the ones we have locally in Indonesia) *LOL*. I think i'll review it anyway so you'll get to see it eventually. 

I didn't buy a lot of fashion items since you know Malaysian fashion was not really my cup of tea while the prices (even with back then-currency exchange, which was not as crazy as the current one yet) in Singapore made me lose any interests in their fashion items, but i did get some. Almost everything was from Cotton On *LOL*.

The only fashion related item i got in Singapore-Stradivarius' Indian inspired head band with tassles
I only got them there because i took too long to get one in Indonesia's Stradivarius (because normally i don't justify paying IDR 100.000 or so for a headband) and they were sold out, and i really really wanted it so i got it immediately when i saw it in Singapore (then i might or might not see it on sale in Bandung, i could be confusing it with some other headband i also got from Stradivarius!)

Cute White and Blue Checkered Sunglasses from Cotton On
Cotton On triple layer braided bracelet with charms

Cotton On Cute layered bracelet
Clothes all from Cotton On as well

Grey peplum skirt
Shift patterned green skater skirt

Baby Blue mini skirt

Coral lace bodycon skirt
Panther tank top, that is like three sizes too big (got it in L) just because i really really liked it and it was the only piece left. I like how Cotton On's sizes makes me feel small LOLOLOL

All of those items from Cotton on was under RM 30, most of the skirts were like RM 15. Extremely extremely CHEAP. That's why i love Cotton On so much. The quality's pretty great and their sale are always crazy. I know there's Cotton On in Jakarta already but sadly i think it's nowhere near as cheap as Cotton On in Singapore or Malaysia. What's new right, any high street brands immediately became high end (on the price category) once they arrived in Indonesian. FOL.

I initally wanted to include the hauls i got right after in Jakarta (because it was still the same trip afterall) but i realized i haven't taken pictures of some items i got in Jakarta, plus this post is increasingly becoming crazier and crazier. I gotta stop now!

Hope you enjoyed peeking into my crazy haul!


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  1. ciciiiiiiiiii.. haulnya cetar badai nih T____T banyak banget! HK stuff sama fashion teteuuup yah masuk list xixixi
    ak jg suka banget sama bio essence, ga bikin kering, klu panas lgsg semprot aja hahaha
    duuhh tanktop macannya cakeppp T_______T

    1. Iya Wie, kalo lg belanja gitu suka tiba2 gelap sadar2 sdh bawa kresek segede gaban2 *emangnya kerasukan* hahahaha
      Pake Bio-Essence yah? Emg enak banget, aq malah pernah nyoba pake itu doank buat moisturizer!
      Tanktop macan nya gahar yak? Hahaha

  2. bebeknya unyu sekaliiiii *salahfokus*

    1. Ih emang unyuu, serasa ingin beli semua warna *eh*

  3. cleansing foam daisonya cute banget ciii :D

    1. Eh ada Rini ^.^... Iya cute yaa, pilihan warnanya pastel2 gituu

  4. ahh pengen garnier sakura itu :)

    1. Mgkn bentar lagi msk Indo say, cepet kalo Garnier kayaknya :D