(Almost) The Last December Haul

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Hi guys!!!!

#Undecided and i (and our hubbies+Baby Boy) literally just got home from our weekend out of town! We had a great time for sure! And we took lots of pictures to show you guys, we'll blog about it probably next week, so stay tuned for our short trip's report, okay! We're totally trashed *naturally*, but really, blogging is so addictive for me i feel the strong need to upload something today! No haul post yet this week, so i'm gonna whip out one of my drafted haul entry, written a few weeks ago *LOL*. Enjoy!

Weekly Haul Post Start HERE :

I’m actually having a very lazy Monday here (yes, you read right, Monday. Envy me? You sould LOL, sorry sorry I cannot help myself :p), just feeling very tired and don’t feel like doing anything. But I actually felt bad because I feel like I need to be more productive, and since the only thing I’m doing right now (other than watching and guarding my Baby Boy study (yes, it’s a struggle, had to fight him most of the time so he’d study) and ermm, shopping  *which, especially for clothing shopping, I decided to put on a hold for now, as in I’m not gonna buy them in bulk for… er… as long as I can. But that doesn’t mean I won’t buy one or two every week, that’s just impossible I’m afraid*) that counts as doing SOMETHING is writing, I decided to force myself to write an entry. Not in the mood for anything deep and emo though, so I’m just gonna write one of my favorite things to write : shopping haul!

All of the stuffs here were bought last December, told you I still go some hauls to cover *seriously, holiday sales are killing me*. More clothing and guy items here. Let’s see what we got here *rubs hands excitedly (to be honest, I shop way too much I don’t really remember what I’ve bought, these entries serves as a journal for me :p).

First stop : Marcs & Spencer. I don’t normally shop at Marcs & Spencer because I think they sells granny clothes with super huge sizes (but I like their toiletries, and I used to be crazy about their chocolate pralines in Marcs & Spencer Singapore. I remember stashing their biggest chocolate pralines box in my drawer in my tiny little room in our Singapore condo and eating them one by one whenever I crave them, actually took quite some time for me to finish them since I’m not huge on sweet things. My mum would definitely kill me if she ever reads this but since she doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer there’s gonna be zero chance for her to do that hihihihi) but once I found a satin tunic for IDR 68.000 (their clothes usually priced IDR 300.000 and above, up to IDR 1.500.000 and more), since then whenever they are having a big sale I’d drop by (my favorite branch would be the one in GC, it’s huge and have the best items, never bothered with other branches coz they’re so much smaller and uninteresting to me) and search high and low for something reasonable-priced.

I got myself this pale blue (slightly grayish) sun dress :

I actually liked this dress from a very long time ago. It was priced IDR 799.000. Who would buy an IDR 799.000 sun dress? Not me.. then some time ago it was on sale and priced IDR 300.000 or something. I still wouldn’t buy it. And it’s now finally priced at IDR 159.000, I quickly hunt for the most wearable size! I got it in size 8 because it’s the smallest size I could find (I’ve no boobies, remember), it’s one size too big but I’ll make do! It’s very pretty on! 

Oh, one thing about me : I cannot pull off most hats. My forehead’s narrow and my head’s a bit small (which is weird because I am smart *smug*) so most hats will completely cover my forehead, even my eyebrow would be covered and I’d look like a crazy person. I can pull off cutesy cartoony hats, weirdly enough *____*, but I finally found one hat that looked decent on me! Here in Marcs & Spencer! The only problem is? The only size available was an M and it was HUGE. -___-. No way in hell I could wear it properly, it’d fall off within a few secs. And no smaller size available. HUHUUHUHUHU. So I bought these instead :
Two rings sets

Three stacked bronze rings with diamante and faux pearl. See how my fingers can only wear size M-L rings but my head would only fit a size S hat? Sad. Oh so sad. Anyway, this set was originally priced at IDR 199.000 and I got it for IDR 59.000.

Platinum plated rings set of two with diamantes. So pretty, clean and chic. Kinda reminded me of designer  rings (I cannot remember what though, Chopard? I think Chopard yes). They were IDR 249.000 and I got them for IDR 79.000.

Actually you can get more discounts if you use BCA credit card (additional 5% or something) but since all of my purchase had been discounted for more than 50% I was not eligible for more discounts. Shite.

Oh, and we went back to (X) S.M.L because, did I tell you I have a thing for guys in cardigans? Yeah, I do. And there’s a very nice cardigan with patched elbows there (it was still on a huge sale then) so we went back and hunny ended up buying it. 

This was originally priced at IDR 439.000, it was on a 50% off + additional 10% using BNI credit card so we paid IDR 197.550. Not as much discount as the first buy but still a pretty good bargain.

I remember writing a status on facebook that day, it was an unexpected shopping day because all of us (mummy, daddy and Baby Boy) all shopped. Bought Baby Boy toys (yeah, we spoilt him, I know) and a cardigan that he wore at Bali. Too bad the only one with his size is in Navy. It’s very nice, but I’d be happier if the grey one’s available so he can match his daddy. Should’ve bought the Navy one for hunny too but the grey one’s way nicer zzzz.

Anyway, that was only batch one.

Here’s batch two :

Hypermart and The Body Shop (again) LOL.

I promise you, this is my last TBS haul… on December. Naturally I bought some more stuffs on January since I had to use the vouchers I got before they expire right. Bought these TBS stuffs on Christmas Day, yeah we only went to a mall that day since we’re not celebrating Christmas LOL. Oh, should’ve went with #Undecided and hubby (and we wanted to do a gift exchange where we’d go our separate ways and buy an IDR 50.000 worth of pressie and then exchange it between the four of us but on the day, actually the day before but it went on until Christmas, they got into a big fight and refused to go out. Newlyweds. *shakes head sadly*)

Since it was Christmas I dressed up in a red knitted dress (you can see my outfit here), big mistake. Turned out to be a very hot day and the stupid mall probably reduced the air conditioner because it was hellishly hot that day. And I was very sleepy, asked hunny for a cup of coffee but he said later, big mistake. I got really cranky and annoyed. We went to TBS then, and the cashier pissed me off even worse. I asked her to separate the bills (done that at other TBS outlet, so it’s doable) and she first said okay and later said it cannot be done. OMG. Hate stupid people, cannot stand them grrrrr!!! (getting all worked up remembering this). 

It was Tuesday and as usual we used our BCA credit card to get the buy 1 get 1 pomotion and I wanted to score one more voucher so I wanted to make it to IDR 350.000 but since the cashier was so annoying and stupid I cancelled at the end and only bought those stuffs below (and let hunny paid it while I storm out of the place, it was driving me crazy. And hunny’s indecisiveness made me even madder. Hunh. Libra guys, horrible at decisions making).

I mainly went there because I wanted to purchase an eyelash curler since mine kinda broke at Bali (but apparently after I replaced the rubber part it’s as good as new), I bought it as a Get 1 for free (Original price IDR 59.000, I was surprised, was expecting it to be a lot more expensive).

But I hated this curler :(. I wanted so badly to like it but it couldn’t make my eyelash curl at all. It’d end up semi curled and limp, and after I applied mascara on them they’d flop halfway down, how disappointing :(. I think it’s okay for those who likes natural, subtle looking eyelashes? Doesn’t work for me though. I’m purchasing some fake lashes and going to self-learn how to stick them on, I think this curler will help to curl up my own lashes first so it’d blend with the falsies (because my signature ostrich eyelashes would probably be too curly to top up with a falsie?), I’ll see if it works, if it doesn’t I think I’m gonna give the curler away. I got it as the free one, so I bought this as the Buy 1 :

Rainforest Shine Shampoo. Well, actually it’s for hunny. His hair seems to work well with TBS shampoos while mine cannot (my hair would be all tangled up and gritty, tried using TBS shampoos before. My stupid hair loves drug store brands like Dove and Pantene and isn’t compatible with more expensive shampoos LOL). it’s IDR 149.000. It was a bit of a desperate buy because I couldn’t find anything else to buy (my fave TBS outlet’s still GM’s, this one in CW’s slightly better than TP but still sad and miserable, plus they were still banding most of their stuffs together as a Christmas Package). We’re on a mission to rescue hunny’s thinning hair *LOL*, who knows a more expensive shampoo might help? *wishful thinking*. And then these are the second sets we got :

Cranberry Joy Shimmer Lotion IDR 139.000 as the buy 1 and Cranberry Joy Shower Gel for the Get 1, free (original price : IDR 89.000). I really love the smell of this series! I want the cute lip balm too (like the ginger one I bought earlier), should i? I still have one more IDR 50.000 worth of voucher left, I just might… (actually I MIGHT already did :p)

Then I also shopped quite a bit at Hypermart since they were also having a sale so I just stocked up on my daily needs.

Veet hair removal cream, I am recently addicted to them. I don’t dare to wax and I heard shaving would make the growth seems thicker (or at least pricky). I’m not extremely hairy and Asians are not as fanatical as Caucasians when to comes to hair removal (because I’m oriental and not very hairy so I wasn’t very bothered before) and my mum always forbid me to remove my legs hair, but I got  free gifts from Veet before from a twitter contest and used them up, then got hooked immediately. I still don’t use them regularly though, only before special occasions haha sorry if you find it weird :p.

Also stocked up on Acnes mask, my current fave face mask (I’ve written a review on them, I’m gonna upload it soon), it was IDR 12.000 or something (normal price IDR 16.000 or 18.000, I’m not very sure, sorry I didn’t keep the Hypermart receipt) so I bought half  a dozen. I’ve used almost all of them up though, only one left and I’m gonna use it tonight. Thank God I’ve purchased new pack of masks from Sasa and they had arrived (I love Sasa’s expedited shipping, took less than a week everytime!!!).

Proof that I love Acnes. Bought the powder lotion (which I use after cleaning my face and before putting on any make up, it helps with my oil problem. I’ve finished three or so bottles so far but at the moment I am using Oxy’s) and foaming cleanser as well (really love them too, highly recommended) since they were all on a discount. I am the kind of person that stocks up like crazy when stuffs are on sale. If I live in the States I’d definitely be one of those crazy couponing people, I’d be good enough to appear on the reality show, lemme tell you! Acnes’ definitely one of my favourite drug store brand.

Those are all for now, lots more to come *yeah yeah, I’m a maniac*, hope you enjoyed my haul :p! 




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