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Hi guys…

So I said before I won’t make clothing haul posts, right? Well, I change my mind… a little bit. I will show you some real good bargains *so far this would be limited to offline purchases with huge discounts, I might change my mind again in the future though :p*. (i already showed you my clothing hauls in my Bali reports to begin with)

This haul posts will contain a few clothing items and even guy items *my hunny’s, obvi* but there will be more items than just clothing. All of these stuffs were bought at December  (and written on January, clearly a weekly haul posts isn’t enough to show you my shopping finds FML. And I still have some more December hauls that I will post as soon as possible, all the Bali reports made me have to push all the other posts back *sigh*.

Anyway… Here they are

First item : A thin crème cardigan from Cache Cache. Do you know this brand? I think it’s from France *hence the name* but I could be wrong, I am quite horrible with locations *and to think that I am a certified Tour Leader, major FAIL!*. I first got to know this brand when I was in my dunno-what-number honeymoon to KL on late 2011. We went to Sunway Lagoon (for the hundredth time… okay maybe 4th, but it got so boring after the 2nd visit, but that last visit was slightly better because there were new attractions, the Ghost House being one. Very scary but entertaining. Not as scary as the one in Genting though, that one made me cry FML) using an AsiaGo mini tour (including pick up and drop off plus entrance fees) and we finished much earlier than the actual time we’re getting picked up (because it was so boring LOL) and obvi we chose to go to Sunway Mall next door. Discovered to-die-for cupcakes there but that’s another story altogether.
Want some? hehe
One more pic to tempt y'all :p

So we went around and I saw this Cache Cache store having a huge sale, and what do you expect? Me and sale. We’re like Siamese twin, unseparable. So I went  in and spent a LONG time there and I got myself and my mummy cute tops with a very affordable price! The discount was no joke! Obvi I cannot remember the price now :p. Then last year when I went to Jakarta I discovered there’s Cache Cache too there! Somehow the clothing section in Jakarta’s store SUCKS, but the accessories section was GREAT! Obvi I went nuts again. 

Then recently *A few months back* Cache Cache opened a store in Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya! Yay! *now if only Forever 21, Cotton On and H&M will open here too, I can die peacefully* The clothing section’s not bad but the price is very bad (as in very expensive) so I never purchased any clothing there *only accessories again when they had a sale* until the day that I went out with LL. Remember this post ? LL purchased a cute fluffy top and pants *they were matchy matchy, but sold separately* and spent a fortune even though it was already 30% and 50% off *LOL*. Stingy me obvi keep on checking on the price tags and mainly hanging out around the 70% off rack and I found this :
Closer look of the pattern
So much prettier in real life. This was IDR 275.000 before discount, after discount? IDR 82.500 *SCORE!!!*, it was a tad too loose on me *size : XL. I usually wear M for international brand, sometimes L if the cutting’s small* but they said it was the last piece and there is a tie in front of it so I can just tie it real tight and it wouldn’t be a problem! I also got this 

A very fine triple layered pink and gold necklace, so pretty!! Look at the dainty little charms! Perfection! I don’t know the original price since I threw away the receipt and the original price tag’s been ripped, but I’m guessing it should be around IDR 75.000-95.000 (based on their other necklaces price) and I paid IDR 30.000 for this *huge grin*.

Next item is from (X) S. M. L. Those of you who are not Indonesian might not be familiar with this brand, this is a luxurious Indonesian brand. Their price range is about the same with Zara or Mango (oh yeah, those two brands are oconsidered luxurious here because they are sold on such a ridiculous high price, I only shop there when they are having a huge sale). I went to GC with hunny without any plan to shop (I think we went there for a movie, I cannot remember what though… was it The Hobbit? Hmm…. No I think it was Stolen), but when we pass (X) S. M. L I cannot resist to drag him in, i knew it was on a big sale and I thought we can look for jeans for him *he needed new ones desperately, he always refused to shop for jeans, preferring gadgets FHL, and he ruined some so he is running dangerously low on jeans*.

But we got this instead : 
Hunny’s always wanted a coat, he has this crazy fantasy in which he is wearing a trench coat and a huge ring and told me to call him Don C. ROFL. He is such a nutcase. But he really wanted a coat of some sort but can never wear them because he is extremely hot blooded that even when I am shivering he remained unaffected. He sweats like a pig LOL, he absolutely live in the wrong continent. Anyway, since we’re planning on going to Europe this April then he can wear this hopefully, it’ll be spring and probably won’t be cold for him but I hope it’ll be cool enough for him to wear this *LOL*. This coat is on a 50%+20% (+10% more using BNI Credit Card) sale, original price was IDR 729.000, we paid IDR 262.440. Not bad for a coat right!

I looked for stuffs for myself but didn’t find anything too interesting since their style is a bit too casual for me but then I saw this in the 70% off section

Closest *LOL*

A simple tank top with a twist. The back side is longer than the front and there’s a pretty “badge” made from shiny opaque acrylic stones and sequins. It was IDR 269.000 and we paid IDR 72.630 for it.  Later I saw a black version, very rocker chic and I’m thinking of getting it too…. *No #Pink, stoppit stoppit!*

I also went to Stroberi because I just realized my pretty Anna Sui look-a-like little comb that I bring everywhere to comb my fringe was broken *cries*. It’s very cheap but it’s very pretty, a lot of people mistaken it for a genuine Anna Sui comb (once L’s snotty friend commented on it “Oh! Anna Sui?” and because I am not a liar I said “no, a knock off. Got it from Stroberi”, I didn’t know then that this girl was an ass and a branded-itemzilla (but like, middle, not so expensive ones. Not like designer brands one. How weird. I really hated this person. L has such weird friends, ZZZZZ. She later mocked and made fun of me for using a fake, but she picked the wrong person to pick a fight with. L said my replies were really cruel and degrading, LOL. What else did she expect???)

But they had no stock of the exact same comb *sobbing hysterically* so I settled for this one

I will look for the same old comb in other Stroberi though! And once I stepped into Stroberi… I cannot help myself but shop some more *sigh*…

Those two diamante rings are so much prettier and bling bling in real life, I dunno why my camera cannot capture the sparkle *is it time to let hunny get his coveted Galaxy Camera? Arghhh noh!!!*, it became so dull in pictures :(. Mind you, it’s not like I cannot afford real diamonds, but I love costume jewelries  because I like to wear different ones everyday, and I’d be so paranoid wearing diamond stuffs in everyday life *I lost diamonds from a ring before, this was really traumatizing for me zzzz*. You should probably figured out by now, I am an accessory junkie, I cannot go out without piling on them *tastefully, not like a crazy lady*, I’d feel naked without them!

A dainty Hello Kitty face! Dunno if you know this but I’m a HUGE Hello Kitty lover!         

A dainty er… bow? LOL. Dunno how to describe this.
So that’s my haul post for today, still plenty of other hauls to cover *sigh*, my writing cannot catch up with my shopping. Story of my  life.

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