#Undecided's Valentine's Day

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Hi loves... How are you doing today? I hope you guys are all having a fun and/or relaxing weekend. I'm writing this entry on a Saturday night in a Starbucks joint while hubby and my bro are busy browsing for koi fishes, but since #Pink has uploaded her entry, I will save this one as a draft and publish it tomorrow. (I seriously don't know why I'm telling  y'all this, but I guess I love putting backstory to everything LOL).

Anyway, I know it's Feb 16th today, but I would like to share what went down on my Valentine day. 

Here goes.

Btw the weather is so crazy lately, don't you think?! It's so hot in the mornings and always raining at night. No wonder I'm not 100% healthy until today. Hmph.  

*ahem* Yes, you're right. I'm trying to make this post longer. LOL.

Sorry. Hehehehe.

Okay seriously. Here goes.

Unlike #Pink and her hunny, hubby and I never celebrate Valentines day. Both of us are the most unromantic people there is. No, scratch that. #Pink is not a romantic either, but she is the type of person who would use whatever reason to celebrate. Yes, she's that jolly LOL. So last Thursday was just another Thursday but it was quite special because it was a homecoming day for our new baby.

No, not Kalista - but kudos for those who had her in mind because that means you've been reading this blog religiously :) 

Our new baby is Jerome. A long haired German Shepherd. Hubby actually purchased him around a week after purchasing Kalista but we've been keeping him low key because we didn't want to alert my mother (she's a dog lover but we already have 3 Golden Retrievers and they're quite a handful especially during the no-maids times, she would freak). Hubby said that we should just surprise her and since we have already purchased him there would be nothing she could do LOL. Well that or trying to pass him for Kalista and when Kalista arrives, well... that would be another problem for another day. LOL.

Anyway, mother finally found out on Thursday morning and thank God that she didn't mind LOL.

So, here you go, peeps. Our new baby Jerome. Isn't he's a beaut!! 
aaaaaaaaw *in love*
one more - up close to his face

So, no candle-lit dinner for hubby and I. But a nice long walk - with our pack. Just like what Cesar Millan says, a walk is what makes a pack and since Jerome is a newbie, the best way to introduce him to our Golden Rets is to just walk everybody together. And we did.
our new pack - after the walk

I am thrilled to report that Jerome was well received and he has made quite a bond with Denzel (our male Golden Ret). And just after 3 days, hubby has managed to walk him off leash today (yes, he is that good with dogs). 
Jerome - earlier today - walking  (well cooling down after a walk) off leash
I can only wish that we will do this well when Kalista arrives. I wonder how big she is now.

Will let you guys know how it goes.

#Undecided the Dog Whisperer Wannabe

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