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How's your day, peeps? I'm having a mixed feelings one haha. On one hand i am still sulking because i am not well yet (keep on coughing like my lungs are gonna jump out of my throat sometime soon zzzz) and i just got a frustrating BBM from Baby Boy's tutor (who in turn, got informed by his class teacher) about his horrible Chinese midterm test (since when Primary 1 students got midterm tests anyway? Sounds so serious. I really cannot remember doing anything much than learning how to read, write and spell on my P1!) result, not because he couldn't do it (he got 91 remarks on the test before) but because he wasn't in the mood and refused to do the test properly. ARGHHHH!!! I'm sure it's below the set limit (you know, under 60 maybe?) because the lao shi sounded really frustrated as well.

It also frustrates me even more to turn into one of those annoying mummies who stress about their kids' test results like their lives depend on them. GYAAAAAAAAAA!!! But really!!! I mean, he obviously is smart and can do well if he sets his mind into it, but it's so hard to make him want to!!! Any advices *frustration demands*? Should i drag him for a hypnotherapy so he'd get a little bit more ambition and motivation? Haih...

On the other hand, i am super happy because we (well, me really) managed to book all of the hotels (staying in three different hotels zzz) and Hong Kong Disneyland tickets for our February trip! Even happier because we managed to snag a great deal (that former overpriced booking was cancelled already, yay! Not very impressed with Hong Kong Disneyland's CS for not informing us faster, hunny actually had to call their Hong Kong office to make sure we won't double book! It's super pricey if you book the hotel directly from their website, i'd advise anyone who're planning to visit HK Disneyland to get the ticket from Asia Travel instead)!

Not only the hotel's (for Disney's Hollywood Hotel) around HKD 500 cheaper (that's IDR 750.000!!! Cray cray) in Asia Travel, but they are currently having a promotion, if you book any hotel (except Disney's Hollywood Hotel and Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel) in Hong Kong, you're eligible for a Buy 1 Get 1 Disneyland entrance ticket! That's why we're staying in three different hotels hahaha, to snag this deal! Thanks to my BFF A who passed me the promotional information, we ended up saving IDR 1.600.000 for the hotel and entrance!

Not only that, when i booked our final hotel (actually we're staying in Eaton Hotel on the first and last two days, but different branches because sadly Asia Travel didn't have any reservation for the Wan Chai Eaton-which has a 40sq m room!!! So we had to stay at the Nathan Rd Eaton on the first day to get the Disneyland deal) in Agoda, i just realized that i have an IDR 900.000 worth of rewards (thanks to my hours spent painfully writing reviews for the hotels i've booked via Agoda before! There were LOTS!) so we managed to save up even more! On top of that crazy cheap air tickets, i couldn't feel any more blessed!

Could've saved more if we stay in the Disneyland hotel on the 16th instead of the 14th (i wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day in a special place, you see...) because it was like, IDR 600.000 cheaper (and the kiasu in me screamed in frustration), but my hunny told me to stop being such a cheapo and just stick to the plan hehe, so we're going to celebrate Valentine's Day in Disneyland ('s hotel. Decided to go to the park the next day so we can have more time there and won't waste the super expensive hotel hehehe. I swear to God, this is the most expensive hotel we've ever paid for ourselves so far! One night equals almost three nights in Eaton zzz, and Eaton's 4 starred already!), yay!!!

Wogh, i rambled so long already ah, i didn't realize hahaha. And to think that i thought this was going to be a very short outfit post :p. I cannot do short post, i guess i have to come to terms with that already!

So, i called this entry Play Time because of this outfit :
Very youthful and playful, don't you think?
Yup, that's the outfit i wore to Baby Luca's first month celebration! I very recently bought that denim play suit at my former local clothes supplier back when i still had a boutique (they sell wholesale clothes but you can also buy one, at a much more expensive price of course. It really frustrated me having to pay the retail price because i'm spoilt from being too used to their wholesale prices! But i can't buy multiple clothing with the exact same design right!!!), it's very rare that i bought something and couldn't really wait to wear it (i'd usually wait for months, or rather, years *LOL* because i have way too many new clothes and also because i wouldn't be caught dead wearing the same clothes as everybody else #notatrendwhore. 

But this playsuit's so cute and i kept wanting to wear it! Then when A told us the dress code was red (well, the tee i wore was red okay), i immediately decided to pair a plain red tee with this playful play suit to give it more edge *you do not expect me to come in plain tee and shorts, don't you? Heck, my first choice was a red dress but i really didn't want to be too overdressed hence the change of heart haha*.

I have quite a soft spot for overalls and play suits, even though i do have a bad memory about them. I remember very vividly it was on the rage when i was little, and i wanted to have one but i was so round that no overalls could fit me back then. My mum had to take me to a tailor to personally make my own overalls, and they ended up dressing me in shapeless pink and white polkadot overalls. I looked like a sour clown, i tell you! That kinda made me a bit apprehensive to try this style again growing up, but they now come in a much more flattering shapes (and it helps that i can actually fit into normal, all size clothes too) and i fell in love with them.

This newest addition to my ever growing collection of play suit's definitely one of the most effortlessly CUTE and it's now my fave play suit (and that means a lot because i don't really have favorite clothes much, i love all 7000 or so that i have hahahaha).

Here's the simple FOTD :
Kept it casual and soft, even went back to nude lips with only lip balm and almost colorless gloss
I kept the theme young and fun because i spent the day with kiddies activities! After Baby Luca's first month thingy, we went to watch Frozen (which i am obsessed with, until today! I really want to watch it again in the big screen! Baby Boy loved it too but i guess mummy's more obsessed hahaha. I keep on singing the songs non-stop, i think i annoy hunny already hahahaha)!

It is kinda shapeless *that is the purpose haha* and it probably caused A's dad to tell me to try out his diet WTF, but i still love it nonetheless!
I also super love the wide leg, it's not often that i find stuffs to be so loose around my thunder thighs hahaha #sosad
And the cute pockets!
Red Tee : Giordano (a gift from #Undecided), Denim Play Suit :, Anime symbol necklace : Warna, Lace and Steel Bangle : Shine, Yellow with colorful polkadot Hair Clip : Free gift from anime inspired hand made online shop (defunct)
I don't think there's any other bag that's more perfect for this outfit than this Castle and Soldier one! Bought from Ririn
That's it today, gotta take more cough medicine and try to have an earlier night, wanna do some hot exercise tomorrow! Hopefully i won't feel too sick to do so!

The tee's sort of a couple tee thingy! #Undecided got him in XL (which is too big for him *LOL*) and XS for me (Ave said it's a guy's tee, so i guess that's not too good *double LOL*)

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  1. get well soon!

    wah ok banget tuh promo hotelnya yang bisa beli tiket disneyland buy 1 get 1 free. gpp lah pindah hotel 3 kali ya. hahaha.

    1. Thank uuuuuu :D
      Iya kan yaaa, gpp kan yaaa, kan rugi kalo ga di ambil promo nya, lumayan bgt ticketnya 600.000 boooo :D

  2. sukaaaa outfitnyaa ci, couple an sama suamik ya berasa muda beneran xixi :p
    aku jg suka tasnya hihi
    promonya lumayan banget T_T

    1. Hahahaha thank u Dewie, aq emg sll mrs muda koq *young at heart maksudnya* hahahaha... Age is just a number, how you feel inside would reflect on how you look on the outside *ciehhh* LOLOLOL...
      Iya donk Wie, kalo ga lumayan ga nekad lsg di book2 semua :D