#Pink's Chinese New year 2013 Looks

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Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! May the Snake year brings all of us prosperity and happiness!!! May all of your wishes and dreams all come true! Yay!!! *throw confetti*.

I wanted to blog since two days ago but we were so busy preparing for CNY eve feasts and CNY itself. Well, I cannot cook *the kitchen would probably explode if I try* so mostly I just helped running last minutes errands (you cannot imagine how many things can go wrong and forgotten at the very last minutes LOL) and took pictures :p. By the way, I read from Bobo’s blog (she’s a Malaysian blogger) that CNY actually lasts for 12 days (wogh!!! News for me too! Now I feel like putting on new clothes everyday for 12 days! LOL) so no, I am not too late to wish you a Happy CNY now! Yay again *throw some more confetti*!!!

I am currently very tired *too much festivities for the last two days* and having a little hangover (which is sad because I only had one long drink, but I suspect the ingredients of this drink consisted of 80% alcoholic beverages because it was really strong and I seldom drink nowadays so my tolerance towards alcohol’s quite pathetic) so my head hurts really bad zzzz (wogh, I just realized that I got slightly drunk both on New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year *LOL). I will blog full reports on my family’s Chinese New Year celebration SOON, but this entry’s fully dedicated for my CNY looks (make up and outfits). Lots of camwhoring ahead :D! Consider yourselves warned, ah!

Actually I usually got really lazy to put on a  lot of make up for CNY since I would only meet mostly my close family and relatives :p, also because we need to get ready since morning and I am anything but a morning person, but the last couple of years I try to put more effort on my CNY looks, still cannot be bothered with a complicated and heavy make up so early in the morning, but at least I looked decent hehe.

This is my make up for morning-afternoon sessions of Snake year’s CNY :
The make up is really simple, like my everyday (okay not everyday since I don’t wear make up everyday, only on weekends. So maybe my weekend make up then :p) make up actually. I only wore one eye shadow color (pearly white), eyeliner, mascara, blusher and tinted lip balm (+BB cream+a bit of concealer+powder). As I told you before, I put out a set of new (not necessarily newly bought, more of a never-been-used-still-tightly-sealed ones) set of make up :
I actually also opened an NYX cupcake shaped lip gloss but I forgot to take a picture *and it’s the cutest one out of my set, LOL*. Australis Eye Brights which is a palette of cream eye shadow, actually cream types are severely unsuitable for me, my eyelids are actually not THAT oily (powder eye shadows lasts a whole day on my eyelids without creasing or fading, whereas on my friends’ they’d disappear after five hours or so, that means my eyelids’ skin’s moderately normal type, right?) but cream eye shadows is a no no for me, they’d clump and crease and disappear within minutes. Maybe because of my Oriental eye shape with Asian double lids?

 But I read somewhere that you can use cream eye shadows as a eye shadow base instead so I did, I topped it with this single eye shadow I randomly bought in Malaysia, I don’t even know the brand but its written “M S B” on the cover so that should be the brand right? Super cheapo (the price tag’s still attached on the packaging, RM 6.90 LOL), and the descriptions are all in Hangeul so I obvi cannot read a word of it :p.

The M S B eye shadow color’s a solid white, I don’t normally wear white eye shadows on its own since it tends to make my eyes looks smaller, but it’s actually (very rarely) my goal because it’s CNY mah, must look extremely Oriental LOL. And yeah, as I said before, I cannot be bothered to wear more than one color on my eyes in the morning :p. Anyway, I applied the M S B eye shadow on top of the pearly white color for the cream shadow palette and it did made the color really strong and opaque. The color really did popped our *it’d be sheer and see through without the cream shadows as a base*, but even though I put on my e.l.f eye shadow primer, the cream shadow still made my eye make up crease and caked faster than if I wear powder eye shadow alone, but it was after a few hours so it’s still acceptable for me.

Then I put on my winged eye liner *dragged the line longer and not super thick to create a more Oriental look* on my eyelid (always use liquid eye liner) and line my waterline with pencil eye liner (both in black), put on my mascara, my usual ZA blusher and finished the look with Guardian’s house brand moisture lip balm (SPF 6) in Strawberry, It’s actually (I just realized when I applied it) tinted lip balm so I didn’t put on another lippie on top of it (just slick some NYX cupcake lip gloss when the balm slightly dried off, a few hours later*, the color’s quite visible actually, and it tasted sweet, love it! I kept on piling them on because I love the reddish glossy effect it created :p.

Oh, I also wore my usual Etude House AC Clinic Sun BB because I am having my period (really! Period, what’s wrong with you? Last time you showed up on New Year’s Eve now you showed up on CNY’s eve! Geez) so my skin’s not in its perfect condition, I have a huge pimple on the side of my nose (it popped last night, bye bye pimple! Don’t come back!!!), the usual concealers, and set them with my current fave loose powder, Sari Ayu Bedak Jerawat (will review it soon!). 
Not only make up, I also have to use a brand new fragrance for CNY!
Picture taken from Google :p
Playboy perfume in Play It Rock. Bought this perfume in KL, I think it’s also available in Indonesia but the price’s better in Malaysia, it was about RM 30 or something (IDR 120.000), I don’t remember the exact price nor the price in Indonesia but I remember checking them in Guardian and got really pleased of myself because it was much cheaper in Malaysia and I actually bought three variants from this line :p (there were four available, but I checked on Playboy website and there are actually five variants).

Furthermore, two out of the three variants I bought got a bonus! A  lip smacker lip gloss. Only two out of three because I bought two from one store (Sasa? Watson’s? Guardian? Arghh I cannot remember!!!) and they ran out of this one (Play It Rock) so I had to get it from another store without the promotion bonus zzz. I used two (used Play It Lovely before) and I love them both a LOT!
So cute, love the Bunny ears
I absolutely love this fragrance. I am horrible at describing smells so please just check out the description on their website, let me copy-paste the notes for you : 

This captivating yet ultra-feminine fragrance is built around an exotic floral bouquet intertwined with sweet and spicy edible notes. The juicy energy of apple and blood orange provokes and lures. Then, when its mysterious and contrasting signature is revealed, this fragrance’s rocking personality roars out.

TOP NOTES : Blood Orange, Candy Apple, Saffron

HEART NOTES : Passion Flower, Frangipani, Orange Blossom

BASE NOTES : Black Ebony, Vanilla Bean, Patchouli, Fleur de Cuir.

For me the scent is sexy and playful, a little bit spicy with a smooth mixture of floral and fruity aroma. A bit heavy for day wear (for me, because I am much more of a fruity Anna Sui type of girl, but it’s not that heavy for most people) but it’s perfect for a night out. So pleased with all these Playboy perfumes, I’m gonna buy more (the two other variants) in the future.

The outfit :
I am severely bloated T.T, always happens before and during my period, my fingers swells so bad that it goes up one or two ring size from my normal size, what’s up with that???? Grrrrr… So I looked really fat and bloated on my pictures, pffffttttt story of my life.

Wore this red mini dress (cheapo ones I bought at online shops hehe) with golden details on the neck, the backside’s got a transparent black net, so sexy but I am so bloated I couldn’t bring myself to wear a sleeveless dress (what happened #Pink? I guess the confidence only shows up in Bali, sigh) so I layered it with a plain 7/8 sleeved tee I got from qoo10.co.id, it was IDR 39.000 or something hehe. 
So bloated and fat, I needed to emphasize my waist to I put on this large obi (last minute decision-also brand new, yes I have a stash of brand new belts and obis too) I bought (actually my mum paid for it…) in a store in Jogja (forgot its name, Studio 69??? Something like that, also available in many cities incl Jakarta and Banjarmasin but strangely are not around in Surabaya), for less than IDR 50.000 too! (my mum bought me five obis or so and a dress that day, or did I make her pay for me? LOL).
Side look, excuse the grumpy expression i didn't realize i was pulling that face. This pic's taken in my parents' room

As you can see in the pictures, i piled on lots of (real) gold accessories. I love my costume jewelries to death but on CNY i'd wear nothing but pure gold haha. I used to love only white gold but as i got older i learn to appreciate the beauty of pure gold tones. I didn't buy any new gold accessories, but the necklace with the little M pendant's never been used before although i've had them for almost 6 years LOL *it was a wedding gift from one of my Singaporean aunts :p*, layered it with a simple diamond necklace, add four gold bangles (three slim ones and one super chunky one) and add three more rings other than my existing wedding band :p, plus a pair or dangling earrings (not seen on pictures) LOL. 

My flowery clutch’s brand new from New Look (my new fave store for affordable fashion bags), it’s also gonna appear on my future haul post since I’ve not covered it yet LOL.I let you see my feet on the pictures so you can see my bright red toes haha, I will review the nail polish I use soon :p. 

Oh, my sandals are also brand new of course, also bought for me by my mum (I don’t buy sandals and shoes much because unlike clothes and bag they’d fall apart if you hoard them, happened to me more than 5 times already so I very rarely buy them, I have wayyy too much already, need to wear them all out first) just a week or so ago in Pasar Atum (no, it’s not really a market, more like ITC Mangga Dua, for those of you who doesn’t know Pasar Atum), it’s local made but very expensive lah, almost IDR 350.000, you can get Charles & Keith shoes at that price, but they are very nicely made and sturdy so I guess it’s worth it? I didn’t pay for them and my mum forced me to choose one, actually this my sister chose for me :p, is it nice?

So, that’s my morning look, in the afternoon after going around I change into my house wear, my tee is actually twinnies with hunny and Baby Boy (Brand : Contempo, bought at Centro), but I refuse to wear a tee on CNY, I wanna wear pretty dresses! That’s why the poor tee’s demoted to house wear for the day hahahah.
Special price on the tee buy 1 get 1 IDR 179.000 but you cannot pair it with the women version so the one I wore was actually men’s tee (XS, still very loose and comfy) because I can easily wear men’s tee but hunny couldn’t possibly pull off ladies tee okay! LOL. Then we looked for kids version for Baby Boy and the size 14 for kids fits me, it’d have been even cheaper, damn, I should’ve bought that one instead *glum*.

Anywayyy, moving on to the last look of the day *finally*. 

I would never be bothered to remove and put on all my make up all over again! So I just blot my face with oil films and powder my face all over lightly, remove smudges with my Revlon Eye Make Up Remover Pen from under my eyes and then intensify and darken (just a little bit, no heavy eyes drama for CNY for me) my eye make up slightly (my niece Bb loved my evening eye make up, kept on telling her mum how cool it was LOL, love ya Bb :p).

I refreshed the white eye shadow on the lid and add the silver/grey color from the same cream eye shadow palette above the white shadow, creating a V on the edge. Dusted on my (Daiso) silver loose eye shadow (pigment) on top of it to seal it in place. Also add a little bit of dark blue *with a very slight green hint* eye shadow on my outer crease. Also accentuate my eye brow bone with a pearly white cream eye shadow crayon. Voila! A more dramatic eye make up for the evening, all within ten minutes to create hehe. 

I also add a little more blush on, this time it’s Teen Teen (yeah I never heard of this brand before too, but all the writings‘s in Hangeul, my mum bought me this in Hong Kong, I forgot to take a picture, will show you in the future) 3D blush on. This blush on is very shimmery, that’s why I don’t wear it too often. Shimmery blush on a day light? I don’t really fancy looking like a disco ball hehe. Then re-applied the same tinted lip balm to complete the look. Then re-line my water line (halfway from the outer corner) with black pencil eye liner. I forgot to take a close up picture after I lined my waterline -___-.

The Outfit :

The red balloon dress with black net accents is also bought from cheapo Indonesian made replica online shops I love so much hahaha. The same obi and a brocade long sleeved front tie cardigan (it has a pretty tiered lacey details on bottom). Got this cardigan at a shockingly low price (I don’t remember the exact price but it was way below IDR 100.000, was it IDR 49.000, 69.000 or 89.000???), the quality’s really good! The brocade very soft and not scratchy like cheap brocades and the flowery parts really fine and beautifully patterned. I know for a fact that this kind of cardigans are sold for more than IDR 300.000 in most (branded or not) shops. I got this from a surprisingly great factory outlet (bazaar type) in Mangga Dua Square (Jakarta), called Raja Factory Outlet. 

This FO carries really nice and high quality stuffs (I don’t know if they’re genuine or not, but I compared a Zara mini skirt I found there with the original one and cannot find any difference but then again I’m not an expert) with top notch materials, and their pricing method’s quite unique, if you purchase one item the price would be different than if you get three (of the same price, but the style may vary, so you can mix them!), three would be a lot cheaper naturally, like a whole sale price. I always go there whenever I go to Jakarta (it’s a five minutes car ride from our apartment in Jakarta) and almost always found something (okay, a few things) very nice there.

The down side is the size’s more like American size so most of the clothes there are quite massive (not all of them though), so I got really offended when once I was rummaging through the shelved trying to find an S sized dress and an overtly helpful (?) SA asked me “what are you looking for, miss? XL?”, I almost kicked him in the nutz. You should check it out if you’re in Jakarta, just don’t be put off by its Bazaar style *it’s in the middle of the atrium style, open store concept and the horrible clothes they displayed on the mannequins *wtf*.

Anyway, that’s my Chinese New Year’s looks, accidentally it’s all in red-black-gold hues (except the red part of course) I didn’t even realize it until I went through the pictures LOL, I was hoping (in obvious vain) this would be a much shorter entry than how it ended up being, oh well… I guess brief entries is not my expertise. Hope you all (whether you celebrated it or not) had a great CNY and wish you all the best (in everything you do) in the Snake year!




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