#Pink's Valentine's Day

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Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day, everyone!!!

How was your Valentine? Romantic and full of rose petals? Hihiihihi… I wanted to write this entry yesterday night, right on Valentine’s Day after we got home from our V Day date but hunny lured me with Family Outing old videos on You Tube (unlike most girls-teenage or not-who are crazy about Korean pretty boys who are even prettier than the girls, I find myself much more attracted to Kim Jong Kook Oppa from Running Man. Big, cute in a quirky way, have a nice voice, smart and manly. I’ll take Sparta Kook any day, no flower boys for me please :p. So anything with Jong Kook Oppa in it I’d be easily lured) and we ended up watching it until 2 AM -___-. No wonder I’m so tired and sleepy today zzz…

I know I still got my Chinese New Year entry to upload but I cannot resist writing about my Valentine’s Day first :p. I had a pretty great Valentine’s Day, although speckled with some mild annoyance with hunny (seriously, he likes to annoy me on certain big days I have no idea why, he’s typically quite normal on daily basis, but comes celebratory days he’d throw in every excuse for me to be annoyed, haish… But I guess that’s why I love him, at least he doesn’t bore me *LOL*), but still a great day for me. 

We spent previous Valentine’s Days (definitely more than 10 times already since we’ve been together for almost 12 years now, yes 12!) having fancy dinners on fancy restaurants and hotels, but this year all of the restaurants and hotels jacked up their prices like crazy! It’s so weird because I notice the buzz of V Day’s much quiter nowadays, it was on its peak like seven years ago? Nowadays it’s not so crazy. Last year we still went to a fancy restaurant and it was expensive enough (I am kinda stingy when it comes to food, why should we pay a fortune for them? I don’t understand fine dining anyway, I don’t think they taste better than normal restaurants ones and their portions are simply pitiful for me *pig*) for me be all WTF, but this year’s even worse. They jacked the prices up twice from last year’s!

Since hunny is essentially a romantic at heart, he wanted to take me to one of those crazy expensive restaurants, but I put my foot down this time. I said NOOOO hunny no, we can always go anytime else right??? I mean, one of the restaurant (initial : PG)’s normal set menu start from IDR 250.000 and on Valentine’s Day it’s IDR 2.500.000. WTF. My flight ticket to Taiwan costed me IDR 2.500.000 okay? I’m not paying (or my hunny but whatever, his money is my money since we got married right) a plane ticket’s worth on a single dinner for two, no way jose!

So I propose a perfect (for me) Valentine’s date instead. What’s a perfect Valentine’s date for me? A horror movie followed by an intimate dinner. Horror? Oh yes, you heard me perfectly LOLOL, it’s the perfect type of Valentine movie date for me *grin widely*. I was extremely tempted to name this entry “Bloody Valentine” since it consists of my gory movie date and errr… something else (bloody as in I’m having my period. ROFL!!! Sorry sorry I cannot stop myself) but #Undecided forbade me to *sigh*.

My Valentine started from 12 PM the day before, yeah as I said, my hunny’s a romantic at heart (which I trampled all over because I cannot really stand too much romanticism *cold hearted*), waited for the clock to struck midnight and then gave me a kiss and told me “Happy Valentine’s Day, honey!” Awww.. isn’t he sweet? Heheh. 

I always make an effort to look extra pretty on Valentine’s Day, a treat for hunny because on usual dates I kinda errr… neglect the making effort part *LOL*. Seriously, I dress up and put on make up only whenever we go out on weekends or when we’re going out with other friends :p. I keep make up to a minimal whenever we go on a weekday date (because we cannot leave Baby Boy on weekends nowadays, he’d be mad :p). 

And yes, I know we’ve been married for almost six years now, and yes we still go on regular dates and celebrate Valentine’s Day, why not? It keeps the sparks alive and you’d be reminded that you’re a couple, a romantically linked couple, not only parents. (I see many crumbling marriages when couples started to neglect their own relationship and focus solely on the kids, I’m not saying you should not put your kids first, but i believe your relationship with your spouse is as important).

Haih, enough ramblings, here let me show you my Valentine’s Day ensemble.
Baby Pink dress for Valentine's date, obvi!
Heart encrusted necklace, bracelet and earrings, plus a super cure Kitty hair pin
Whole outfit minus the shoes :p
I won’t go into details on the make up and stuffs, I’ll write another entry on that alone *I know how I tend to go on and on about details and I don’t want this be novel-long so I decided to make a separate entry about the look alone :p*. 

As my moniker in this blog stated, I’m a Pinkaholic through and through, so I obviously cannot pass the opportunity to deck myself in all things Pink and girly, this is the style that screams “ME”. Yes, the dress, accessories, and bag’s all brand new :p, at least my shoes (not in the pictures)-which are crème lace patterned jelly shoes-aren’t!
Lots of more cam whoring pictures coming soon, consider yourselves warned! LOL

We went to Ciputra World Mall for the Valentine’s Day date (left Baby Boy at home with his grandparents, in case you’re wondering), went to the cinema straight away because we wanted to catch the 5 PM show of Mama.

About the movie.. I was really anticipating this movie okay, ever since I’ve seen the trailer for the first time, it seemed to be very creepy and eery. But the movie itself? Meh. Only one scene’s kinda scary for me zzzz. It’s not horrible, the story itself is not too bad, but really, it’s nowhere near scary for me. Hunny said the ghost’s too exhibitionist and kept on showing up so it’s no longer scary. And the ghost herself is not scary looking lah, I think she looked fugly and retarded but that’s all LOL. It’s not scary at all lahhhh *arghhhhh*. 

To think that #Undecided’s hubby flat rejected my invitation to watch the movie together because he’s scared, hayaahhh what’s there to be scared about??? LOL. I prefer horror movies when you never knew when the ghost’s gonna jump out or even when you knew it’s going to but they still manage to surprise and startle you. This one… haish, you know whenever it’ll come and it has a very ridiculous way to show up anyway LOL *floating hair on the floor swimming towards you? WTF indeed*. So, no, the movie’s a real disappointment to me LOL. 

Not to mention I was getting annoyed at hunny during the movie (I won’t write the cause because it’s kinda sensitive and family related LOL), usually even if I got annoyed at him during a movie (yeah, it happened before) if the movie’s good I’d forget the annoyance soon enough to be engrossed back in the movie (and resume my annoyance once the movie finished. Yes, really) but not this time. I kept getting more and more annoyed (maybe because the ghost’s also kinda annoying? Haha) LOL.

After the movie (which ended with us went “huh??” LOL), it got better lah (maybe because of the good food we had next? LOLOL, told ya, it’s easy to appease me, but isn’t it better not to annoy me in the first place, dear hunny?). We went around the mall a little bit because hunny kept on telling me to choose something for my Valentine gift (he wanted to buy me a gold necklace but I said NO because we need lots of money for upcoming trips, we have three overseas trips planned so far for 2013 and I prefer to use the money to shop on those trips LOL, I told him he can buy me the necklace after we got back from our first oversea trip :P) but I honestly couldn’t find anything that I want. I’ve been on a saving mode for a bit (just recently LOL) once the price for the Europe tour’s came out and I don’t feel like splurging (much). 

And actually earlier that day hunny brought home three packages (from Sasa, Chic Princessa and clothing online shop :p) filled with pretty dresses and beauty goodies so it really felt like I’ve received my Valentine’s Day present anyway (and yeah, hunny paid for all of them :p).
My fugly bunch of "Valentine pressie" :p

I’m still waiting for one more package from A’s little sister online ship *grin even widely* consists of two fashion bags and a legging hihihihi, so more Valentine’s gift coming my way LOLOL. I’m not gonna show you what’s inside my packages, you must wait until its turn to appear on my Haul post :p, still a long way to go hahaha (so many haul posts’ waiting for its turn now).

We decided to have dinner at Wagyu Smith (it has a branch in CW), one of my favorite steak house at the moment.
I’m loving the lighting in this place, somehow the lighting made my photo(me, not hunny LOL)looked slightly anime-ish LOL.
Grumpy anime girl :p

It was crowded (lots of couples too, I guess plenty of people thinks ridiculous prices in fancy restaurant’s a no go as well? LOL, really plenty leh, the mall was super crowded with Valentine celebrating couples, even toting flowers and all), I was embarrassed to flip out my camera at first but then I notice another couple who openly kept on taking each other pictures using Ipad LOL, i immediately forgot my shyness and kept on asking hunny to take pictures of me :p.
Hunny with his US tenderloin
Momentarily distracted by my matching nails and bag
OMG! Why do i look like a very naughty little girl here???

I really wanted a picture of the two of us too, but again I was too shy to ask the waiters/waitresses to take our picture until some other couple did, then I egged hunny to call on the waitress to take ours. Hunny said wait, we asked for the bill and then ask the one who brought the bill to take our pictures, but when he did guess what… one of the owner (a very pretty (I mean cute) young guy with a very muscled body, I was super distracted during the dinner because I found his head to be unsuitable for his body, he’s too pretty to have such a stocky body LOLOL) and we were silenced at once LOL. But in the end hunny managed to summon a waitress and yesss, I got the picture I wanted LOL.
Looking forward to many many more Valentine's day with you, hunny

The steak’s great as usual (I’m much more into American steaks than Italian versions, last year I really didn’t like my super expensive steak at an Italian fine dining resto *forlorn*) so my mood is instantly lifted :p (even though hunny commented it was the cheapest Valentine dinner ever, not the price that mattered right?). We went around a little bit more before going home, it was a very nice date in total :D. Understated and intimate, and more “us” than a pretentious candle lit dinner where we usually gossiped about other couples around us instead LOL. Not to say I won’t enjoy a nice candle lit dinner once in a while because I’d be lying then, but I really did enjoy this year’s Valentine’s Day date. I hope next year there’d be a better scary movie showing (or at least a rom-com or romance movie lah) hahaha.

Oh, funny story about the flowers you saw earlier in the post! I’m not much of a flower kind of girl, I usually forbade hunny to buy me flowers because I don’t care much about them (but I don’t mind receiving like a stalk of rose once in a while, not a whole bunch. I think it’s a waste of money) but he always bought me some anyway, this year he asked his employee to buy a bouquet of LIVE roses (always live ones please) but she bought me… fake, platic flowers -____-.

I was already informed by hunny about the roses *and no, the fake roses’ not the reason I got annoyed at him, I’m not that petty lah* but I was still taken aback when he handed me a black plastic bag with these roses inside them FML -____-.

Hayah, I guess the thought that counts ya LOL, and I guess I can use the fake flowers as a prop to take “romantic” style of pictures? LOL. Now if only I know how to edit my pictures *must learn* :p (yeah, all f the pictures you see in this blog is raw, the most I can do I crop them and hit the auto  correct button once in a while FML) hahaha.
Me-looking grumpy-with my fake flowers bouquet
One more
Anyway, that’s how my Valentine’s Day went, not the most romantic date ever but it was perfect for me LOL, how was yours?


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