#Pink's Valentine Look Tutorial

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Hi y’all!

So before Valentine's atmosphere's totally passed i'm gonna blog about my Valentine's Day look tutorial in continuation with my Valentine’s Day entry, like I promised : the details on the make up hehe, with a little (and simple, i’m not good enough to make complicated ones yet :p) tutorial too. Here, let me remind you of my make up that day :

As usual, my main focus’ always my eyes, and for this Valentine look I went back to my root, gyaru looks with the appropriate make up and get up :p.

Actually I had no plan for my make up, I never have any *LOL*, I just go with the flow, whatever caught my fancy I will use and sometimes I love the end result sometimes I don’t, but I’m not the kind of girl who would re-do their entire make up if they are not 100% satisfied, I’m way too lazy to do that LOL, but fortunately this time I’m actually very satisfied with the end result, even though the final touches of it was accidental, I’ll tell ya about the accident later.

Okay, for those of you who doesn’t know yet, my base make up is always pretty much the same : TSF Lemon Foundation (the only foundation I use right now since I’m the type who use one foundation up before opening another up, this foundation’s not suitable for you who are looking for a good coverage since it’s super sheer), set with one of my powders depending on my mood (this time my trusty Clinique two way cake because I wanted more coverage, had a healing spot from latest period :p), Clinique concealer under my eyes, DHC concealer on any spot. That covers all of the base. Continue on with the eyes.

I’ve not given up on using cream eye shadow as a base but this time I skipped the primer (and guess what, it actually worked better! No caking and shifting the whole day, I mean at least 7 hours because that’s roughly how long I had the eye make up on before removing them, it was still in perfect condition when I removed them at 11 PM! It was cakey when I put on primer before the cream eye shadow last time) and only used the pale pearly baby blue from my Australis Palette, spreading them on 75% of my entire lid.

Used the pearly baby blue as eye shadow base
Then I set them with the pale bluish mint green from this eye shadow duo :

Pearly baby blue creme eye shadow+minty powder eye shadow, it turned out pale minty with a tinge of baby blue

If you don’t know yet, one of my biggest (embarrassing) secret is, I always opened new cosmetics on special days, and Valentine’s one on the top of the list for special days, so this eye shadow duo’s brand new. I have a habit of buying random cosmetics whenever I’m abroad, and I never really pay attention on the brands, as long as the color (or packaging, the latter more often than the former, I’m afraid) caught my eyes I’d buy’em, I do it so often I don’t remember where I bought this eye shadow, probably Malaysia or Thailand. I’ve no idea the brand for this eye shadow, it stated “ Pink Kiss” on the lid, so probably that’s the brand?

The info on the back of the eye shadow’s written in Japanese but it stated “Made in Taiwan” LOL. Wonder if I bought this at Daiso??? I cannot remember though…

Anyway, I swiped the pale minty color all over my eyelid and it’s super bold for such a pale color so the pigmentation’s pretty good. 

Sorry for blurry pictures, I’m still struggling to take pictures of my own make ups, haizh. Anyway, I used the bright sky blue from the eye shadow duo in the corner of my eyes, swiping them halfway in, I was very pleased with the effect they created LOL. This was when the accident happen, I apparently forgot to clean my eye shadow brush the last time I used them *yes yes, horrible, I know I’m disgusting* and there were still left over color on the brush, the color was navy or purple (I cannot be sure, but definitely from that family), I meant to blend the sky blue colour on my eye socket but I was shocked when the navy/purplish color appear on my eye socket, super bold some more!

Once I got over my initial shock I quickly use my blending brush to blend all the color together, adding a bit of white eye shadow to tame the super bold navy color (because it was very bold! Like I was boxed by someone :p), blending blending blending, and I was super happy when I was done blending and the three (bluish mint, sky blue and purplish navy) colors actually create a very pretty color combo if blended enough. I also applied white eye shadow on my brow bone to define it.

Then I line my eyes (thick, gyaru looks require thick but not super thick *it’s in the middle ground LOL* line) with my usual Dior liquid eyeliner, dragging it longer than my actual eyes (important step to create a big, dolly eyes, my hunny asked me whether I’m using a new lens because my eyes appeared very large that day, no hunny it’s the same lenses you saw me in everyday, it’s the make up technique *smug* LOL).
Looking kinda crossed-eyed here *LOL*
Wah, always looked like i have mono lids whenever i look up like this

Then what else but my super trusted Maybelline Volum’ Express Turbo Boost mascara (I realize most of my make up routine’s pretty much the same, only playing with different color and application, but the main ingredients are also the same LOL, boring old me), I put on three layers to reached my signature Ostrich lashes :p. (yeah I know the beauty rules about not applying too thick of a mascara, but I don’t always follow the rules, I also love to apply lots of blushes LOL, just do what suits you girls, rules are meant to be broken anyway :P).

Finished the eye area with (also the usual) black pencil liner on waterline, starting from the outer part of my eyes, going halfway in, I almost never line my entire waterline with black eye shadow anymore unless I’m going for a very dark and sultry look (which is seldom :P).

Eyes all done! Very easy, yeah? Next, another must on my make up routine : blush on! I used a pink blush on from my Australis make up palette, it’s paler in real life I dunno why my camera made the blush on look darker on the picture.

It’s the pinkiest blusher on the make up palette, perfect for a cutie-pie, gyaru-romantic theme I’m going for. Applied them on my cheeks, smiling widely while doing so :D.

Finished the look with lippies. I’ve been playing with bold colors on the last month or so, since my make up is already quite loud (colorful-although using pastel colors family-eyes and pinky cheeks) I tone the look down with only using VOV Lip Color Care in Cherry. I have two variants of this Lip Color, another one in Lemon (which I first used on CNY eve). I’m not even sure if I should categorize this as a lip balm or a lip gloss? I guess it’s one of the products that does both since it claims to moisturize and protect (it does, pretty good job, I’m loving them right now, I keep on piling them up) but they are also super glossy (love glossy lippies!). Also don’t know why it’s called Lip Color Care since the Lemon one is completely clear, the Cherry one has a light pinkish color’s that’s subtle but quite visible since my natural lip color’s pale pink.
Don't ask me where to get this ya, my mummy bpught those for me when she went to Hong Kong last time, along with other stuffs (plenty, she always goes overboard whenever she's buying me stuffs), i also never seen them when i cosmetic shopping. It's probably been discontinued already by VOV.

This picture is taken after we got home, roughly seven hours after I put them on. The make up are still quite intact only a little bit *more vivid IRL*.
My Valentine nail’s from Etude House Dear My Blooming Special Gift Set, it’s Dear My Blooming #3 Breathtaking Pink (review coming up! LOL).

Oh, another new item : my perfume of course :p. I opened up my Paris Hilton Eau de Parfum Spray in Tease. As I said before I’m horrible at describing scents, so here’s what I found on google :

Tease by Paris Hilton is a great floral chypre for women and pays great homage to Marilyn Monroe through it’s sexy, yet innocent modern interpretation of glamorous 60s fragrances. This great celebrity fragrance has notes that incorporate fuji apple, white peach, bergamot, white flowers, amber, blond wood and hot sand.

Top note: Bergamot, Apple, White Peach, Sea Accord
Middle note: Jasmine, Frangipani Flower, Tuberose
Base note: Amber, Blond Woods, Sand Accord
Paris Hilton chanelling Marylin Monroe i guess LOL

I love love love this perfume, I do like a lot of Paris Hilton’s perfumes. This perfume’s sexy and classy, floral and feminine. I don’t find many floral perfumes that I love (I love Kenzo and rose fragrances though), I mostly prefer fruity scents, but I really love this one. I feel oh-so-grown-up when I spritz it on LOLOL (yeah, I’m old but I never feel old, whatever). This fragrance also reminds me of an old perfume I had, probably a Christian Dior’s (it was a hand-me-down from my sis-in-law CJ, I remember, also came with a purple bottle, but I don’t remember the name) so it’s very nostalgic for me too.

Oh, remember i told you i won the first ever giveaway (by Elrica) that i've ever won? Yeah, it arrived sometime ago (Elrica e-mailed me explaining that Singapore Post wouldn't accept it since it's liquid so she had to send it to me when she went back to Jakarta later on CNY), here it is :
I'm gonna use it soon and let you know how it went!

On another note, yesterday we (me and hunny and my cousin L) went to ATS travel to arrange our Europe tour! I think it's really happening!!!! GYAAAAA SO EXCITED! Will me depositing the down payment tomorrow!

Then me and hunny also went on our usual movie date, another one of his pick (there's so much action movies lately, and old action movie stars seems to be making a strong come back. We also caught Arnold Schwarzenegger-is it just me that needed to google him just to type his name correctly? Actually i even went to copy-paste the name from google-'s The Last Stand few weeks ago, i wrote about it in one of my drafted entries that i've not published yet LOL). Seems like the only genre we watched lately's action (except for Mama, which is a downer anyway).
I uploaded The Last Stand's poster before realizing my mistake LOL, luckily i realized it before i uploaded this entry
This is the typical action movie, bad guy-turned-hero type of movie. I guess guys loves this kind of stuffs. Again, i was't bored, but definitely not blown away either. Seen a lot better actions movies before *LOL*. But this is much better than It's A Good Day To Die Hard for me, at least there was still a back story instead of never ending action scenes :p. So if your guy asked you to accompany you to watch it, say yes, it's a pretty good to-pass-your-time kind of movie. And as usual, i'm gonna point out the eye candy of course (it's becoming a thing, yeah? I think i'm gonna make it my signature LOL).There were two for me!'
Sung Kang
You probably regonized him as Han on Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift and the likes? I've been seeing him everywhere lately, like in every movie that needs an Asian actor LOL. A good thing too because i find him to be very cute. I love small-eyed guys LOL. I think his career's been really taking up too, he's one of the main character in this movie (other than Sylvester Stallone's of course) He's also one of the men whom i was surprised to learn his real age, he's 41. Doesn't look a day off 35 to me. And he looked so young and boyish especially in this movie. Total babe.

If you prefer your man beefier, scarier and dangerous?
Jason Momoa
Saw him on Conan The Barbarian and thought he's very sexy LOL. He's super huge, like a bear. But in a good way. I love muscly men but overtly muscled (body builder type) is a no no, i find them very appalling. Jason Momoa's huge  and muscular in a very acceptable way LOL.

Speaking of hot men, i found my latest celebrity crush (or, like #Undecided like to call it, imaginary boyfriend LOL), and much to #Undecided's horror, he's Korean *ROFL*. I told you about him before,don't worry lah he's not one of the boy band members or whatever :p. Putting his picture here to annoy #Undecided.
Kim Jong Kook, saranghae! LOL
Okay, i should stop now (dunno how a simple tutorial post turned into talking about cute guys haish), please let me put on one more cam-whoring picture okay!


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