Second Haul

8:58:00 PM

Hey you guys!

How y'all doing? Having a good weekend i hope? It's Saturday night and i'm staying in.. People seem to always be super surprised whenever they hear i'm staying at home on a Saturday night, LOL. Why??? Do i look like someone who's always going out and stuffs? Oh wait, i am :p. I'm just not feeling like going out today *sigh*. Been feeling under the weather (again), tired and sleep deprived, mostly because i got lots of bug bites (mosquito and others, probably ants zzz) during CNY and they still haven't healed yet, in fact i think it's getting worse, they look like they're on the brink of being an all out rash *sobs*. 

Also too much excitement in the past week i guess LOL, CNY and Valentine's Day, and yesterday we also went out already to buy black pants for Baby Boy's Chinese New Year performance earlier today (and ended up shopping for more stuffs, story of my life, but that's for another time :p) and it didn't help that i had to wake up super early (for my standard, around 7 something) because we had to go to that CNY celebration in Baby Boy's school after not being able to sleep before 2 AM the night before haih. Is it just me but it's just seem to be harder to fall asleep when you know you need to wake up early the next morning??? Always happen to me :(.

Anyway, i realized i haven't uploaded any haul post this week, and this haul is way long overdue (purchased in mid December and written in January i think, LOL), this was my second online haul from (i shopped at Sasa actual shops for more than 20 times minimum i'm sure, it's one of my favorite stores ever, you can read my first haul here) and i've made three more online purchases since then (so, once in November, once in December, twice in January and so far once in February zzzz, in conclusion : almost every single time they have a free shipping promotion), and here's the haul report, enjoy!

So I had a very late night *what’s new?* last night, slept around 2 AM which usually means I’d sleep in the next day, but this morning I actually woke up very early (for my standard), at 8 or something because I had tummy ache (TMI? Okay…) and when I was in the toilet I *naturally* browsed err… online shops, I opened because I’ve been eyeing EOS’ lip balms there and it was on a promotion, USD 6.50 for two and of course I had to wait until they are having a free shipping right (why would I pay USD 15 for a shipping? Madness!) so I’m constantly checking their website (a tip to get a  good promotion here, take note ladies! LOL) and Sasa’s actually having a huge Chinese New Year Sale!!! Plus free shipping for spending USD 29 or above! And just like that, my eyes were wide open -____- not a trace of the sleepiness I still felt a few seconds earlier haih…

In the end I spent almost USD 50 (it was USD 49 something, because importing goods under USD 50 to Indonesia’s tax free, I don’t want to get taxed! To be honest I would’ve spent a hundred bucks if there was no such rules…) making it the most expensive shopping spree I had in…. so far -__-. No, seriously, they are putting SO much nice things on sale *kill me now*, I simply cannot let a good deal pass by hiks. And if they’re still around by next week (the sale items I was eyeing) and Sasa’s having another free shipping offer… I’d… buy more… (Update : yes, I did, a peek on my latest one here)

And then a few minutes later I got an e-mail from telling me their Valentine’s Day special sales!! HUWAAAAAA KILL ME NOW LAHHHH!!!! I’ve been salivating over the pretty palettes (they’re up to 70% off) the whole day… haih… Whoever said the Sale season’s over because Christmas and New Year’s over deserves a kick in the butt because SEE!!!! Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day’s sales are attacking now!!! Pfffftttt. I told #Undecided imma get meself Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day present *no protests allowed!*, and must receive ones from hunny as well right? *qiqiqiqi*.

Okay2, I stop rambling now. I actually wanna show you my second haul (hence all the yapping about but as usual I got carried away LOL). This one’s quite err… massive.
The sight of this kind of packaging always manages to excite me LOL
Still excited to see the cute number threes from the security foams LOL
What's inside? This :

See? *huge grin*. The mini shower gels (travel size) were on a crazy sale (still are! Just checked, you can click here if you're interested) not only they were under USD 1.50 each, but they were also on a buy 1 get 1 promotion! Even for Indonesian brand standard it’s quite cheap lah (but they aren’t, local branded I mean. Just googled, they’re made in Germany) so I bought as much as possible :p. But they only allowed you to buy six of the same items at the same time. Boo! 
Fruttini Fruity Shower Gel in Pineapple and Prosecco (50 ml), USD 1 for two, so USD 0.50 each *grin*.
Fruttini Shower Gel in Ginger Passion Fruit (30 ml), USD 1.30 for two, USD 0.65 each

I’m thinking I can throw one of those each, add a cute shower puff, put it into a pretty pouch and it can be a present (I’ll add some more stuffs of course, I am not so stingy lah hahahaha). Nice, eh?

Errr… yeah.. another lip balm :p. Precious Beauty fruit Lip Balm in Coconut (8 gr), it’s also on a Buy 1 Get 1 promotion, USD 1.80 for two (USD 0.90 each!), will throw one as a part the pressie I mentioned above lah hehe (I love coconut scents, I guess they are not for everyone but I really love their scent, very tropical and summery and yummy, and not extremely common on a lip product right?). And more to come (it started to shape up as a pretty nice parcel, if I may say so myself), like this one below.

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Perfumeria Gal Tutti Fruit Fragranced Balm (15 ml), of course also Buy 1 Get 1 (almost all  of the stuffs I bought this time was Buy 1 Get 1 OMG such a kiasu), USD 5.80 for two (USD 2.90 each, cannot stop counting, too happy to see how cheap it was). I thought this was a solid perfume okay, apparently it’s a lip balm, but that’s not my fault right? LOL.

Okay the last item, this time not Buy 1 Get 1 lah haha.

Make Up Goods Ribbon shape powder brush for USD 6.40. I’ve never used powder brush before, always using powder puffs, and am very curious on how it works and the effect it’ll cause. Haven’t use it yet, I was obviously attracted to the shape lah haha it matched my Etude House’s blush brush *grin*.(Update : used it for the first time last week, it's soft and easy to use, but turns out i don't like using brush for powders, i prefer puffs. This did a great job for setting my under eye concealer though, maybe i'll use this to set concealer and put on highlight, i'm still figuring it out)

That’s all for now, pretty short entry right this time? Sorry, I am anxious to browse and again hihihihiihi, totally my guilty pleasure! Weekend's just starting, enjoy them to the fullest, peeps! Let me leave you with a nice picture of me because i am feeling quite shitty at the moment :p.


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