Review : Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish in Pink Lingerie 110

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Hi mah dahlings!

So, I thought you can only join Indonesia Beauty Blogger after blogging for at least three months like how it’s written here but apparently that rule applies if you want to be listed. I tweeted IBB last night wondering if I can actually join their make up challenge (I think I joined the January one for nothing because apparently it’s only for IBB members? LOL) because I am not a member yet (only been blogging for two months, you know) and they replied that you need to only send a request to join IBB group to be a member! OMG, stupid me. Could've joined like, last month zzz. Anyway, I’ve sent the request and it’s been approved *yay!!!* and since I want to post my link there *wink wink, kiasu* I decided to push my review entry today :D.

I don’t know if you noticed but I am quite crazy about nail polishes. I owned… er… I don’t know how many nail polishes I own nor have any intention to ever count them, but I filled more than two drawers full of nail polishes so far, half of them still brand new and not tested yet. I know, I know, I also have the same problems with lippies, eye shadows and clothes (scratch that, clothes is out of the group. For this matter I no longer have a problem, not a normal one at least. I really need a therapy for this) but nail polishes are actually one of the things that I still buy without feeling guilty about it, I guess because they don’t go bad as fast as other make up items?  I dunno… So today I am going to review one of my nail polish collection for y’all.

The brand : Revlon. The line : Top Speed. The shade : 110 Pink Lingerie. 
Official pic, taken from google because i don't think my pic does justice to the bottled colour, see below

Pretty name, ya? Pretty color too on the bottle. Here’s a picture of the nail polish together with my Holy Grail Base/Top Coat : Revlon Super Top Speed.

Okay, I said Holy Grail and I mean it, i’ve gone through more than five bottles already and whenever I only have one or two bottles left I will feel a very strong urge to buy some more *yes yes, a hoarder. A horrible one*. Not that I’ve tried too many other types or brands for Top/Base Coat, for basic things like this I tend to be less adventurous (I am curious to try Seche Vite though) and stick to one type that I know works best (okay lah so far I only have HG mascara and Nail Top/Base Coat, for other things I am much less fussy). Seriously, I am strongly recommending this, it helps to dry you nail polishes very fast as well.

I also tend to stick to a ritual. You know, put on a base first and seal them with a top coat? I don’t understand why so many people like to skip this part. Base and top coats helps you to protect your nails and keep them healthy, and they make your nail polishes lasts. I don’t understand people like #Undecided or G who tend to scrimp and refuse to buy them, they are only IDR 35.000 you know and they gave you so many benefits I think they’re totally worth the price *confused face*. Or maybe I am just being my usual OCD self and isn’t able to skip any rituals *sigh*. 

Anyway, the color is the bottle is a pale baby pink color that’s super sweet and cute, it reminds me of a ballerina’s tutu *obsessed with tutu*. One coat will stay true to the bottled color, however the consistency is quite runny and made it a bit hard to apply evenly. I don’t know if you can see it in the picture but it was really streaky and uneven.
One coat after base coat

I was hoping a second coat will take care of the streaking problem but it was still very uneven :(.
Two coats
I usually apply two coats of the nail polish before sealing it with a top coat but I was really unhappy with the unevenness I had to apply one more coat.

Three coats without top coat
Three coats plus top coat

I know it’s not very neat because you can see I over applied the top coat to my cuticles, but I have a tip that would only work if, like me, you do your nails a day before. I don’t clean them because after you take a shower the leftover paints on your cuticle would peel off by themselves *oh, you can help by removing them with your other nails, they took off very easily after a shower* without disturbing the colors on your nails. Works everytime.

I don’t know why my camera couldn’t capture the true color on nails, it looked slightly violet-ish in the pictures above and it really looks nothing like that IRL, somehow in the pictures (taken during day time with sun rays coming in from my room’s windows) the final look is similar to the bottled color, so I took one more picture *as I’m typing this* using my Blackberry camera without any flash, hoping it would show you the true color that is in my fingers right now and it kinda works.
Still not exactly the same color as IRL but closer, it has peachy undertone to it

The real color’s kinda neon-ish, it’s still very pretty but I was not thrilled because I own another nail polish that looks a lot like this (I think it was Etude House’s). I’d love it to be closer to the bottled color, maybe I should’ve stopped at the second layer *LOL*. Oh, I have to mention this : three days prior putting on this nail polish I just buffed off my old (almost a month old!!!) gel polishes so my nail surface’s a little bit rough, this might contribute on making the color harder to apply? I will see the next time I’m putting it on (on a normal nail condition) if the same problem occurs. In the end it is still a very pretty color (I actually LOVE neon colors too, just wasn’t what I expected from this nail polish) and G actually asked me what I had on my nails because she thought it was very pretty :p.

I think the price for Revlon Top Speed nail polish’s around IDR 55.000 in Indonesia, I am not sure since I bought this using a shopping voucher in Centro (i got points whenever my parents or sister shopped there because they’d give the points to me and I’d wait until there’s a half points needed to exchange with vouchers so I always ended up with LOTS of vouchers. Last time I got IDR 650.000 worth of vouchers, and I bought this nail polish using them so technically I didn’t pay a dime for it LOL).

Is it really fast drying (like its name)? Yes, I think so, for 1 or 2 coats. But 3 coats… you’d need a pretty long time to dry them (5 if you count the base and top coat!), i waited an hour for it to dry before heading to shower but when I accidentally bump them in a clothes peg it ruined the middle finger of my left hand >.<, normal problem with nail polishes, they seemed dry on the surface but actually still a bit wet inside so it’s destroyed easily. I managed to half-salvaged them by rubbing them gently, since it apparently wasn’t dry enough yet, the polish was still able to move around and cover the hole. It still sticks like a sore thumb to my eyes *perfectionist* but nobody else can really see it so I guess it’s okay LOL. 

The color has a slightly strange effect, it made my hands *which are really fair and pale* look darker. I thought I was seeing things but I just googled it and apparently some other people who used this agrees *LOL*, it doesn’t bother me but those of you who hates looking darker *a very common thing for Asians* might want to skip this particular shade.

To be completely honest, I love Revlon’s base and top coat (obvi, I just told you the Super Top Speed is my Holy Grail top/base coat, didn’t i?) to death, but I don’t seem to love their nail polishes as much. I have quite a few of them and I must say they are all not as easy to apply as, say… Etude House’s one even though their price’s actually slightly higher than Etude’s (if you buy Etude’s at online shops ya, the counter’s very over priced!) and they definitely chips much faster (the Pink Lingerie’s slightly chipped on my left thumb and it’s only the third day! Etude House’s usually lasts 5-6 days without chipping) and they also took longer to dry (the other lines even more so, the Top Speed one’s okay if you apply one or two coats as I said) but I don’t know, I kept on buying them anyway -__-, especially their scented lines, OMG I’m such a sucker for gimmicky products, I can’t help myself!!!

So, even though I prefer Etude House’s nail polishes (and OPI, China Glaze ones, for obvious reasons. Oh I also love Face Shop’s. And a lot more -___-, you’ll see in the future) I cannot promise I won’t buy any more of Revlon’s, especially whenever I got a voucher or I see SALE splayed across the Revlon counter, I would go crazy again I am sure *sigh*.

Oh, speaking of Etude House… really… I hate them! No, I actually LOVE them but I hate them for keep on producing super cute stuffs *I am still waiting in vain for my Princess Etoinette stuffs, I’ve been ordering them Pre-Order twice already, the first one came back with only the lipstick while the powder and blusher was Out Of Stock and right now I am still waiting for the second attempt’s result but I am very pessimistic, probably would be Out Of Stock again zzzz and I heard it’s going to be discontinued soon so I guess I should say bye bye, or try to find seller who  stocks them*, the latest one super yummeh looking, The Secret Recipe! OMG… I already know I want to purchase at least three types out of the whole range, lemme spread some poison and show you the four types that caught my eyes.
OMG the packaging!!! But i've never used cream/gel liner before, so...
GYAAAA, sinless chocos!!!
I'm gonna have all four of them, i promise!
Now, start obsessing like me, please! And if you do, remember this face you should blame it on LOLOL.
Sowwrie :D


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  1. Cute color!!
    I suggest you try Seche Vite top coat. Revlon's top coat used to be my holy grail top coat too! But after I tried Seche Vite I almost wanna throw away the revlons LOL! Revlon's top coat tend to smudge the polishes more (it's more obvious if you're doing nail art) and doesn't last as long as SV and the shine.. Don't even put them side by side hahaha.. Now I only use my revlons top coat occasionally, like for swatches where I immediately remove the polish after taking pictures :D Anyway, you should visit my blog at if you love nails :)))

  2. thank you for dropping by :)! Really? i will, but i'd better finish up all of my Revlon's top coats first, i don't want to be tempted to throw them away after trying Seche Vite :p. Love nail polishes, but sucks at doing nail art, i only got them from the professionals *LOL*. Thanks babe, i will visit your blog :D

  3. Nice post... I also don't count how many nail polishes that I have, some of them are also still new which already bought few few months ago he3

    Mind to follow each other?


  4. Hi babe, thx for reading :D. Would love to do that but i'm extremely bad at technical thingy, i don't even know how t make the follow button appear on this log, how??? Anyone can help? I'm so lost haha