Review: Fancy Chocolate Sensation Package at Club Arena Spa & Fitness Centre

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Hi loves, #Undecided here. It feels like it's been forever since the last time I wrote an entry about girly stuff, don't you think? The reason is that I haven't been doing any girly activity as of late, but last Saturday I did.

As you know, I hate going to salons not only because I love Ndaru to death (remember, we wrote about him as #15 on the list of our faves), but also because I hate the environment (very strange for someone who grown up around salon because my parents had one LOL, but hey!). I however LOVE LOVE LOVE getting pampered with massages and spa treatments. That is the ultimate girly activity for me but not for #Pink as she hates being massaged - with passion. LOL. I know, she's weird, right?! LOL.

So a few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about this deal from disdus(dot)com and I was super excited because it was for a chocolate spa treatment! We both ended up purchasing the vouchers and finally used them last Saturday. 

Club Arena - Java Paragon Surabaya

The place is super nice. Well naturally as it's located in Java Paragon Hotel. But I love how they have a bathtub inside each room.
the inside tub - sorry for the photo, the room was so dim it was hard to snap a good one with a mere Blackberry LOL

the towel, brush, etc. for after shower

As every other spa treatments, the step by step were:
1. Massage (OMG it was super good, I needed that).

2. Scrub (chocolate scrub - super nice and grainy, leaving my skin super soft afterwards).

3. Mask (chocolate mask - the scent was divine! I loved it. I was just quite disappointed (only a tiny bit though!) because the chocolate didn't set as how any other mask would. It had a rather sticky consistency so I don't think it was firming at all LOL. But it sure was good because it left my skin super moist and supple).
my friend's hand - covered in chocolate mask and scrub

4. Soaking in warm water + shower (I love soaking in warm water but when I first looked at the water I was slightly (again!) disappointed because it was plain. My usual spa place would put something in (flower petals, milk, etc etc) so naturally I was expecting something. But as soon as I dipped my foot I noticed that the water started turning brown!! The chocolate mask was once again doing wonders! LOL). 

I would say that the experience was overall pleasant. 

After my bath I was offered a nice cup of hot choco which was a nice change to the usual ginger water or hot tea.

BUT there was also one wtf moment when I asked the masseuse for the disposable underwear (because I couldn't find any on the room) and she said that they ran out!!! (Like seriously how did one spa place run out of disposable underwear I will never understand). She even went further and suggested that I just go ahead and get naked for the whole treatment LOL. I pondered for a moment and since I never managed to get that bikini wax I wanted, I decided to just keep my underpants and go commando during my ride home. LOL.

Also, I didn't like their soap. They just throw in the round soap bar which hotels use. To me personally this soap dries the skin so it contradicted every effect the chocolate mask had on my skin. Grrrrr!!!

So for Club Arena, if you're reading this, go buy disposable underwear - preferably in bulk and invest on better soaps - preferably the liquid kind which moisturizes skin. Okay?

So the million dollar Q is: will I return?
Well... I loved the chocolate mask, but for IDR 450,000 per treatment, maybe not. For me personally it's too expensive compared to my usual spa place which offers whitening spa for only IDR 220,000 per treatment (which btw I love love love!!). 

an old photo of #Pink and me *wink*

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  1. I love going to the spa as well :)

  2. love Spa! hehehe....eit, anak petra juga. iya...aku di petra , Deskomvis...kamu apa? reply di blog ku ya, biar aku tau..hehee...senangnya ada anak petra juga nih..

  3. wah...enak pariwisata, sapa tau bisa magang di luar negeri. temenku ada yang pariwisata, abis sekolah dia kerja di US. sampe sekarang ga mau pulang.hahha...asyik!=)
    keep in touch darling..! glad to meet you!