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Hello everybody. I hope you're having a good day today. As you know, I'm a bit sick, but I'm getting so much better now. At least my hearing is 100% back *grin*. So before #Pink starts yelling at me, I think I'd better start writing again!

I know I've been bragging a lot about being an awesome matchmaker (which I am!!). And I'm sure you'd like to see some proofs, yes? Well you don't have to wait much longer because this entry is all about them.

First couple I introduced to each other is my college friend Andryanto and my cousin Laura. OK I'll admit, this wasn't an introduction I intended because originally I wanted to introduce Laura to my other friend, Iskandar. Andryanto however saw her first (when he went to my house to borrow a text book) and apparently he liked what he saw LOL. So it was goodbye Iskandar, hellow Andryanto LOL. 
photo courtesy of NJP 
photo courtesy of NJP

Shortly after they got to know each other, they started dating. And after dating for years and years (can't remember, too lazy to count), they finally tied the knot on 2011!! My first successful case!! Yay me!! 

They're now expecting their first child and I cannot wait to tell that niece of mine how her dad met her mother. 

Successful story #2 is about my bff W. W is one awesome woman, but in my humble opinion, none of her ex bf's deserved her. They were all... well... jerks *sigh*. My ex co-worker Hartono on the other hand, was also chasing the oh so wrong girl (which happened to be hubby's ex - but maybe more on that later LOL). After a little digging, apparently their astrological signs are one of the best matches ever (Pisces and Cancer) and I didn't wait long to introduce them.

I could tell that Hartono was super attracted from the moment they met, but W was having trust issues towards men (I remember feeling frustrated because my beautiful friend whom would make an awesome mother was thinking of giving up on love!! Obviously there was no way that I would sit back and watch that happen, right...) so she wasn't opening herself 100% to new possibilities. Luckily Hartono was quite persistent and basically wouldn't take no for an answer LOL.
this photo was taken when Wahyuni first met Hartono.
Funny how she was wearing a top with LOVE written on it *wink*

Finally after being wooed (pardon my language LOL) for quite a while, she finally agreed to become his gf. She even made it extra special because she answered on Hartono's birthday. Made him breakfast which came along with a scribbled note "I do" *cue aaaawww*. That was one of the sweetest thing I've witnessed in real life. 
their engagement day

They finally got married in Feb 2012. These two made #Pink and I cried over and over again when they got married. First when W read her vows *sob* and then some more when Hartono sang for her during the reception (I even paused from my Wedding Planner duty to watch and weep LOL). Oh oh, they even gave me a token of appreciation, a heart-shaped pendant. I love it!! Sadly after they got married they moved to the suburban and I haven't seen her for quite a while now!! Visit more, W, I insist!!!

Final story is about my latest conquest (which won't be the last I'm sure) and it's about my other bff, G. Long time ago when G was in a relationship and W was single, I brought along hubby's cousin (the name's Vicky. Yes, Vicky is a boy, weird, I know LOL) to one of my birthday dinners - thinking that I would introduce him to the single W. At that time G was flying solo because her (ex)bf was working late. Apparently hubby's cousin was more interested in G (thinking she was single for she was alone LOL), but there was nothing we could do because G was in a relationship.

A few years after that day, hubby and I were in Solo celebrating his grandpa's birthday and I once again saw Vicky. At that time G was single and Vicky was STILL single. Apparently Vicky remembered G and asked for her BBM Pin. It didn't take long for Vicky to visit G in Surabaya and actually asked her out. We know G was hesitant because she didn't want to be in another long distance relationship, but in the end love prevailed. 

their engagement day - FYI, hubby and I were severely sleep deprived because the night before we were the WP for W&Har's wedding
They just got hitched last September and now G is not only my bff, she's also a family. Funny how life turns out sometimes, isn't it :)
one of the photos from their wedding album

Now, it's time to get serious. I have always always wanted to be a certified matchmaker. My method? Astrological compatibility. My results? Well haven't you been reading!? So if you're single and are interested to sign up, just send me an email with photo + birth date (if you don't know your sign). I'll hook you up. But this time, I'm charging!!!


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  1. hahaha jadi mau profesional ya... :D
    tapi kalo ama yang gak kenal mesti ati2 lho... banyak orang psycho kan diluaran... :D

    1. hahahaha that's the goal, dear... bosen kerja kantoran LOL.
      you're right, though. I'll be careful... thanks for the reminder :)
      Btw, you've got a super cute boy, lucky you!!

  2. Haha.. Udah baca Tea for Two (Clara Ng)? Bad novel, but the idea of matchmaking enterprise is there :D