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Soooo excited about today's post :D! I was about to name it "Rosemary's Baby" since it's so catchy but because that's a...errrr... horror movie, i decided to not do it *LOL*. Anywayyy... Today's post is a re-introduction to my all time favorite fashion online store (owned by my dear friend), Rosemary Online. Re-introduction because i've actually written about them twice before, here and here. But if on those two previous posts i mainly focused on their ready stock, cheaper line-today my focus is on their Pre-Order (will shorten this to PO from now on), genuine branded ones.

A few months ago, my lovely Rosemary asked me if i'd like to endorse them (it's always a misconception that brands and stores are the one that endorse people, but it's actually the other way round! I was enlightened by Melanie Soebono, of all people! Brands and stores SPONSOR people, and people who agree to do so are endorsing those brands/products)-of course i said YES, and she kindly let me choose one of their premium brand's outfit.
Hehehe, got a bit of a fashion blogger vibe by now, hopefully :p (excuse the face, tho hahaha)
I actually chose another (very old) design at first but unfortunately it was out of stock (which is not the norm, Rosemary's PO products very very rarely goes out of stock, but it was probably because i chose a very old design) so i chose another one.
The catalog pic. Please focus on the outfit and not the model since i am probably twice the size of this model (FML)
It is a two pieces floral dress with a satin bow belt and here are the dress in real life :
The inner layer made of thin crepe cotton material. I chose size L for this dress (i definitely suggest to size up for China brands) and the measurement on the info seemed like the inner dress was supposed to be a stretchy material (it has a something to something bust measurement) but the real item's definitely not stretchy at all. It fits quite loosely on me so i didn't have a problem with this. I love getting inner slip dresses like this because i often wear slip dresses with other outfits that are too short for my liking, one more in my (pathetic) slip dress collection :D
The outer, floral layer made from high quality organza. It also fit (barely, this time) but i was a bit uncomfortable around the bust area (which is rare hahaha), feeling like i might rip it at any time so i decided to alter it a bit to make it fit better. I got a bit over excited with my measurement and made the dress... way too big for me in the end zzz T.T but it still very pretty and wearable thankfully!
The dress, complete with the pretty baby pink bow (i'm really really bad at tying bows, so please excuse the sad looking bow :(...)
The dress that i chose was from a brand called Yimeiyi
It's a sleeveless dress and you know i don't wear sleeveless dress so when i actually wear it out i'd have to put on a cardigan on top of it >.< but for reviewing sake here's some pictures of the dress by itself (i only dare putting up the mirror selca ones, the ones that hunny took... haih, i just don't think my arms in those pics are fit for public viewing!)
The dress is really really pretty, made from high quality, delicate materials and most importantly : looks exactly the same as the catalog picture! I know a lot of people avoid shopping for clothes online because they're afraid that the product would be very different from the pictures, but there's nothing to be worried about with Rosemary Online's products!

Now, the price. It's.. quite steep, this dress is worth IDR 380.000 (please correct me if i remember wrongly, Rosemary!) but seeing how beautiful this dress is, the quality and the fact that i got so many compliments on them (even from my sis, CW! That's practically unheard of! She even asked me to pass it to BB when i get bored of it, that's... beyond amazing. However, i plan of wearing this at least a few more times so i won't be passing it anytime soon!) is worth the price. 

Yesterday's OOTD
More OOTD snapped by hunny's much better quality's camera (but so bad for selca-ing) :
Mint Floral Headband : a stall in PVJ, Bandung
Puffy Pink Blazer : Magnolia
2 Pieces Floral Dress : c/o Rosemary Online 
 White Bag : Bonia 
Pink Jelly Shoes : Online (an OS in IG)

I am absolutely obsessed with jelly shoes and cannot stop buying them >.<!
Extra : FOTD :p
Picture taken from my IG : @Mgirl83
Products used :
- C/o Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

- DHC Medicated Concealer
- Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
- Collection Pressed Powder (01 Candelight)
- e.l.f Eye Primer
- Ishine Trio Eye Shadow (in Lilac Candy)
- Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner (Blue)
- ZA Duo Blush On
- Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder (as a highlight on my nose bridge)
- Skin Food Honey Pot Lip Balm (#1 Berry)
- (C/o Me-Nail) Crystal Nail polish in 53 (review soon!)
Oh yeah, Rosemary carries all kind of genuine Chinese fashion brands like JJ. Ing, Qianlixiu, JK, LY, Pink Doll (OMG, love the name of the brand!) and a lot more with different styles as well, for example :
Classy glam
Modern & sophisticated
Edgy and cool
And my fave, ethereal and princessy!
The price range for this line is quite high, reflecting the design and quality, most of them are around IDR 300.000 to IDR 575.000, but don't worry if you're on a tight budget but still want to look stylish, they also have stocks for the replicas (most of the PO clothes you see online with prices under IDR 200.000 are replicas :)) with very affordable price, but of course the genuine brands have definite advantage like the superior quality and the availability of sizes (some have XS to XL sizes which is very nice for online products :D!). You also do not have to worry about waiting too long, their PO normally arrived in 2 to 3 weeks (except when there are unexpected delays like around long holidays, etc), pretty speedy compared to most OS! 

If my blog posts aren't enough to convince you that Rosemary Online is a very trusted shop, you can check out their other (LOADS!) of testimonials here!

I actually wore this dress to my Baby Boy's 7th birthday party at Wendy's, and after the party i asked my hunny to quickly snapped outfit pictures :D. It was literally 2 minutes (i still am very shy to take outfit pictures outside the comfort of my own room/walk in closet especially when there are a lot of people staring!) but i was really happy with the result! Hunny's improving a lot hahaha. Hopefully he'll grow to enjoy taking my outfit pics and i can post more of these "creative" ones instead of uninspired mirror selcas all the time >.<!
I hope you like the pictures as much as i do :D! Don't forget to check out Rosemary Online's collection anytime you need some new frocks! Their complete collection can be found in their Facebook Page : Rosemary Online. You can order their stuffs via these contacts below :
To honor my very first outfit sponsor, i'm putting up Rosemary Online's button on the right bar of this blog :D. If you're a brand/store and wants me to review your products, drop me a mail in !

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I like those floral dresses and hope that I can wear them in the office all the time. :) You look also very pretty wearing them. Thanks for sharing this online boutique. For sure I will find something that will be worthy to buy and worth a space in my closet!

    1. Thank you, dear! I genuinely love and support this online shop even if they never sponsor me :)!