Lip Talk 33 : Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color in Baby

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Hey guys!
It's almost the second week of March already and here i am with my first post >.< .

I am opening March with a special review :
Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color in Baby
Y'all know that i am a drugstore kind of girl through and through, i don't know why and how to explain it - it's just my personality. Having said that, i actually do have quite an extensive collection of high end makeups too, i just don't talk about that much (no idea why since my fave foundie is actually high end :p) - and truth of the matter is, i can totally appreciate high end makeups too, ofc. There are times when you just want to splurge and spoil yourself (for some of us that times are everyday of the week, and there's nothing wrong with that if you can afford it haha!), it's very normal... even a given.

Anyway, i am pretty sure that i don't even need to try to introduce Bobbi Brown to you? It's such a well known brand in the beauty industry by now. Founded by Bobbi Brown the makeup artists in 1991, they are now under Estee Lauder Companies. I am personally more than a little familiar with this brand since i was introduced to this brand (probably by one of my sister in laws) a long time ago during my teenage hood (now that's eons ago hahaha) and i've used quite a lot of products from them back then. It's been a while since i play with them tho so i am very happy to be rekindling my "relationship" with Bobbi Brown makeups *LOL*. 

I got this lippie as part of the goodie bag in B2Pop's opening because they were supporting Ce Fanny's Makeup Demo.
Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color 
As a lipstick junkie (and now i am also an eyeshadow palette junkie and highlighter junkie as well. Great. Keep on building the repertoire, #Pink) i was super happy when i spot the lippie in the goodie bag haha. 
If i remember correctly, most of Bobbi Brown makeup products come in a black unicarton, sleek and classic - so i this lippie, oh and it contains 3.4g worth of product
Made in USA
The ingredient list is covered by stickers with manufactured and expiry date as well as BPOM registration number (important!)
There's a black sticker on top of the box with the shade's name on it. You should probably know by now that i will forever be known as the baby of the family (and a huge baby in general) so the shade that i got (randomly, FYI) is very fitting *LOL*
Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color is encased in a weighted black metal tube with white lettering and a color corresponding with the actual shade inside in the middle. It has a very nice weight to it (a far cry from my usual super light, plastic lipstick tubes from the drugstore haha) and although it is very simple and minimalistic, it screams class. I love the fact that the mid section is color corresponded with the lippie shade, this way if you are a lipstick hoarder collector like me you can have all 20 shades and never have a hard time finding the exact shade that you want to wear that day among your collection :))
Isn't it a beaut?
Baby is a soft, milky pink shade and i was a bit scared when i first saw it because soft pink washes me out - fortunately Baby is still rosy enough for me!
Baby swatched, it looks darker on my hand (maybe because my hand is darker than my face)
Baby on my lips, the description on the website is a spot on as you can see how milky it looks on my lips!
Wearing Baby again today :)!
Baby is such a soft pink, honestly if i wear no makeup then it would probably make me look ill but with some complimentary makeup it is very pretty and suitable for everyday wear since it's not too much
According to the website, Crushed Lip Color has the look of a lipstick meets the feel of a balm for our most wearable lip yet. Loaded with crushed pigments and lip-loving ingredients, it's the ultimate swipe and go formula. Rich in Vitamins E and C and beeswax, the balmy formula glides on comfortably with a satin matte finish that leaves lips hydrated and kissably soft. Plus, it won't feather or fade for crush-worthy color that lasts all day.

So i actually just searched the information about this lippie as i am writing this review because i prefer to try products out on my own terms and not be affected by the claims/other reviews and when i first used it my first impression is that it's very very balmy, not very pigmented but still very pretty. I always use moisturizing lip balm before any lippies and since Crushed Lip Color is a balmy type of lippie, the slippery lip balm makes it a bit harder to build up the color (especially because the shade that i got is such a light shade) so i have to swipe it around for quite a while for it to show up on my (already) pale pink lips - it is very comfortable and kind to my lips so you can actually wear it on its own and it would apply easier and more pigmented. However like any other lip color, it can feel slightly dry after long hours or wear time and i like to revive it by applying a bit of lip gloss on top.

I believe this lippie is unscented, this can be a plus or minus depending on preference - unscented lippies can have a bit of a waxy, crayon-y smell and so does this one. It doesn't bother me much and the smell goes away after you finish applying it and it sure is better than super strong perfumed scents (i like fruity/cake scents on my lippies but i can't stand floral ones). They claim to have a satin matte finish but for me it looks like it has a more of a a creamy finish, which i like (this could be due to the lip balm i pair it with because it does look more matte when i wear it on its own, but definitely not a flat matte) because it makes my lips looks well moisturized and juicy ^^.

As it is a balmy lippie, it doesn't have the longest staying power. It stays on pretty long hours on me if i don't eat much, but it would definitely need to be reapplied after a heavy meal (i really don't think it's a negative). This is purely for the shade Baby because it is the only shade that i have, Olin got a shade that's a lot brighter and it seems to have a stronger staying power for her - but i can't give my opinion on that. 

I enjoy wearing Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color a lot, although i am more of a bold lip shade kind of girl, i do like Baby because it is just so easy to wear (it's such a neutral shade too so i can wear any shade of clothes/eyeshadow and it would still look nice and put together). I am also getting really tired of matte lip creams (which honestly i've never been a huge fan of...) and my fave type of lippie has always been a classic bullet type anyway. 

I am not sure of how much this lipstick costs, but according to the internet... it's around IDR 350.000? Yes, it is not cheap, like i said, we all can do with a few (or a lot! Haha) luxe lippes in our collection and i don't think this Bobbi Brown one is a bad choice if you like comfortable, pretty, easy to wear lipstick.

Would i be interested in buying it with my own money? I would say maybe, i am pretty interested in the darker, bolder shade ^^.

So what do you think? Are you the type that would spend hundreds of rupiahs in a tube of lipstick or prefer to buy the cheaper ones in bulk :p? Do share your opinion with me on the comment section below!
Last but not least, thank you Bobbi Brown Indonesia for the chance to try out your lovely lipstick, it has a permanent place in my makeup pouch now hehe.

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