Event Report : Grand Opening of Bangkok Beauty

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Do you remember my cousin L? And her friend from Thailand, Wynne? I brought them to a few events so if you've been following this blog then you should've seen them a few times (especially L coz i mention her plenty of times)! Other than accompanying me to those events, they were also studying about blogger events because they had their own event to plan! 

And finally (after months of planning) the event was held last Saturday, the grand opening (and blogger meetup) of Bangkok Beauty!
With my other 8 Beauty Bloggers pals and a new friend (a Vlogger!)
The invitation (and the dress code that sent majority of us to moanville hahaha)
What is Bangkok Beauty? It's a new hair removal salon that brings the latest SHR technology to Surabaya. What is SHR technology, then? I will explain about it later!
Does this place look familiar? You might've seen it from this post, and yes-Bangkok Beauty is located in the same building as Me-Nail at Ruko Klampis Jaya 33 D, Surabaya. While Me-Nail occupies the second floor, you can find Bangkok Beauty in the first floor now ^^.
Welcome to Bangkok Beauty! (or should i say "Sawatdikha"!)
Some of the snacks kindly provided for us... What's that interesting looking tin boxes stacked on right? Read on to know more!
The invitation stated 11.30, L did try to force me to come earlier but since she's so well known to not be on time herself, i didn't really try to be early *LOL*. But at 10.50 she BBM-ed me again, telling me Nessya was already there! She misread the invitation and thought it was at 10.30 T.T *LOL*, i scrambled around trying my best to be fast (i was just halfway through my makeup at that time) and managed to be there at 11.20 *LOL*. Not too bad right... Soon after, the others started to come one by one. And when bloggers gather together, what do we do? That's right, we snap endless pics :D!
Nessya, where are you looking???
Now, that's more like it!
L asked me to help gather 10 bloggers (including myself) for the grand opening so there were myself, Lina, Jessica, Sabsab, Kathy, Yennyca, Shasha, Nessya and Widya. Yes, there were only nine bloggers because the last person is a Vlogger, Cynthian ^^ (hello, new friend! Nice to meet you!).

As you can the on the pictures above, we were still waiting for the last 3 to arrive, meanwhile...
The endless photo-session continues. Look at Sabs, grabbing Kathy's witch hat and plonked it on herself haha
Lina and i, long time no see Lin!!!
The witch is casting a spell on me? (Wonder if Yen2's reaction was due to being under Kathy's armpit? LOLOLOL). Spot Jessica on the mirror!
Then L asked us to write our names in a piece of paper, turned out they had a big door prize that day!
Eh, look at Lina's expression! LOLOLOL
This is the first event which i have to post loads of pics BEFORE writing about the actual event! LOL. It was so much fun, very loud, non-formal with a great, friendly atmosphere. I guess that's because the organizers are L and Wynne, who treats everybody more like friends than say, medias :D.
Selca with L
If the owners are busy taking selcas with you
You can tell that it's one hell of a fun event!
Hi Shasha!!!
With Jessica (wow, my hair looked so messy! It was crazily hot that day, i looked quite crazy by the end of the event -___-)
I think the last person to arrive was Cynthian, and with full team we... camwhore some more LOLOLOL.

And finally... The event officially started! With a welcome speech from L and Wynne :
Lady Bosses of Bangkok Beauty
With the therapists... It's hilarious how most of them are looking at different cameras! It's hard to be paparrazzied, eh?
First Wynne and L went to show us the treatment room, since Bangkok Beauty is located in a ruko (small office building), it was quite compact. Right now they have two treatment rooms and both are designed in a clean, minimalistic style. I like how simple everything was, no frills and no nonsense :D. I took some pictures from their IG :
My own *less flattering pics of one of the rooms* :
View from the entrance
The bed
Since they are using an SHR technology which involves some sort of zapping (with flashing lights), they avoid any sort of reflections (that's why there aren't any mirrors in the treatment rooms!). Clients who are wearing any sort of metallic jewelries that can reflect light would also be asked to remove them. Don't worry about your possessions, you can store them safely in this wicker basker underneath the treatment bed :
Then Wynnie started the introduction and explanation of their services :
That is their SHR (stands from Super Hair Removal) machine 
Maybe you've heard of IPL and laser hair removal before? Well, SHR is a new (and advanced) technology that combines the two technologies! SHR is the highest method of hair removal that can still be performed by beautician (diode laser hair removal can only be done by doctors/dermatologists), so it is a step above IPL since they have the motion system where they are able to zap multiple spots at once. That's why SHR can be used on broader body parts such as legs while IPL usually focus on smaller parts (because they can only zap one spot at a time so it's mainly used for underarm hairs) and unlike IPL which still hurts a little, SHR is practically painless and faster too. Another plus point is SHR will not burn your skin while there's still a chance for IPL to burn darker skins.

I've explained why SHR is a much better option than IPL, but what about comparison between SHR and traditional waxing? Well, other than the obvious, which is the pain level (i've never done waxing before but i'm sure it's like 10 to 1 scale!), another reason is while waxing can make your pores bigger (coz you yank out your hairs over and over again), SHR can actually make your pores SMALLER. AND with waxing there's a slight chance of your skin going darker (due to irritation), on the contrary-SHR can brighten your skin! Are you convinced now? Okay then :D! Let's move on!
The beautician would analyze your skin and then determine the frequency and intensity of the treatment that would fit your skin condition best
Bangkok Beauty's SHR machine is imported from Thailand (Wynne is no stranger to this machine because she also uses it in her beauty clinic in Thailand but it focuses more on facials) but the technology itself is from U.S.A. It is CE and FDA certified, of an international standard and has been proved to be totally safe.
Look at the witch filming ^^
L then asked who wanted to try the SHR treatment now? We were all quite taken aback because we didn't expect that there's going to be a demonstration that day (we all thought that a hair removal process would be quite long, apparently with SHR it'd only take 20-30 minutes for one big area!)!

I guess we all are still a bit unfamiliar with the technology (most of us don't even wax... LOL. I know it's practically a sin for some women, but Indonesian women are not that religious when it comes to hair removal yet) and all super afraid of pain so... We ended up pushing each other to do it like kindergarten kids. Then L said "You go first, #Pink!". Darn. Just because i'm her cousin that doesn't mean i have to be guinea pig all the time right...

Anyway, L did tell me that i would HAVE to try the treatment (she even told me to let my legs' hairs grow zzz) so i was like... Okay.... And then she went and announce she'd need a second volunteer.
Sabsab was peer-pressured to be the second victim hahahaha
Initially she wanted to remove her hairs on her arms, so we all busily snapped pictures of her arms while she just sit there with a miserable look upon her face :D.
But later on she changed her mind and got the treatment for her legs so she showed us her (hairy) arms for nothing! LOL. Poor Sabs.

The first step before starting the treatment is filling in these consent form and questionnaire so that your therapists can determine your skin type.
L said my skin type is number 2, but i don't really burn though hahaha.

Then i got distracted :
By Lina's beautifully self-made nail arts
And Kathy gorging herself hahaha
Before we continue, i must warn you that you're about to see closeup pics of my hairy legs, are you ready for that?
No? Well, too late! Here it is!
So gross >.<
I, however, am not a very hairy person. My leg hairs (and any other body hairs) are quite sparse and thin. With SHR treatments, normally it'd take about 4 to 6 treatments (even more if you're very hairy or your hairs are exceptionally thick!) to completely get rid of the hairs, but L and the therapists all think for my type of skin and hair it'd probably only need 2 to 3 treatments (you can only do it once a month, btw).

Now, i have to be very honest here. I am not much for hair removals, i never waxed (because i'm terrified of pain), i don't shave my legs (only my underarms) and the only thing that i ever did in the hair removal department is using hair removal creams! Even that is not something i use regularly, only like... When there's an event/party coming up hahaha. So i was actually VERY very nervous before the treatment. CL told me IPL is actually quite painful, this looks very similar to IPL so i was super scared!

Luckily the therapists at Bangkok Beauty are all very nice and calming, they told me not to worry because it won't hurt a bit, just some warming sensations.

Let's start!
First of all, they would clean your skin (i was asked if i wore body lotions earlier in the morning, which i always do, so they took extra care to remove all of the remnants of the lotions off my legs) with wet wipes.

Oh yeah, since SHR involves very bright zapping lights, everybody in the treatment room have to wear a special google :
Which is quite cool, and why are you photo-bombing me, L??
Widya and Nessya who accompanied me the majority time of the treatment
L posing with her cool blue goggle :p
Then they would draw on your legs (or any other areas where you want to get the treatment done) with white eyeliner pencil to determine the location of the hairs.
It's a bit hard to see because my skin is very pale -___-
I seriously felt a bit like a cow when i saw my legs LOLOLOL, you know those charts of beef meats determining which part is sirloin, tenderloin, etc... Yeah, i felt a little but like that hahahaha.
Next step is to dry shave the area, here the therapist is showing that the shaver they used is brand new (this is very important, of course!)
Then they applied a cooling gel (which was VERY COLD, very refreshing on such a hot day i really wanted to just rub it all over me hahahaha)
Spread spread spread
Then they prepared to zap my hairs off! (okay so it's more of the hair follicle, but it's just more fun to say that...)
Since any kind of reflecting surfaces must be avoided, we were not allowed to snap pics (but filming was fine as long as you do it not too close to the machine, maybe you can check out Cynthian or Kathy's You Tube channels for that) for our own safety.

Basically they just press the wand of the machine on my leg and the wand went FLASH! The therapist would ask everytime they start on a new area if i could feel anything. If you don't feel anything that means the frequency might be too low and they would increase it for faster/better results. Afterwards they'd clean up the cooling gel off your skin.

Like i said earlier, i was very very scared but i really didn't have to be! I barely felt anything! Just some warming sensations and dull pricks on several dots (which means hairs on those locations are thicker). I actually held my breath every single time they started on a new area, expecting some pain but thankfully it never came! I can safely say i survived SHR treatment without a scratch hahaha!
After zapping, they spray NaCl that acts as anti irritant on my legs
They also asked me if i feel any stinging sensation coz they'd apply ointment if i feel so, i didn't feel anything actually but they applied some anyway in some areas where they thought might get a bit tender
The ointment was Elocon (a very familiar ointment for me haha)
After treatment
Yes, my legs look very smooth and clean, BUT i have to remind you that it is due to the shaving they did earlier and not from SHR itself. I've been informed that with only one treatment the result might not even show (but because of my thin hair types L assures me that i will definitely have less hair than before). Today is three days post treatment and i can feel some hairs growing out already haha. I think the winner of the door prize would be able to tell you how SHR really performs as opposed to me who only tried it one time.

All i can tell you right now is that SHR is literally painless (maybe a little discomfort in areas where your hair is thicker), and very very fast! Both of my legs were done in like, less than 20 minutes!

Wynne saw my socks earlier and asked if i have any hairs on my toes, i told her i have probably like 4-5 hairs on each big toe and that's all, she told me to take off my socks so that they can work on my big toes as well haha.
Then we were all given this Post Care Treatment cards :
It's filled with information on what you must avoid after an SHR treatment, here's a translation :
1. Avoid deodorant/perfume for 48 hours after SHR (I'm assuming this is for the underarms and chest area coz wearing perfumes wouldn't disturbed my recently SHR-ed legs right...)
2. Avoid scrubbing too hard on areas that has been treated with SHR
3. Do not shower with hot water/sauna 24 hours after SHR
4. Avoid straining exercises for 24 hours after SHR
5. Use sunblock for areas that might be exposed to sun rays after SHR
6. During SHR treatments (which can go on for months) do not pluck or shave the hairs. You can shave.

I... admit that i only listened to the therapist telling me not to apply body lotions on my legs for 24 hours and didn't read the card until it was too late. I showered with warm water (thankfully not hot) and i used bath lillies on my legs, no wonder i did feel a bit of stinging sensation on my legs afterward! Do not repeat my mistake and do everything they tell you to do, okay!

Next is Sab's turn :
Sabs was very scared as well but you can't tell by the look on her face here!
I said i wouldn't mention whose legs these are (LOLOLOL) so i'll call it the BEFORE pic of client #2

And after. LOL. We all joked about how she's getting new legs because they look so different >.<, but again this was the result of the shaving, not the SHR itself
As you can see, she has more hairs than i do so it took a lot longer for her treatment to be done-to a point where we had to knock and ask if she's okay hahahaha.
I kept on mentioning how i wanted to snap a pic of us sitting in a row like this, i had this urges to say "Pick pick pickkkk", pimp style :p
Are you interested on trying out SHR in Bangkok Beauty (#Undecided immediately did!)? Here's their price list ^^ :
Remember, their prices might seem a bit steep but for a PERMANENT hair removal? I'd say they're worth every pennies!
Plus they're having LOADS of promotion! (I suddenly remember that Wynne told us they were going to post this image on Jawa Post *a local newspaper* but got turned down because it was considered porn. LOLOLOLOLOL)
You can get 10% off for all treatment package (from their grand opening promo), and if you're a student you can get another 10% off! If you're no longer a student, bring a friend and get the same packages then you can also get an extra 10%. There's an even more special discount if you get the Underarms+Bikini Line package : 30% off!!! More good news...

Quote "BangkokMindy" and mention my blog when you visit them and get extra 10% on top of all the other discounts!
Bangkok Beauty social medias :
Facebook : Bangkokbeauty ID
Twitter : @bangkokbeautyid
E-mail : bangkokbeauty168@gmail.com

Errr, no the post is not over yet.... Still loads of self-centred shots coming up :D.
Hmmm orange pie
They all accused me of wanting to camwhore with it and then put it back, but that's not true! I did ate it huh!
The... Door prize time...!

L asked Lina to pick a paper from the ones where we wrote out names on earlier...
And she drew her own name! LOL. However, turned out Lina is one of those weird hairless creature so she generously passed on the awesome prize (which is a FULL TREATMENT for any area of her choice until the hairs are completely gone) and asked L to draw another name
This time Kathy did the honor of picking up the name
And drew Henny's name!!!
Who's Henny, you might ask? Well, that's
Nessya. Why does she has two names? Go ask her yourself hahaha
Coz one selca is never enough. Btw i'm very jealous of her winning, i also want permanently hair free legs!
And one with Widya, which she protested because she said she looked weird *sigh*
So here's the other one that she approved of hahahaha
Then we snap more pics outside the building, braving the sun and all.
Kathy setting up her tripod, i hope she got some nice shots because i asked one of the staffs so snap some with my cam
And this is the best shot *___*. In the other two shots nobody was ready *LOL*
And... that's a wrap!!! That interesting tin boxes we saw on the table earlier? It's the goodie bag! Or more appropriately, the goodie box! I only snapped two pics of goodie boxes formally given because they went home earlier :
Jessica and L
Lina and Wynne
While the rest of us just got them all at the same time coz we lingered hahaha.
The look-a-likes, Shasha and Yen2
Isn't the goodie box super cute??
Must camwhore with it too :D
Lemme show you what's inside :
Must put another pic of the box coz it's so cute and creative, so pretty i didn't have the heart to open it! I didn't want to ruin the ribbon so i just slipped it off the tin hahaha
Treasure box? OMG, how much cuter can they be???
A voucher! I think imma use it for underarms treatment :D
Jam-packed with Thai goodies!
Ka Me Klear Dodorant Spray (which is available in Bangkok Beauty for IDR 85.000)
Another bottle of Crystal Nail to add to my collection, so happy that i got a different color!
Tamarind & Honey Soap Bar, traditional Thailand Body Scrub and a note pad
A super cute and creative goodie box, i love it!

Thank you Wynne and L for inviting us and hosting such a fun event! I wish you both the best of luck and for Bangkok Beauty a great success!

With love,
Do you think i can be Bangkok Beauty's ambassador? LOL


It's been more than a month since i had my SHR treatment and i decided to keep you updated and show you the result. Remember, i only had ONE treatment and they already told me that my hair would not be completely gone after just one treatment, in fact i might not see any difference-but i actually saw a lot of difference!

Right leg :
Even though i didn't have a LOT of hairs in the first place, they were quite evenly spaced. With only one treatment i can see how the hairs became a lot patchier and decrease dramatically in numbers.
The back of my leg has very soft, thin hair and they never grew back!
Right leg :
For some weird, unexplainable reasons, my right leg has more hairs than the left. I can see dramatic decrease of hair on my right leg as well

Now i can safely say that SHR REALLY works! And quite significantly as well. I'm guessing i need 1 or 2 max more treatments to permanently get rid of my leg hairs and that's not bad at all!

Hope i manage to tempt you to try out this treatment *wink*!

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  1. Woah, so interesting and loads of many pics ce ^^
    it seems you guys had so much fun! Hehe
    Oh ternyata ownernya bangkok beauty yg kpn hr ce min ajak di event sblmnya XD *baru sadar
    Nice and very-detailed post as always ce ^_^

    1. Hahaha yeah it was a lot of fun, thank you for reading :D!

  2. lengkap dan detil as always ce ^_^
    see you soon to collect more photos that I feel not weird anymore :p lol

  3. nice post ce, btw warna nail polish yg didapet kereeennnnn . uuhhh pengenn.

    1. Wahahaha aq sih senang krn belom punya warna ini, kebetulan banget! soalnya yg km, widya sm lina dpt aq dah pny semua lo

  4. The ambiance looked very clean and nice. There's also a good theme of colors - orange and white. You're lucky to have thin and sparse hairs. There are many girls who undergo waxing and IPL to remove unwanted hairs and the treatment costs a lot! Anyway, anything to do for the sake of beauty is okay. :)

    1. Yeah, and with one treatment i actually half as little hairs as before! I'm quite amazed now hahaha. IKR, it's quite expensive too (but at least it's not painful like waxing or even IPL) but it's permanent so... i do think it's worth it!

  5. A very thorough event report/service review as well!
    I read all the way to the bottom and didn't get bored at all :)
    I too would like a pair of hair free legs!

    1. Awww thank you, sweet comments like yours encourage me to keep on writing ^^!