Dressing My Age... or Not!

9:57:00 PM

Hey guys....

Happy April Fool's Day!!! Did you prank anyone today? Hehe... (No no, i didn't. Spent it with a girl's date with L  trying out a new cafe, Thirty3Brew-chit chatting about... ghosts, of all things and then to the dentists because my half fake tooth *my teeth broke in half so they had to make a false one to make it whole again zzz* fell off yesterday while i was eating fried rice -____-). 

It's time for another backdated outfit post (not so backdated lah, it's from last December LOLOLOL, i told you i would post outfit pics from 2013 as well, i'll just call it... Throwback Style, cool eh? Totally just made that up, am i good or am i good?). This was the look i threw together for the opening of House of Mustika Ratu event :
Like i mentioned many times before, when i attend an even,t i like to dress up to reflect the brand's image and. Since Mustika Ratu has an elegant (they are the official cosmetic for Puteri Indonesia pageant after all), prim, proper and traditional image, i decided to dress very feminine and soft. I didn't mean to dress maturer than usual, but turned out that's how the look translated because #Undecided actually said she was surprised by my mumsy attire *LOL*.
I didn't know that mini tutu skirts' mumsy, #Undecided!
The dusty pink lace dress was the core item for this look and i worked the items around it. The dress' super short for me so i had to layer it with a baby pink mini tutu skirt to make it look decent
I was working on flash tattoo review back then so i was totally decked in it! That reminds me, i should start using them again, i have so many of them in my stash thanks to Me-Nail!
Paired the look with a simple and soft makeup with strong lip color :
I was also trying out Make Over eyeliner pencil in Glam Gold that i got from Miracle's event's goodie bag, i didn't expect it be so lovely!
AND Clinique's Cream Shaper for Eyes in Egyptian that i also received in a goodie bag *LOL* (i clearly don't really buy eyeliner anymore, i got so many from goodie bags!)
List of products used :
1. Etude House AC Clinic Daily Sun BB 
2. C/o Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Two Way Cake
3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
4.  e.l.f Eye Primer
5. e.l.f Beach Beauty Palette (using the eye shadows and blush on)
6. Make Over Eyeliner Pencil (Glam Gold)
7. Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes (Egyptian)
8. Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara
9.  Mentholatum Water Lip (Pure Joy)
10. Wardah Exclusive Lipstick (32, Precious Violet)
11. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder
So judging from how #Undecided reacted, i suppose i was dressing my age for once? Would my fussy big sis approve? No, i don't think so, it was most probably still way too short for her liking (according to her i have to cover my entire thighs to look skinnier. Well. I don't think i can restrict myself like that, if i have to stay within those very rigid rules to dress in order to look skinnier, i guess i'd rather look fat 5 out of 10 times i dress up. I dress up to make myself happy, not to make people approve of me....)

Anyway, me being me, of course i had to insert a bit of a playful touch to a rather mature (can i say boring #ahem) look, while i think the appearance of the multiple flash tattoos all over my body added to the playfulness, i just had to take it up a notch with the uber kawaii Baby Biscuit bag!
Outfit Details :
Lace Dress : Cache Cache
Tutu Skirt : Joop
Heels : gift from my mum (she bought it in a store in TP)
Baby Biscuit Bag : Classroom
Bow Pearl Obi : from another dress

I dragged my niece Au to the event and unconsciously dressed her in a rather similar outfit (coz i like to look matchy matchy with my girls, family, etc *LOL*.
What do you think, did i look mumsy enough?


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  1. ur eyeliner makeup...wuahhh that was quite neat. anyway did u put softlense into ur eyes?
    so pretty ^^

    1. Thank you ^^. Yes, i wear enlarging contact lenses ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Iyahh, aq naksir yg Liz Liza tp harganya gak banget jd yg inspired aja deh hehehe

  3. You look great... Love the beautiful dress and the soft makeup... The lipstick colour is nice, too :)

  4. Eyeliner-nya kereeeeeen!!!! SUKAK! :)))

  5. I love your dress very much! It looks feminine and cute. I have been looking for the same kind in online Korean stores and I have been telling my sister to plan a trip for us to go to Bangkok to score some good deals in their malls. I also love Au's dress--white, simple, minimalist style. :)

    1. I'd love to go to BKK too for a shopping spree *not that i need one >.<*!