Pink, White and a Dash of Mint

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I haven't been posting outfit pictures in  awhile even though it's the fastest and easiest post, i don't know why (laziness, perhaps. LOL. And i don't think my outfits are as interesting as most fashion bloggers out there). I like to post #OOTD pictures in my IG (it's MGirl83) so be a duck and give me  follow if you're interested :) (just if you are, this is not a demand! LOL. I hate people leaving me "follow back!" comments so the last thing i wanna do is doing exactly that!) .

And anyway, my niece Au celebrated her Sweet Sixteen last week (if you're wondering, i had been an aunt since i was 11. My oldest nephew's 19! WTF. That's how things are when you're a youngest kid and your siblings are much much older than you!) and the dress code was "Pink, White or Mint".

This is what i wore :
Did you notice? I got SOMEONE to take my photograph instead of taking a mirror one! I'm so touched i think i'm gonna burst into tears *dramatic* *dramatic*. LOL! I have been asking my hunny to take outfit pictures lately and he's gotten SO GOOD! Instead of making me looking like a teapot (i am a teapot, short and stout...) all the time, he manages to take VERY NICE ones now (hunny, i'm not saying this just because i just realized you read my blog sometimes now, okay? He read my Vietnam guide list without me knowing and suddenly sent me an article explaining the ingredients of the dinosaur egg thing coz he was insulted that i wrote that he's making it up LOLOLOL, isn't he the cutest???)
I was so elated when i see how nice the pics he took were, we actually tried taking pictures with nicer background than just the tiny curtained window in my walk in closet. The picture above was taken at the restaurant where the birthday dinner was held's patio (1903, will tell you more about this place in the actual celebration's post). I was too embarrassed to take many pictures with weird poses (who do those fashion bloggers do that???) and i think hunny was embarrassed too so that's something we should be working on as a team if i want to do this fashion thingy more seriously (which i should, since i actually have clothes sponsor now! I will tell you more next month :p!). 

In the meantime, we took plenty of pics (in the same stiff pose since i am a horrible model haha) in the comfort of my own closet :
Trying out more posey "look faraway" pose HAHAHAHA. Sorry sorry, i can never take myself seriously WTH
Outfit details :

- Lace Top : Online (It's actually a flared, loose babydoll top! Can't see it from the way i style it, eh? I already knew i wanted to wear a flared baby pink skirt with a lace top, and the problem with having a million clothes, i thought i have a fitted white lace top, turned out that the top i was thinking about? have it in black and baby pink only -___-. So i scrambled in my crazy warehouse-like closet of shame and found this babydoll top and made it work *proud*!)

- Off White Lace Obi : Can't remember, i have it for a long time already. Some random boutique

- Striped Organza Skirt : Rozz Shop (I am absolutely OBSESSED with this kind of skirts! Obsessed, i tell you! I want this is every color, fabric and print possible! I think i already have like, 25 of them *shame faced* and i still want more! Btw, i am not sponsored by Rozz shop, but it's a nice little only shop where i frequently order inexpensive Bangkok fashion from. I know her prices' not the cheapest *i actually found a shop that sells exactly the same things with IDR 20.000 difference) but not only she is located in Surabaya (so, very cheap shipping fee, about a quarter of what i would have to pay if i order from Jakarta) and she gave me IDR 5000 off if i buy 2 items, the owner's also very efficient and quite friendly. She stopped asking me for down payment after a while and it's a sign of her faith in me as a customer and i really appreciate that! I told ya before i'd choose good service over cheap price every time!

- Chanel Perfume Bottle bag (in Clear) : Bought from Katherine

- Pink Studded Heels : my mum bought this for me years ago, from some random boutique in TP.

I know that you're only supposed to choose one of the colors in the dress code and that's fine, but this is me you're talking about! I follow dress codes like they are some kind of law! So i have the white and the pink in my outfit, i had to incorporate mint in my makeup!
Wore mint eyeshadow (but then i put some neon green one on my crease and it instantly became too green and not too minty anymore T.T still counts though, right?)
I wear falsies more often lately after buying the falsies clip *LOL*, putting in falsies became 10x easier now yay! And i'm soooo loving my In2It lip tint i wish i bought every color! Oh well, i feel the itch to visit KL soon so i guess i'll get them then!
You know personally i always apply makeup with more gyaru style (making my eyes look as round and big as humanly possible), big lashes and all.. So.. it bothered me when one of my mum's friend kept on staring at me and said that i looked Korean *___*. Darn.
I obviously put mint colored nail polish (Prestige Bijoux in 74, Vert Opaline) as well as a mint and pink ring that is just perfect for the theme
Accessories of the day... All non-branded except for the ring which is from Valencia
Oh, i also got asked if my outfit is a one piece (i get that a LOT, i take it means that i style them seamlessly :D!), of course it's not!
Yep, i took some mirror shots as well just in case the ones hunny took didn't turn out well (they did, but i already snapped these so i'll post them anyway :p)..

It's just easier for me to pose when i can see myself *control freak*
My favorite fabric is chiffon because of the floaty, princessy feeling they gave. Now i think my second fave would be organze... I've been going gaga over organza skirts lately!
I also have more mint accessory :
My hunny! Haha
Too bad the picture turned out blurry but i still want to post that! And don't worry, hunny's getting me new pocket-sized camera (with much better feats) for my bday so i can camwhore to my heart extend with better quality result! My pink has served me well for more than 3 years, i guess it's time to pass it to my Baby Boy to play with? Haha.

What do you think of flared organza skirts? Are you into this trend as well?


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  1. I'm absolutely loving the colors here! You look like a princess. :) That skirt is really nice and very trendy right now. Yes, I'm into it!

  2. The skirt is lovely. I don`t have an Instagram so I can`t follow you.

    1. Thanks :). Yes, I understand, I also only recently got an IG :)